United States Artists announces 2022 fellows, including six L.A. area artists

United States Artists announces 2022 fellows, including six L.A. area artists


1/27/2022 8:01:00 AM

United States Artists announces 2022 fellows, including six L.A. area artists

The honors, which recognize outstanding creative achievements and support future artistic endeavors, will award artists $50,000 each.

United States ArtistsMelissa Cody’s textile work “World Traveler,” 2014.“After another year facing the challenges of the pandemic, artists once again demonstrate their deep commitment to uplifting those around them and nurturing their communities,” says former USA program director Lynnette Miranda, who left her post earlier this month. “The 2022 USA Fellows were selected for their remarkable artistic vision, their commitment to community — both in their specific communities and their discipline at large — and the potential to influence future generations.”

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Abortion rights protesters take to Cleveland streets after controversial decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

“Banning abortions doesn’t mean no one gets abortions, it just means banning safe abortions.” Read more >>

After New York Supreme Court decision, only 11 states have mask mandates in placeGovernor Kathy Hochul has said she will seek to reverse the court's decision on the mandate as soon as possible.

Dr. Fauci Says Omicron Will Cause 'Pain and Suffering' in These StatesDr. Anthony Fauci is warning that states with low vaccination and booster rates could see 'pain and suffering' in the coming weeks.

States with the most and least student debtAmericans owe an astounding $1.56 trillion in student loan debt in 2020. Stacker takes a look at the situation state-by-state, including what some are doing to lessen the crisis. Visit thestacker.com for similar lists and stories. Criminal enterprise targeting minors. Back in my college days, friends would use their student loans to purchase motorcycles. I would bet not much has changed since the early 1980's. EDUCATION SHOULD BE FREE NO MATTER HOW YOU AMERICANS LOOK AT IT

Prosecutors in multiple states are investigating false Electoral College submissionsLegal experts say the illegitimate submissions should motivate Congress to update the Electoral Count Act and 'firm up the guardrails' of democracy.

Surging inflation takes hold in Mountain States, with rates near 9%American consumers are grappling with the hottest inflation in a generation, and some parts of the country are seeing steeper price increases than others. Noooo.. really? I hope it wasnt designed that way

Here Are The States Where Mask Mandates Have Been Struck DownThe New York Supreme Court struck down the state’s mask mandate Monday evening, marking the latest state to have had a mask order overturned. How dangerous it is Pliz put on a damn mask.