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Unıcef, Abdulkader

UNICEF USA BrandVoice: How UNICEF Helps Out-Of-School Kids In Syria Get Back On Track

How UNICEF helps out-of-school kids in Syria get back on track Sponsored by @UNICEFUSA

2/28/2021 6:58:00 PM

How UNICEF helps out-of-school kids in Syria get back on track Sponsored by UNICEF USA

Education programs implemented by UNICEF with support from partners like Educate A Child are reaching tens of thousands more students in need every year.

 forced the school to close in March 2020, but doors reopened in August with UNICEF's support and precautions in place."Arabic is my favorite subject," Abdulkader says, adding that after graduating, he wants to become a civil engineer or an architect."I never want to be out of school again.”

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Above, Najwa Almasri, principal of Adnan Almalki school in Hama city, Syria, helps Abdulkader, 9, during a UNICEF-supported ‘Curriculum B’ class. “I’m amazed by the determination of these children to continue their education,” she says.© UNICEF/UN0399001/Aldroubi

Abdulkader is one of millions of kids in Syria who have seen their educations disrupted since civil war broke out a decade ago, crippling the country's economy and health system and basic social services. UNICEF and partners have responded since the beginning with an array of education-related interventions, each designed to get kids back to learning one way or another.  headtopics.com

In 2020, UNICEF reached more than 2.1 million children across Syria with various education services and supplies in both formal and informal settings.Curriculum B, an accelerated learning program, is specially designed for children who have been out of school for an extended period of time, allowing students to combine two academic years into one — three levels cover Grades 1 to 6 — and catch up with their peers. It is implemented in public school settings through Syria's Ministry of Education.

When education is derailed by conflict and displacement, UNICEF and partners help kids catch upOther kids who are working or otherwise lack access to a formal classroom can get help through UNICEF's Self-Learning Program, which provides students with a set of workbooks covering core subjects (Arabic, English, mathematics and science) from which to study, with help from a parent or caregiver, at home or at a community center.

Educate A Child (EAC), a global program of the Education Above All Foundation, has been supporting UNICEF's programs for out-of-school children since 2012. The current partnership with UNICEF USA has reached 356,619 kids in its first three years. 

“I had missed being in school so much,” says Zein, 11, who attends Grade 6 at Hasan Muhammad Ibrahim school in Homs, which is currently undergoing a rehabilitation with support from Educate A Child.© UNICEF/Syria/2020/Aldroubi Read more: Forbes »

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