Laborer, İnsurance

Laborer, İnsurance

Unemployment rate at 11.1% in June, another 1.4 million workers filed jobless claims last week

Twin employment reports highlight the ongoing anguish America's labor market.

7/2/2020 3:53:00 PM

JUST IN: Another 1.4 million workers filed for unemployment insurance in the last week, as the unemployment rate fell slightly to 11.1% in June, according to data released by the Department of Labor.

Twin employment reports highlight the ongoing anguish America's labor market.

"The jobs report is going to be a piece of nostalgia from the world of three weeks ago, but we are in a different world today, which will be reflected in terms of the unemployment numbers," he said.Meanwhile, the new unemployment numbers from the Labor Department represent an"unfathomably high number of layoffs, particularly 15 weeks into an economic downturn," Harris said.

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A man walks past a retail store that is going out of business due to the coronavirus pandemic in Winnetka, Ill., June 23, 2020.A man walks past a retail store that is going out of business due to the coronavirus pandemic in Winnetka, Ill., June 23, 2020.

Nam Y. Huh/AP, FILEThe number of new unemployment filings from the Department of Labor has leveled off since peaking at nearly 7 million one week in late March. Still, they have been in the millions each week for over three months, shattering historical records. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, the record for weekly unemployment filings was 695,000 in 1982.

As the pandemic and its resultant economic crisis rages on,"the single hardest-hit industry was the hospitality industry," Harris said.MORE: Requiring face masks nationwide could save US economy from 5% hit, Goldman Sachs predictsThe travel industry, including hotels, airlines, cruise ships and more, also took a major hit, he added.

Meanwhile,"local and state government revenues have been absolutely gutted, they’ve lost sales tax revenue, they have added expenses from the pandemic, they are paying huge amounts of overtime, then the protests came and that cost them a tremendous amount of money."

A pedestrian wearing a mask walks past reader board advertising a job opening for a remodeling company, in Seattle.A pedestrian wearing a mask walks past reader board advertising a job opening for a remodeling company, in Seattle.Elaine Thompson/AP, FILE

At this point in the pandemic and in the absence of a vaccine,"I think its laughable to call it either a V-shape or a W-shaped recovery," Harris noted."The economy is quite volatile and it is driven by forces other than the strength of the underlying economy; as a consequence of that, it is quite difficult to predict," he said.

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U.S. Big Ten, Pac-12 postpone fall college football, other sports, due to COVID-19

Two of the five wealthiest U.S. college sports conferences postponed the fall football season on Tuesday because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a critical blow to both an iconic American cultural tradition and a multibillion-dollar entertainment industry.

Love President Trump!!! I’m not violent but every time he speaks I want to punch a pillow like it’s a convicted rapist 🍊realDonaldTrump may had a 🧠 problem. The New Cases of COVID-19 constantly breaking records and more States shut down again. July will probably another trouble months for the US labor

Fuk The people that will vote him out of office don’t live their lives quarter-to-quarter. Not a Trump fan but I’m sick of people rooting for our country to fail. People are broke & cant afford to buy food & you think we’re gonna have a great 3rd quarter are you mental Ever the optimist, lol. Only the ignorant would beleive this. The reality? Numbers are up because of the dramatic COVID job losses and the slow returning to work.

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The Administration are PURE LIARS, what about those Businesses that were lost permanently ,there are Millions of people Who most likely will never be capable of Paying their Mortgages and Rent, People who are Now Homeless,and the indigent that are now Sunk in and forgotten... Lol look at all the whining haters, hating ! They Would rather the economy collapse than see Trump have success

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TRUMP 2020!! 🇺🇸💪🏾MAGA vxx46 Greedy CEO can hire the poor cheaper. Bullish! Well he’s right about the timing… MORE: Another 1.4 million workers filed for unemployment insurance in the last week. It's not added jobs! It's that a few places desperate to reopen, opened. People went back and are now at the verge of closing again. All in the quest of a moron president trying to be a Putin.

EducateAPatriot Eric Garcetti on Coronavirus: ‘Some of the Spread Did Come From Our Protests’ He’s just gonna claim the jobs RETURNING are NEW jobs again. 🙄 This 'spectacular news,' in reality, means that people who have been laid off during the early stages of the pandemic, have now returned to work. In short, there has been no real growth.

The epitome ...of fakenews sources say... I like presidents that don’t gloat about gaining jobs that he lost do to his incompetence. Illiterate psycho!!!!!! It might not? LOL It certainly doesn’t. I wish the media were more responsibly reporting on this data. 4.8M jobs were NOT “created.” Most were from furloughed emp’s returning to their jobs. Look at how many permanent layoffs in June there were with many more losses to come!

your narrative is outrageous. It fell 'slightly' sure it did from 13.3 to 11.1% !! 2nd month running of record numbers. MSM should be trippin over these numbers! Why bother? He’s just going to bitch and whine like usual. At least his pres sec is objectively attractive 😭😂😳 ABC is such a joke 4.8 million jobs recovered and unemployment falls but not enough for the Democratic media activists. 100% why nobody trusts the media

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I do not trust this report. Last month the DOL admitted they were using incorrect data since March and all of those reports were wrong. Last months reports were off 4 percent. Trump is rigging the numbers. 40 million people out of work does not produced an 11% UI. JUST IN - REPEATEDLY Any % above 5-7% unemployment is nothing to cheer . Everyone went back to work and now everyone is sick

No thanks. Oh please. We all know he is just going to brag about the job numbers. And its only people going back to work...from the pandemic he screwed up. Don't fall for his BS!! TrumpOut2020 Added vs returning MANY work places found thru this Pandemic, that workers are actually MORE PRODUCTIVE at home. MANY ppl are still employed, just not actually going IN TO WORK. This is the new norm. Godspeed GP

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MORE: Employment rose by 4.8 million last month, but some economists expressed worries it might not accurately represent the current employment climate. Because THIS ADMINISTRATION would NEVER cook the books or solicit foreign election help!! Did they double check the numbers this time? I mean that 3% off last month. ;)

How to phrase your headline of good news as bad news. FakeNews “Slightly” The unemployment fell slightly? Hahaha it plunged 16.5% in one month! That's an enormous improvement. The economy has recovered one third of the lost jobs in just two months. Once again people commenting either didn't the article or choose the logic fallacy of reductionism. In other words a simplistic approach to reports on facts that require context & nuance. This jobs report is for the status of jobs from 5+ weeks ago. Not what jobs are today. 🤦🏻‍♀️

A tale of two headlines...

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