Under Netflix's harsh spotlight, a 'devastated' cheerleading squad tries to regroup

Under Netflix's harsh spotlight, a 'devastated' cheerleading squad tries to regroup


1/14/2022 8:40:00 AM

Under Netflix's harsh spotlight, a 'devastated' cheerleading squad tries to regroup

Newfound fame, a pandemic and disturbing allegations against a teammate sideswiped the stars of 'Cheer.' And filmmakers captured it all on camera.

an instant cultural sensationBut the hardships of Season 1 are nothing compared to Season 2. In the nine episodes that premiered Wednesday on Netflix, the series documents a turbulent two years interrupted by a deadly pandemic, upended bydirector Greg Whiteley

Then, things got worse.In September 2020, Jerry Harris, the ebullient underdog whose giddy mat talk, heartbreaking backstory and infectious passion for cheerleading made him Season 1’s breakout star, was arrested and charged with production of child pornography for allegedly soliciting and receiving explicit material from a minor over social media. In December he was indicted on additional child pornography charges. (He has denied the allegations.)

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