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Transparency and user protection have always been a top priority at Binance. BUSD is a fully regulated US Dollar-pegged stablecoin. We also offer the Binance-Peg BUSD, a wrapped version to extend BUSD's utility to other blockchains. Learn more ⬇️

BUSD is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar and issued by Paxos with branding support from Binance. It is approved by the New York Department of Financial Services , a regulator known throughout the finance industry for applying exceptionally rigorous standards to the entities and products it oversees. The asset is always available for purchase and redemption at a rate of 1 BUSD to 1 USD.

BUSD is designed with three key areas in mind: high-quality reserves, audits, and regulation. Well-designed stablecoins should only be backed by cash and short-term US Treasuries with a maturity ofare provided, allowing anyone to verify that BUSD is 100% backed by cash or cash equivalents. In accordance with strict custody regulations enforced by the New York state regulators, Paxos’ BUSD reserves are only held in FDIC-insured, bankruptcy-remote bank accounts or US Treasury instruments.

Customer assets are thus protected from bankruptcy and kept separate from corporate funds. As the assets are fully segregated, users do not need to worry about the issuer becoming insolvent - the assets will return to their rightful owners even in that unlikely event. Along with Paxos issuing BUSD on the Ethereum blockchain, Binance offers a wrapped BUSD token, called Binance-Peg BUSD, that runs on several other blockchain networks, including BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon.BUSD is natively issued on Ethereum, thus limiting its usage outside of the Ethereum ecosystem.


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All this information with ftx you all post on social media is just to manipulate the market by crippling other exchanges just to be the monopoly. You all will soon be regulated and this fake as shit will stop

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cz_binance Nope not true cz_binance *USER PROTECTION* What about al users on FTX_Official included users who have a account on FTX... your so wrong here. Maybe Binance is also not liquidity enough for all the funds. Where are the statistics of the Binance exchange 🤔

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cz_binance Hello CZ you are a genius and inspiring, you lend me 3500 BUSD, this crypto winter ruined me more than my country Argentina usually does. I promise to return it soon. Cheers

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Lets try to bank run binance see how liquid they are

cz_binance 'fully regulated' just like FTX

So when are you gonna end up like SBF_FTX ?


cz_binance czhelpaax Good afternoon, do you know about the situation with the AAX exchange, which has over 3 million users? Can you help us please? CZBinance cz_binance

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bulls and stock markets want a drop for cryptocurrencies. It's best to stay away from crypto these days.

cz_binance Binance 11/18 ARPA/PHB/USDT, VITE/BUSD trading support stop listing rubbish coins

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Makes perps available like ftx had for retail in countries (without being wholesale) would have prevented so many traders caught in ftx debacle

cz_binance Thanks but I can not understand the disclaimer completely, highlight in red, Especially the last sentence. Disclaimer?

Great!!! Make The crypto world better for all!!! BNB holder!!!

cz_binance Be true to your users. You will be NO.1 always.

cz_binance czhelpaax Good afternoon, do you know about the situation with the AAX exchange, which has over 3 million users? Can you help us please? CZBinance cz_binance

cz_binance PetrPospisil17

cz_binance where is your liabilities?

cz_binance why do you freeze accounts of people who report Binance for committing fraud?

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so regular busd is collatorized, while the wrapped one is not. check

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You are not transparent. You are a government driven project, fully centralised and funded to gain overall control. The more you virtue signal, the more ppl will withdraw their tokens and money.

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From today I'm quite from crypto with all portfolio goes 81% down


But USDT is still better now

cz_binance 'Your daily quotation limit is reached' Please try again later next day. I got this dialog today on Binance Convert & can't find anything about this anywhere! Could someone please tell me what the daily limits are and why they are not mentioned in the terms?

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You automatically change stables deposited on your exchange to busd, giving liquidity to your own assets despite what users deposited. So, tecnically, you are using user funds for your own business

Busd withdrawal still requested on ftx.. thats life atm

12 week cbdc pilot

I hope for the help of the Binance team. I need funds as soon as possible. I have a lot of crises and I really want some money from Binance.

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FTX was also fully regulated. What would happen if depeg? Would binance step in? For example, if bank run?

Speaking about transparency, you should mention that wrapped $BUSD is NOT regulated by the NYDFS.

When will we get protection?

regulated by whom?

You mean BUSD better then USDT ?

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