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Under Modi, India’s Press Is Not So Free Anymore

Narendra Modi's government, Indian journalists say, has tried to control the country's news media like no other prime minister in decades

4/2/2020 7:00:00 PM

Narendra Modi's government, India n journalists say, has tried to control the country's news media like no other prime minister in decades

India ’s government has pressured advertisers and even shut down channels to shape the information that 1.3 billion India ns receive. It’s part of a wider assault on dissent.

.And for the most part, Indian news outlets have knuckled under, concluding that since much of the public supports the prime minister, they should, too. Even skeptical journalists censor themselves, afraid to be branded anti-national by a government that equates patriotism with support for Mr. Modi.

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His government has also imposed the strictest restrictions on foreign journalists in decades, suddenly and without explanation. Visas have been tightened, and foreign journalists have been banned from hotbeds of unrest such as northeast India and Jammu and Kashmir, a Muslim-majority area that was stripped of its statehood in August and put under

a severe crackdown.The Kashmir story was seismic, but many Indian journalists, looking back on it, feel that they toed the government line and overlooked grave human rights abuses.“We didn’t do justice to the big story,’’ said Rajdeep Sardesai, one of the country’s leading news anchors. “We should have gone out there and reported the situation from the ground aggressively and independently.’’

There were security restrictions on where Indian reporters could go, Mr. Sardesai said, but he admitted it was more than that.“A large section of the Indian media,” he said, “has become a lap dog, not a watchdog.”The business model in India doesn’t help. Well before Mr. Modi first became prime minister in 2014, newspapers and television stations have relied on government advertising, allowing politicians to reward friendly outlets and punish critics.

And media owners often run other businesses for which they need the government’s favor, making them reluctant to take on those in power.With the coronavirus pandemic dampening advertising and restricting newspaper circulation, news organizations are now sliding into crisis. One of the most independent,

, just decided to cut salaries.Even as Mr. Modi constantly touts India as the world’s largest democracy, its ranking on theReporters Without Borders press freedom indexis 140 out of 180.“In the past six years, the Indian media has deteriorated,” said Shakuntala Banaji, a media professor at the London School of Economics. “There is no semblance of truth or responsibility left in the vast majority of media reports.”

Pressuring the advertisersThe apologetic calls from advertisers have become so common that NDTV executives are no longer surprised.One corporate boss begged the station to take his company’s logo off the screen, saying the government was squeezing him too hard. Another executive broke down in tears as he canceled a large advertising contract.

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No TV channel has come under more pressure from Mr. Modi’s government than NDTV, an influential network that airs in English and Hindi. Mr. Modi’s grudge goes back to 2002, when he was chief minister of Gujarat State, and NDTV journalists reported that his government stood by while hundreds of Muslims were massacred in religiously driven violence.

When Mr. Modi became prime minister, his administration began a full-scale assault on NDTV. The government accused it of laundering money through a deal with NBC, the American TV network. The accusations have dragged on for years, and NDTV denies any wrongdoing.

“The thing in India is, you can file a case, and win it 10 years later,” said Prannoy Roy, one of NDTV’s founders. “The process is the punishment.”The effort to brand NDTV as unpatriotic has been devastatingly effective. In one November 2016 email,the luxury automaker Daimler told NDTV that it would not proceed with a marketing campaign because “there are people associated with the channel that are linked to anti-India stuff, by the public at large.”

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A Daimler spokeswoman said Friday that the email did not reflect the company’s views and that the campaign had been rejected for economic reasons.As money dried up, the station laid off hundreds of journalists. NDTV now gets much of its advertising from state governments, many of which are controlled by opposition parties.

‘Stay firmly with the national government’Many within India’s news firmament have embraced Mr. Modi, sensing how much the popular mood has swung away from India’s founding secularism and toward Mr. Modi’s brand of strident Hindu nationalism. Right-wing TV anchors, led by Arnab Goswami of Republic TV, compete to outdo one another as the loudest Modi supporters.

Asthe government announced the crackdown in Kashmir, M.K. Anand, the managing director of Times Network, sent his editors a directive.“We are India’s leading news broadcasters,” he wrote in a WhatsApp message, seen by The New York Times. “It is important that we stay firmly with the national government at this juncture instead of focusing on finding faults.”

The Modi government has been particularly concerned about broadcast media, which reach into every corner of the country. It has approved very few new TV channels, and even Bloomberg, the American media giant, has been unable to get a license, despite investing millions of dollars with its Indian partner.

In this environment, sharp criticism of Mr. Modi can end careers. After a host at the Hindi news channel ABP questioned the results of one of the prime minister’s initiatives to help poor farmers, the satellite transmission of the show was interrupted every time it was broadcast, said several people who worked at the station. The channel’s owners pressured the host, Punya Prasun Bajpai, to resign, and as soon as he left, the transmission interruptions stopped, the former employees said.

And after another ABP anchor, Abhisar Sharma, criticized Mr. Modi on live television about public safety, he was pulled off the air the same day. He, too, said he was pressured to quit.Mr. Sharma then took to YouTube to broadcast his commentary, but pro-Modi trolls followed him into cyberspace. Every time he uploaded a video — and some drew millions of views — YouTube would receive thousands of complaints that he had made inappropriate remarks, Mr. Sharma said. The site’s algorithm then blocked any advertising revenue he would have made.

“You can’t escape them,” he said.Attacking the messengerSmall-town journalists have come under government attack, as well.Last August, Pawan Kumar Jaiswal, a part-time journalist who also ran a tiny mobile phone accessories shop, broke a story revealing how poor children in a school near Varanasi, Mr. Modi’s parliamentary constituency, were being fed only flatbread and salt for lunch — a clear violation of government nutrition rules.

After hisshort videowent viral, a state education officer filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Jaiswal, accusing him of conspiracy, false evidence and cheating, a crime that can draw up to seven years in jail.His source at the school was promptly arrested. Fearing he was next, Mr. Jaiswal fled to New Delhi, where he hid for several weeks.

“Sometimes I felt like committing suicide,’’ he said.Even though an investigation eventually vindicated his reporting and the police dropped the charges against him, Mr. Jaiswal continues to be stalked by people connected to the school, he said.

Read more: The New York Times

mihirssharma I agree the situation is worse, actually they are putting the Jesus/Allah chosen, truth speaking journalists into concentration camps. Much worse than the State Emergency of 1975 by Congress. The journalists escaped those camps in private jets to HQ to cash this news! Excellent; if they are fake media like here ; for sure they are ; the primer minister is right.he needs to stop their evil mouth.

A case should be filled against this news paper for defamation. Ohh really Again another distraction! Just like the impeachment!! Dem x 🐀 are trying to kill of all the common folk so they can rule!! With there highly educated and paid 🤖 !! Trash journalism 🤮🤮 NYT has long lost its credibility. These Republican governors who refused to stay-at-home orders are trying to protect this president's economy at human cost

Ny times should focus on their state's epidemic first instead of poking on for Indian media, Indian's well know there media is independent or not.. Indian media is supporting whats need to be supported, not making a spicy news like nytimes at this time of emergency is doing so RoflGandhi_ WhoNehr karanku100 Fekoslovakian

Worst PM ever.... Gawaar modi Narendra Modi is Worst PM ever! 🤢 Narendra Modi is the worst PM in the history of India🇮🇳 Always crying like a cry baby. After all the cheap tricks wen you see that you r failing to spread ur lies you again cry. U can spread ur lies but hw will you buy the ppl who vote for Modi. We vote for Modi so that he fixes the corrupts like U. Happy 2 see the state of sick ppl.

Your journalist and journalism is nothing more than shit Yet to be controlled Doing level best Indians flagship Fcuk off and help your country and better you work on how china fcked you up NYT is a total disgrace .....sickening Even when the world is gripped by this virus they continue to propell their utterly bias, one sided anti-Modi and anti-Hindu agenda . NYT journalists, seriously get yourself a shrink or a Doctor.

Shitty NYT Send your Useless Editor in Chief to TN and observe for a month How abusive words are used on PM You are fake news Dear don't spread fake news and check the nos in New York instead looking at India...U bunch of d*** I have something for chutiyas like you,and for your type of biased mindset Seems like is printing news on toilet paper.. sick and spoiled like their journalism..

And my sources say NYT is fake news. Since you cannot criticize India for better handling of the pandemic you are resorting to such cheap tactics. No wonder folks in usa are using your newspaper as toilet paper. Prime Minister Modi must be attacked for being friends with President Trump. New York Times reports he is controlling India's media.

Post some proof New York Times you’re a bunch of extremist white terrorists Anymore bs to say How are them people still paying y'all to carry on your propaganda against India They are sold to leftist just like NYT...biggest brokers of our time...and nos no freebies so criticize India and the Government

U r fake. ।. Even ur father says so. This is the reason trump calls you FakeNewsMedia all the time, but still you produce more and more fake news, never learn, you are becoming a factory of FakeNews Noted.. Fake news.. How’s the josh at New York ? Jokers your reporters were thrown out if china and HK...your paper has become worthless... toilet paper is more expensive these days than your rubbish

Absolutely We indians need this too...we don't want that with telecasting fake news through mediaprints we get deterred from the real facts. so if narendramodi ji is doing that then we support it as well ,this in our national interest not urs so please shut your mouth.🎙️ We are happy with it, now tell me idiots So what

your own journalist who wrote this article from India how was that possible if what you claim is true? Your hate and divide for India is very evident, and sad souls of India who writes for these newspapers sitting in India. Total rubbish, india has thousands of journalists! Who are saying this, Lutyens Media, leftists who have an agenda? Another fake report by Talk to a few biased journalist and then say Indian journalists, implying all across India. publishing lies. Selling media

Haha good one, but don't care as yourself are big fake gandus Hey times we can understand your pain coz government of India cought your friend ndtv India ,did financial corruption Canada will give them a run for their money though. And this genius vindugoel was telling Indians to subscribe to since it is offering lower rate. But what he actually meant is they have lowered their journalism to gutter level & is pure agenda paper. A large majority of ppl saw thru' such bigoted media houses.

You are fake you new York times, so don't poke your finger in India's matters firstly solve your own rapidly increasing Corona problem. I wonder how come people are criticizing the Govt and still are kot in jail.. You know, since Modi is authoritarian.. 😂. Please grow up why are you always reporting creating an alibi 😂

Really? Fake News agenda from you is very alarming Which Indian journalists? List the name we will tell you whether they are journalists or paid vested interest How much are you being paid to spread such false information ! We don't believe paid western media any more ! Good Luck try again ! A fiction!! Full of lies and fake narratives. You have bytes of Modi hater journos shows that freedom of press is still intact in India. But seriously we wish your fiction comes true.. may be someday..

Mind your business no right to interruption in my country As**h*** Why these buggers are not contained to their own country and clean their ass Are u guys for real?You r publishing fake stories as are so many of r media. Many write fake news reports for your paper 2.Journos trash PM & India without control & they r thriving.Yes PM doesn't take them on junkets giving them free Black Label etc.Mayb that's why this article!

Yep, sounds just like American journalism. Fake news all day everyday. Here we go again! Of course you want a reaction out of 1.3B people! It’s a fake news... Fake news. May be the China Pak Paid Jurnos saying as such and propagate against their own country. Shame! Blah blah blah. Yawn! Name the tissue paper journalists Mr tissue paper times, america will never run out of tissue paper till they media like you

Why don't you bother about US? This what these media houses hide about CoronaJihaad realDonaldTrump narendramodi This news is absolute un truth and needs to be taken down now. !! Its now or never Your paper is a toilet paper .get well soon. Fake media is spreading fake news. See how this media house is hiding coronajihad

Wonder why positive news is never covered. Agenda based reporting!! TATAs opens the rooms at Taj hotel Colaba and Taj lands end Bandra for BMC doctors working on covid19 duty: well done! Time to make the heart as big and accommodating as possible.. 👍👍 In this country, propaganda's been privatized and controlled by just a few in the DNC.

That is correct. It is no secret. 90% media houses are just propaganda channels. The reporters show utmost loyalty to Modi. They attack those who criticise Modi, run hate propaganda, doctor videos and run fake news. Just watch the prime time news hey i heard you guys were kicked out of it true !!! how is that for control of media

Then how u r getting this news if media is in Government control..🤔🤔 Not really, it’s similar to what is happening in the states. Majority of the country ignores the constant whining from left media like yourselves trying to push your narrative. Sure, You’ll have a lot of blue tick handles supporting you. But rest of the country knows the truth 🙏🏾

Don’t behave like India Prestitutes True Indeed, except for 1 or 2 every other channel is Government's puppet. Its like an indirect communism. Fake News. Period. I thought the Americans had run out of toilet paper. Bullshit Then how come foreign news channels like AL Jazeera and BBC free reporting Delhi riots anti CAA protests and even clamp down of Kashmir.

Biggest joke. NDTV is still functional even after proof of financial crimes Yup they are not free to portray Terrorist as religious scholar Deceitful piece by NYT. India has the most democratic press globally. Like USA, Indian press is also controlled by leftist-liberal cabal of Soros, Ford Foundation etc. Thus the relentless attacks on Indian govt by left media to create a misleading perception to global audiences.

Poor Joke.😏 Rubbish fake media Fake news asusual for anti India propaganda. They have Dem/socialists in India? Globally known fact Fake news alert as always. Ofc NYT is going to say this,are you funded by imran khan too ? They were used to free rides on every foreign trip.... Modi just kicked them out of freebies... they were used to be pampered...they have been kicked in their asses to be professional and not be weasles..hurts I know..I can name few journalists just like that

That’s what needs to happen to the NYSlime !!!U r nothing but a bunch of LiberalPussies !!! Says a Media channel that is being controlled by ISIS ... Very clear that New York Times is being controlled by Terrorists and says what they order them to say ... Fuck NYT .. Its funny to hear this from nytimes, which is at it's prime in promoting fake news.

Bunch of idiots sitting in a building in NYC have decided this. Would you disclosure how much advertising revenue are you generating from CCP Chutia mc news Hahaha and still you are able to write this article. What a farce🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fake article, such news by NYT shows the biased angle share! Why become COPY CAT?Use your own Discretion. You Trust Indian Presstitutes,Try asking People of India,They will Tell you Truth. False Narrative against Modiji has Failed mshiteshmohan DharmendraBihar Pushpendrakuls0 BDUTT RanaAyyub nutan_jyot yogivimal

is one of the fake and jehadi news channel If Trump can then why not Modi B.S. I can bet that not more than two journalists with whom the NYT guy has regular drinks with has given this feedback to him. NYT has lost all credibility on account of its biased anti-India reporting. China paying salary? Educated already knows which newspaper belongs to which party ideology. Uneducated just follows what they want to follow. At the end, editor follows what public is seeking subscriptions and showing interest while catapulting on mass interest. It's same how does for US.

These parasites are spreading fake news regularly. See the freedom that they are still not booked. What more proof of freedom is needed Aa gya chutiya papers ka maharaj .. the new york times...the sauron of fake news Mr Trump is absolutely right about u..! FakeNewsMedia Shameless FakeNewsMedia has a new name

I have sent an amazing 5000+ emails to - spy satellite records solve missing person cases - voice recognition identity profile confirm guilt / diagnose illnes - eliminate poverty and crime using public property luxury captivity See my profile for website! Hazards of employing 2nd grade fantasy fiction writers as reporters!

You know the words. The new york Times also feke news spreading FAKE NEWS I know why they are writing this. They introduced $1 subscription plan in India but nobody paid for it. Seeing such a huge market going out of Hand, they are hell bent of getting publicity to increase subscription but unfortunately they are losing it globally 😝

RUBBISH ... change your name to FakeNews Times As long as modi is there we won't get freedom press. This is the example FAKE NEWS that's what you guy do. Get lost. So what Ppl of india is fine thats why we elected him. Do you NYT have any problem.. then keep out of India... pls You are most expensive newspapers and on top of that it’s very biased news all the time. Don’t try to harm others with your evil mindset. Fact is your newspaper is on a payroll.

Have you gone bonkers, have u forgot Emergency. How did the so called journalists say to you if there freedom of expression is snatched away. Also 'the telegraph' had recently said kovind is new covid. What more FOE reqd when one can call names for the Supreme commander of India. It is DEMOCRACY? ! Your own president calls you fake news, your people have disowned you and yet you publish such a rubbish news about India? Handle your country and get your reputation straight rather than spreading fake news about India too..

You are right.. Media has no freedom.. yet they can dish up such fiction on serious media.. The right headline would be 'In the new century, the Media Idiots try to control the people with their fake News'. Hey! First you need to check whether they are actually journalists? Oh whom I am asking for😂😂😂😂

Just keep quite . Come n live in India only then you ll come to know how what is the definition of patience. Stop barking, your president R8ly treat you morons Fake🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 FAKE ये toilet पेपर के लायक है Right. Thats why its called worst media of the world If it is true, We don't care, get lost

U r no more credible.....So nobody cares about u in India or Asia Oh look..its a newpaper who lost its credibility to publish fake news without vetting.. get a life Yes thats vy most of fake liberals keep abusing their prime minister openly blatantly n are still roqming freely, so much controlled!!!!!!

Now a reputed paper goes by pure hearsay? What a fall! No wonder Trump rightly calls you FAKE NEWS Oh I see why realDonaldTrump is kidding you You are a fake news. This is fake and not true. FakeNewsVirus is as deadly as coronavirus. Do you have any proof to support your FakeNews? Shame on you. So what He commands the respect of atleast 90%of the total population. Irrelevant, is your biased chill.

भाई! तू Corona को देख रे! Bloody fool.... Worry abt America.... The jihad new york times That’s why trump called u Russian agents. Ur nothing bt dangerous than ISIS. Al-quida. Worlds most free nd fake news nd US missionaries paid journalist nd media houses exist in India You are fake news Your PM kept you at right position you ⭐⭐⭐ news channel

The best fake story of the year......... Shame on We understand the biases & seemingly agenda-driven practices of newspapers like New York Times. NYT is that shit of Bias driven paper who criticized india after Uri & Balakot strikes. You are sold to ChinaVirus. PMModi doesn't need your certificate. Get lost!! FakeNewsMedia

is fake news !!! Buzz off from India and worry about USA where your president call Ny times fake news !! You have 0 credibility U r the factory of fake news He learned from trump. Lol 😂 After ChineseVirus the ChineseMedia . No wonder realDonaldTrump treats you with disdain. Was ot free was not known either.

Say something about oppression of blacks in US for centuries! I heard that you sent mail in discount coupons to all the customers when intention was to send it only to 300 unsubscribed customers? Is it true that you dont even know that how to select mailing list? Bloody NY times. Who paid you for making such comment about our prime minister. By Gods grace after several decades we have a prime minister totally dedicated to the welfare of the people. You bloody left media talk about Trump also with disgrace.

The Media One channel you idiots are citing as example is a PFI financed ISIS sympathizing anti India channel beaming out of radical Islamic hotbed Kozhikode in Kerala.... stop this blatant, anti Modi agenda!!! republic TimesNow ZeeNews aajtak ABPNews You are the most useless reporting agency Worry about your own country, stop meddling in Indias internal affairs specially when you have nothing but lies to report PMOIndia narendramodi DrSJaishankar

Fake media needs to be controlled but modi is not doing enough Whn u r stating it, means its definately FakeNewsMedia As for Ind journo, Who ever crap he is.. There r many who lost their 'previledged' pampering(freebees/free foreign jaunts /free liquor/free 5star stay!)when Modi got elected. Now these have to really work for a living!

Dear India facing shortage for toilet paper,Can u send d Newyork times paper as both r same.Same pattern everywhere in world dt sm big media houses want 2 run countries according their agenda, on denial de spread fake news nd malign those countries images narendramodi Bew York tines is a Pakistani Islamic Terrorists mouth piece . Media is hand in glove with anti nationalelements for money .U bastrds called Bagdadi scholar and make Islmic Terrorists write articles . MediaTerrorism

Dont toe the line of presstitutes If I wanted to read fiction I would pick up an actual book. Not this rag. They abuse and spread fake news , extremely biased , anti Hindu .. includes the anti Hindu Delhi riots where including u lied that Hindus were killing Mslms whrn the fact was they slaughter Hindus , burnt house and temples. Media was fed earlier Govts . Modi doesn’t . That’s Y

Look who is talking,LOL It's fake media, as my favourite president calls it realDonaldTrump ..NY times is fake media, and their sources are as fake they can be Toilet paper is becoming useless day by day. Fake news spreading is now global phenomenon. I used to think that it's only possible in developing countries but u people r showing us the truth.

Fake What rubbish!!. Just look at the hate spewing leftist media that is flourishing and cursing Modi day and night. And you say it's controlled? Nytimes Once upon a time I respected you...Now you are just a baseless news stream that doesn't even fact check, or selectively fact checks You are so helpless managing your own country affairs that now you want to talk about India!! See what’s happening in NY - “NY times”

I used Newyork times as toilet paper recently & I got a serious infection on my a$$ 😐 The most biased media houses in the world.. lists are... washingtonpost For all American and worldwide viewers and followers who follow this twitter,as Indian I must say with all conviction that the situation in India is absolutely opposite what this piece of shit try to convey. I understood why President Trump call them fake news! NYTFAKENEWS

You only lie...... That's why your people do not believe you and now dying like no other countries in world 😨😰😔 shame.. Whoever gave this info is high. He is the most criticized Prime Minister of India by news paper industry here because he stopped all thier free perks from govt. Unfortunately people think otherwise, because they got bank ac,electricity, housing, toilets, rural roads, loans etc.

And which Indian journalist did say so ? Must be the lot of Barkha ,Rajdeep ,Nidhi ,Rana etc...isnt ? No Does anybody takes you seriously nowadays, Fake Times? Why don't you concentrate in your internal matter of controlling Corona, else Trump will lockdown NYT.. we know how Randi TV and other journalists are given free hand to propogate wrong info on India..

Fake news factory You should definitely listen to sardesairajdeep , ravishndtv sagarikaghose . Infact just tune in to ndtv htTweets DeccanHerald . These people leave no opportunity to speak 'some very nice words' about PM. They are soooo controlled and never misguide their viewers. trump is right, you are fake news

American journalist should consider AmitShah and narendramodi both r fascist leaders they r the resemblance of hitler and Mussolini u will know after seeing situation with muslims in india and most unfortunate situation with muslims of IOJK u should stop this massacre Just because we don't subscribe to your crap paper, doesn't mean media is controlled! 😂😂😂

Freedom of press does not mean freedom to spread fake news. Ok—fake news failing NYT ShekharGupta is this true? Fake news.. say it as 'Indian Lutiens Arrogant Journalists'. Dont spread fake agenda driven news. Crazy NYT.... Peddling lies.... India needs news like ours, pure propaganda to protect the chosen.

Fake News by New York Times, Shameless Journalist and Shameless Media NYT It seems New York Times is writing n expressing its views under preconceived notion,without any grip of reality,r pursuing Idea which may have poped in their head,it seems New York times has decided to leave journalism n start writing fictional stories about other countries.

Im starting to believe that NYT is being paid by some foreign governments to write these hit pieces on Modi. Otherwise nothing explains this sudden love for India. For a second if it is taken as true, then Indian Media is answerable for their pliability. One need to dissect the past of Rajdeep Sardesai. His animosity with PM Modi is well known. Hence his writing is predictable. You are also known for anti-India mindset. Perfect combination.

That is why realDonaldTrump said rightly use these news papers for toiletries, they r better there only Oh yeah You better tell radical Muslims are spitting on the doctor's in hospitals. Since it is happening right now. It's an act of terrorism. How much did China pay you. Handle your own country ... Fire in ash of yours🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

👆🏼 FakeNews Spit the same venom against Democrats. Let's see if you can survive in America. Fake News is not Entertained. But we do come from a civilization, where in looking up for favour has been a normal. So can't deny there are few who would bend backwards and looks to be just a mouthpiece and can go to any extent to be part of a cult.

Buffoons of NY. Check Indian TV media, before spewing trash. Piss off Fake What a rubbish If this was true many channels would have been closed. Why such a hate against narendramodi .?🇮🇳 Ohh, cmmon🤣 NYT is more rotten than the fish that it's used to wrap. Infact one criticism of Modi has been that he has never gagged these hate spewing agenda driven media despite having massive support for it. He has taken a beating to save them. His popularity will soar if he close a few of these fake new and venom spewing media houses.

Aren't you more worried abt handling ur shitt .. this ignorance and stupidity will close ur shop one give damn abt Rajdeep & in India..both already lost credibility and mocked .. so stayhome StaySafe and ShutUp please mention that most discredited journo.. however i feel all the article published by you are from sold journalists only..

Once again revealing they have absolutely no idea about anything that goes on in India. mihirssharma “But let me also say,” he concluded, “that everybody accepts that it has to be a responsible freedom.” This is code by this moron minister PrakashJavdekar to toe the line or else. Freedom isn't bound by your diktats! You are there to serve the citizens not rule over them.

Fake, totally fake as your President say. Fake news peddlers. Indian Press is not neutral and are biased. They have their own agenda PC Chinese communists and Anti Hindu secularists. What government did is right and this article is by some urban naxal idiot Their bias is quite evident by the fact that they only use hinduphobic journalists to write their articles about India. Never have they found one person to write anything good about him, even while Modi remains the most popular leader of this country ever by a country mile.

Wonder why? mihirssharma Looks like youtube and Twitter are to blame too for giving into multitude spurious 'complaints' by Modi's troll army. mihirssharma It's when the New York times get involved that scumbags like Daimler who toed the government line (as if to Nazi fascists) will get their comeuppance.

Bull shit, fake news. India is the largest democracy in the world and will remain so however hard you hatemongers try to destroy the harmony and YES,here exists a free press... And same journalist is allowed to 'tell' you about this matter. 😂😂 Bullshit. Your sources seem to be those who aren't able to have their way as before and are now frustrated .

This article is bullshit , without any fact . If u will pay money to BDUTT sardesairajdeep tavleen_singh harsh_mander etc they can write anything and against any country. So they are working overtime these days to spread their propaganda against Modi. Little do they care that they are factually incorrect and deliberately misleading in their articles about Modi and India. They think they are doing it in the service of liberalism- the great religion

Utter rubbish. But why is being controlled by China? New York Times is spalled that Narendra Modi unlike any other Indian PM they were used to is not in servitude to their western ideals and is not ashamed of his Indian heritage. How can that be tolerated by the white masters! Don't waste your time with fake news about India. People know where the truth lies. The nation is with the PM. Your fake news doesn't bother anybody. Continue.

mihirssharma Which is why those like ndtv, thewire_in, thecaravanindia etc. are the real heroes in journalism. ShashiTharoor AJEnglish What an agenda your rag paper can generate with the help of “journalists” from India with vested interests of their own or their masters. Modi discontinued undue privileges and benefits being enjoyed by them at taxpayers’ cost. NYT supports attack on Modi on all fake news.

We don’t want ur view. U chinese puppet. U people sold USA to China. Now they are out of jobs, and are happily feeding the blatant hinduphobia displayed by the New York Times and their other western so called liberal companions These so called journalists like on crumbs from political parties, accepting cars, flats prime space for studios etc as gifts. The quid pro quo was accepted as a norm.

Yes we have evidences of same. No more free lunch and dinner for Journalists. No more champagne party. For fake news peddlers , there are stringent acts and accountability. BTW who are the investors in PMOIndia NYT, THAT IS REALLY DUMB REPORTING. Read again DUMB. For your own safety, concentrate on the C-virus devastation and it's implications in just your own New York City. Make efforts to stop the massacre. Don't get infected. Practice Responsible Journalism.

To start with, you were never a free press. Why cribbing now? Go lick the boots of those who pay you per word for publising fake news. Oye your own country us crying your own people are dying and paper of shits spreading hate n fake news This is statement of President about your journalism, who believes you else than naxalis of the world? Shameless

The first time in India history, an Indian PM received allegations of controlling Indian Media otherwise we have all grown up listening stories of how CIA, KGB aka communist nd petro dollars controlled our Media. Hey NYT you have lost it again.. stop spreading no sense.. Name the journalist. They all belong to the same communist community who propaganda is to spread fake news.

auditors we are running out of business and if it continues we will be a roll of toilet papers soon. Manager: Tweet and write something against India and we will definitely get business this is what some traitors from india told us. That is why every so called journalist can write, speak and share anything against anyone in all the media platforms? This article itself is the contradiction.

The western media are more worried about India's prosperity than their failures. T M C My family & friends are subscribers of your newspaper, only for specific purposes, that is to clean our ASSES & TOILETS 🚽 cant get hold of their own president , now wants to write on India ... why is this toilet paper news is still running

You couldn't have been more foolish than this I guess, as much criticism and venom is spread about the current PM by media in India, no country in the World could've allowed that. It is much free than ever nytimes you suck Nonsense. Some idiots don’t need a response. May be dey r getting cheap journalist to work fm Dem, so this the quality u will get

The fact is the same journalists who benefited from a family owned hegemony called congress party are now jobless. They were fired by the people of India not Modi. they are allowed to spew venom against India and its leader from the very soil. That’s democracy under Modi. Thanks Sit Down. There are countries like Turkey, China who has highest number of imprisoned journalists. While Fake news is rampant in India. You ppl are scum of the earth.

You are losing your credibility. Your support for presstitutes is noteworthy. Then according to this logic, so far atleast 20 'journalists' should been behind the bars for calling him fascists and peddelling fake news 😂😂😂 definitely Modi is not bribing and not arranging cocktail parties .His way of controlling media.Obviously media is angry

What about ₹NDTV Which world are you living?read the amount of hatred and bile in our newspaper about Modi,,no wonder trump is abusing you day in day out and saying you are a bunch of fake news bufoons Rona shuru hogaya tumlogo ka lagay raho Look at your death figure infact India' s Prime Minister is the greatest contender for Nobel peace prize for saving so many lives it is nothing less than miracle.

It's for the whole world to see that World's premiere Media House too spreads fake news & without giving any evidence taking refuge in citing the invisible sources of 'Indian Journalists' Which Indian journalists? See the power of Light on 5th April 9baje9minute Great achievement!! Kudos!!!! What about monitoring situation of press in your own country than be bothered about India. We in India are able to read about your anti India trash, which speaks volumes about press freedom here.

Rubbish!! Hahaha ... Lol where people like you came from😅 Ur own President is not trusting u anymore. Hence, u started looking outside. RIP ur Failure to be Genuine. That's why you guys are called Fake news. most illogical and pathetic reporting!! Can't even take this as a joke :( Fake news 😀😀 I am sure you people are highly biased and no knowledge of Indian culture and how Modi is operating!!!! Keep living with your nonsense🙏🙏

With sixty percent news channels and Ninety five percent newspapers constantly ranting against him, he has proved to be most incompetent among all pms up to date in controlling the media Frustration of few clowns and few fake news experts You guys are suffering with an inferiority complex. Get well. Try Yoga.

Utter nonsense! Completely false article written without checking the facts. Shame! too biased for the Modi Look at the good work Modiji does. You get fake news from India. Change your sources. I would have believed that but since it's published by so..... Fake News 🤣 They are pay roll of these papers barkha rajdeep Ravish sagrika thaper Pranab Roy quint print wire all are paid by billionaires soros PFI naxalists leftist

NYT's control in Beijing!!!! Dont spread fake news typo, it should be presstitutes in india say.... Yeah, ypu are right, exactly like those journalists/minorities who/se voices have suppressed, oppressed, benchpressed and many more 'pressed'. Surprisingly, despite all this, spread venom and vitriol from the same elements is stronger than ever.

With $10 they will claim Xi is the POTUS in real. Completely corrupt. US has been reduced to a third world country by their media. Pride to everything lost. USA today sounds like an under developed country bcoz of these idiots who write for money. What a lousy writing. Please have some standards or you will not even be remembered as a newspaper but as a toilet paper

LOL. The media including you abuse him day in and day out. He just ignores them.... BS peddlers ! liars FakeNews FakeNewsMedia 😀😀😀and u r using 'Brand Modi' to hike your sale Aha. Continue your anti India agenda! Oh and fuck you too. I wish it was true! Be4 2o14 nytimes controlled indian media absolutely berating Hindus for decades now Hindus r not listening yr artificial narratives

Get Lost Begger reporter. Who lets the 🐕 out!? And still we in India can see your tweets..need more FOP? What about FOP in china Absolute lies...... Bull shit.., we as Indians,actually feel that this is one area where Modi has failed..,unable to rein in the fake media... We know your position in your own country. Your President calls you fake news pedlar. So it doesn't matter to us what you say or write.

The sold out ones like u Says leaders of fake news FAKE NEWS PEDDLERS!!!! Government should arrest these leftist journalists for spreading fake news. All the journos in India shud make predictions like NYT said before - 99.9% HillaryClinton wil win the elections...Media shud do all only for money...ShamelessBTDs 😂🤣

FakeNews We still hv slanderers! And a publication like urs , shudnt be writing this crap Hey ur own president thrases u right ,left and center every day. U R FAKE NEWS. no body takes u seriously. They have more urgent things to do. BUILD MORE TOILETS INDIANS! You are Fake News U Have lost ur credibility to judge

Then how come 80% of the national media in India often hate him and run propaganda news against him.. keep ur fake news to urself Ha ha ha frustrated NY times as they r not able clean their a** with their own tongue . mf pimps . all wh.. * pim..s . JeffBezos is a mf son of a Rubbish report from Rubbish Kumar.

Keep trying Jihadist newspaper but it would not work Meanwhile... Chinese Peesident is busy releasing pro level virus... Tumhari dukaan bhi bas modi ke naam pe chal rahi jaise NDTV,Wire aur baaki dalaal ki And NYT is free enough to spread fake news about other countries. NYT must clarify how when lots of journalist like Barkha, ShekharGupta , sardesai , all news papers regularly criticizing Modi ! In d name of FOE when some guys propagate fake news that is criminal !

The fact is NaMo placed the media houses and the presstitudes in their right place. Took the hallow away. Your embarassing fake news factory doesn't stop even when the city whose name you bear is reeling in a humanitarian crisis. Lies, Lies, Lies...blatant lies. realDonaldTrump Mr Trump very well handling you. Herewith unfollowing you now.

Fake news Everyone should remember this hate towards Hindu's has been going on since decades. Just look at the headlines, propaganda and lies have been spread as usual by NYTimes and others. Have you ever seen they published news like this about 'M's ? Fake news. He is the best Prime Minister India has had, how long will you carry on with the fake narrative.

Ooohhhh.... Lol..... Ohhhh Lol............ Bhaaag bhosdi ke😂🤣😂🤣😂 Nobody believes in ' The New York Times ' 😀😁😂 Wash your a with your paper! Bullshit is toilet paper. And guess what, EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.😒 Totally baseless. Pick some biased journalist, write anything that suits your agenda and hide in the disguise of journalism you vultures ! You are the true enemy of democracy, where you keep attacking an elected leader by crores or people without substantial proofs ! 😡

FakeNewsAlert Who writeS these fake news Look who is talking 🤭 Fake news! So ? Our Country Our rules!!!! 🖕 Lolz. Free Press doen't mean that it will spread FakeNews. You mean RanaAyyub _sabanaqvi ShekharGupta svaradarajan VinodDua7 BDUTT sagarikaghose sardesairajdeep Nidhi free_thinker and liked under Modi’s Control? It’s shameful if they are.

FIR filed against a journalist for spreading fake news against a chief minister, then voila the propaganda machinery is up in less than a day Mostly the NYT takes their feed from FUNDAMENTALIST I guess 😂😂 MaridhasAnswers ungaluku pudicha nytimes! Now This is called indiaphobia ... Grow up NYT 🙄 Utter LIE....In fact, these so called journalists r freely spreading fake news without any fear...& they r getting away with it because narendramodi PMOIndia is very linient towards these LIARS....sardesairajdeep RanaAyyub sagarikaghose BDUTT ShekharGupta svaradarajan

👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 That’s y ur news agency is no better than toilet paper in our country . U r a propagandist n ‘ U R A FAKE NEWS ‘ as per ur own President Except the Comcast and US guys taught the world a lot of bad habits. Best you start telling some truth and teach them some good habits. Don’t blame Modi, hypocrites.

How hard u guys are trying to malign an honest P.M loved by the masses..u guys are doing this at the behest of some Indian leftists..but no use..indians dont give a shit to 👎👎 Translation- Modi govt is doing great. Only left feeling this...Becoz after 2014 there power center in government got destroyed.

ravishndtv BDUTT RanaAyyub Nidhi sagarikaghose list is endless, please verify are all of you controlled by Narendra_Modi_ji ? Its a question on your reputation, you all are awardee journalists! You are not sold! Arey Ravish ki article chhapi hai Nobody buys NYT here and Ravish's is lowest of all time. Both crybaby together blame PM Modi for curbing fake news. Why? What's the love for fake news?

Paid journalists burnt by lack of freebies will say so. Btw how much funding does NYT get from the Muslim brotherhood.. DEAR NEW YORK SHIT TIMES, YOU BOTHER ABOUT YOUR OWN COUNTRY, STATE& CITY WHERE PEOPLE ARE DYING LIKE ANTS!! Indians,except for some some scum 'journalists',are united behind an efficient PM . WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN HAVING 245 THOUSAND CASES LIKE YOU DO & 6,000 +DEATHS

Fake news Please do Trump-bashing only. We have enough Modi bashers here. Stupid nonsense times No one will deny,Modiji will be no one day world’s future history ,how much or how many ways of defame you go on doing,can touch his sincerity,bold,dynamic,unbeatable leader in the world republic otvnews narendramodi Naveen_Odisha BJP4India SamirMohantyBJP JPNadda

Worth being on Cartoon page. Producer of COVID19Pandemic - 'CHINA'. Producer of fake news - ' ' Both are equally dangerous for the whole world. rahulkanwal sardanarohit AMISHDEVGAN SushantBSinha sushantsareen sir should response on it 🙏 NYT-Fake news peddlers He still failed to control successfully like the ChineseEmbinUS has done!

Best they should be shut for spreading fake news and causing unrest in the community. They should be tried under legal criminal case You guys and those Indian 'journalists' are delusional. Get well soon. No wonder your president call you a fake news outlet. Totally biased and paid. Are u not getting pressure from your governments. It’s absolute rubbish what a reputed media like u talk.

Subscribers of this fake News factory don't buy toilet paper , they have no shortage of it too !!! IndiaFightsCorona Lockdown21 COVID19 You are Fake News Mother Fukcers* Yeah NOT free to take Chinese money and beg before CCP! BTW how much you made by publishing China Daily supplement? ChineseBioterrorism XijinpingVirus

Total rubbish, india has thousands of journalists! Who are saying this, Lutyens Media, leftists who have an agenda? Another fake report by Talk to a few biased journalist and then say Indian journalists, implying all across India. publishing lies Fake news That's why your President saying you are Fake Fake news !

Not so free to lie anymore? yeah some paid news channel has sleep less nights. We Indians liking it and fully support our full majority government so no worries. झापड़ मार दूँगा साले, अगर मोदी जी के बारे में कुछ बोला तो । 😠 Wire the lier if U hv guts in ur bums & product of one father only and have had no cooperation from community gathering, Pls use tags directly and tell whole world who funds ur activities of fucking whole world, which U try always. narendramodi AmitShah BJP4India RSSorg BW madhukishwar

Mind your own business. Stop bullshitting worry about your own narendramodi don’t blame our pm who had set an exemplary example, bullshit about your own Fake news You are FakeNews par excellence. NYT - please get some credible journos not some sham guys! Or else develop some people to become journos Have normally had immense respect for but of late, the political journalism seems agenda driven. Both left wing & right wing media in India have spread fake news, with segments comfortably airing anti-govt propaganda. As an Indian, I feel your article is way off the mark

Bhaag chutiye..... Are you a paid publication of ISIS or VATICAN or WUHAN or by a combined force of all? We experience a daily dose of vile free speech by Indian publications spread without any resistance whatsoever from d Modi Govt. Govt control? India doesn't give a fcuk to fakenews peddler like NewYorkTimes , We are country of 130cr who are capable of judging it's master, We doesn't care wht other countrys Small Street Media house like NYT print about our PrimeMinister, So Mind Yours. NarendraModi ModiUnityCall

Why don't you mind your own business? Awwww.... This is another lie being spread by NYT this is sheer propaganda - accuse a person of doing what he never did. Apparently, NYT is the voice of commies and Jihadis. They sure have a very sinister hidden agenda! sudhirchaudhary Look after your country first. And then cry about mine please

Yes, he controlled Washington Post, CNN, BBC, Telegraph, Manorma, Asianet, Scroll, Print, Wire, and the list goes on. Are you a Certified News Agency or, some Propaganda Machinery ? SecPompeo StateDept POTUS realDonaldTrump Doesn't this news agency have some better jobs or, is it seriously being an Anti-Govt Tool? Seems it is trying to belittle you Govt & Our Govt too! Poor taste

If media were not free, idiots like Ravish, Rajdeep, Barkha, would either keep quite or sing praises for govt. If they are able to abuse the govt, day in/day out, rubbishes your claim. Act as a responsible newspaper and not as a mouthpiece of agenda driven sick mentality people. Look who is talking. Bhaii apni position dekh lo pehle apne desh mein India ki baad mein dekhna

That's the Chinese Money talking 😂 Nothing strange, just another fake news coming from Well... And you call yourself a news agency... Lol Nytimes is run by vultures. Not humans. Journalists are left right and center spreading fake vile messages about PM Modi. This means they have full freedom to spread rubbish. Control media.. my foot! I wish though. I wish he will do it.

Also, just do check New York Times offices thoroughly, there is a bomb kept in your offices. USATODAY CIA The quantum of Anti Modi propaganda in the media suggests otherwise!!! Stop your lies!! Even if true still nowhere close to how China and the Islamists control you. NYTimes the mouthpiece of the ccp KungFlu ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaVirus19 jihadis

Given the sorry state of media - it wont be a bad idea to put them under some control FakeNewsMedia For NYT, Rana Ayyub & Badkha Dutt represent all the journalists of India. There's an extent to which a news agency can be dumb and blindfolded. NYT has crossed all limits. They don't even understand that the falsehood is eroding their credibility.

Chup dalle Aur ek feku aa gya the Wire ke liye rona rone 😄😄. 1 fake news can destroy the peace of society but medias like u only care about the trp.. strict laws r required against the media for giving false news.. Fake and baseless This again seems to be a $10000 worth of fake news. No country control news media tighter than 🇺🇸 🙃

Another fake news from ...bloody loosers.... Hey world either you have a very fcuked up research team or ur a fake news peddler....let me give u a hint 'Emergency' .. Ny times can go suck an egg. Why do u care? We like how it is in India! You're a failing newspaper. We don't need news from you Modi didn’t stop anyone during caa protest followed by anti hindu riots ,it was media channels like you who perpetuated .

These two fkg monotheist have butchered their way through indigenous Africa which were 76% in 1900 and now reduced to just 8%. Monotheism is a fkg curse for humanity. Fake times. Toilet paper I hope the Chinese virus and fake news factory end together.  You are Fake News. You pay arm chair journalists and get this reported. Tell us who are funding you. You people are doing news terrorism. Whatever you try, India the Bharat will emerge victorious and will become VishwaGuru. Then you will run looking for toilet in Park Street.

Totally false news...!!!! FakeNews FakeNewsAlert He is the one who commands respect & not the one who demands it like bloody bigots masquerading as journalist on your payroll! FakeNews Mind your own fckng business... 🖕🖕🖕 That is because the news media has been spreading Fake News like in no other decade. Fake News has consequences on the ground, leading to violence. You want Indians to kill each other and die.

Those very Indian Journalists say Modi has moles in too ! When some media don’t want to report but spread their own hatred towards one man, When some media plant fake news, When some media deliberately tries to shame India, When some media has a agenda to malign the image of PM without any proof then on people’s demand Govt takes action

Here is what sc tells about fake news facotry in india. man you guys have such an hatred Fake news Such jokers you guys arr🤣🤣🤣 Why are you showing in my feed? I don’t even follow you. I follow the president of the United States and OANN and NEVER see their tweets Ur exposed u have nothing to give ur readers just post fake news & stay in light shame on journalists who are reporting from india we are much safe enjoying best times of life with best pm Modi stay away we dont need anti-nationals journalists in country PMOIndia narendramodi

What a bunch of jokers. Now wonder nobody takes this rag seriously even in the US. wtf is wrong with you? Excuse me! Says who? IS the April Fools Day article? None of you come out of your air conditioned offices to see the ground realities and preach and create propaganda. Sad Oh.... really! Take care of your country. Stop thinking for others. Don't b under the impression that u still continue 2 lead the world. New world leader in narendramodi has risen. Ys he is friend of ur president POTUS so , follow him quietly. Don't meddle in our affairs.

Go to hell. This vidhva vilap band karo I want to know how much nytimes pays to these idiots to write this shit They are fraud as said by realDonaldTrump ... somwtimeback they wrote article in favor of china after getting money from them .. FakeNewsAlert PaidMedia Stop coming against India with your propoganda, none will be spared. Get straight, or perish. Choice is yours. Times have changed.

“India’s free press has played a crucial role in protecting this country’s democracy since its independence from Britain in 1947” 🤣🤣 Joke of the century. Very very paining. India has seen the abuse of Freedom of Speech but never has thought even to control of fake or unnecessary news. If Gov can control news, that would have been a fantastic step for success of the country. But unfortunately, news channels are earning more

Like we care... 😂😂😂 LoL I can see lot of modi bhakts crying !! 🥰😂😛👌 That’s false news spread by the leftists and liberals of India. No surprise the news came in NY times which is a known Modi hater. We Indians love Modi and that’s what matters the most than what a foreign media says about him. There has been no PM like Modi before and never will.

Venomous agenda. Why don’t you close down for ever ? I wish for that news Bullshit & Crap - how much was your reporter paid under the table for this thrash news? Itna to bonkte ho saalo.. Ye sab India me hi allowed hai.. New York Times is the leader of fake news in the world. It should be used as toilet paper only.

ClickBait FakeNews Even the editors in don’t believe this crap they call an article. But hey they need their paymasters to be happy. For Indian friends you don’t need to open the article. The main picture is Rubbish Kumar. Enough said. This is 🇮🇳 response Relax! NYT is just like our opposition, delusional, cut out from the masses and hoping for some miracle by writing useless stuff.

Those Indian journalists are not journos but wheeler dealers with their own agenda !!! Their reporting is biased and far from the truth Go local NYT, there is severe humanity crisis back home and we never thought to assume 3rd WW taking place and American press did not even felt it, before China actually won the war. Be busy with critical political meddling and your home robbed.

You have misprinted them JOURNALIST, actually they are PRESSTITUTES Modi controlling news media when 80% indian media is sponsored by Soros, church and global leftists When u write for nyt etc, try to show some standard, even when u bluff Go and ask your master like China, Pakistan Hello ! The journalists are upper caste Hindu supremacists (followers of Brahminism). They are not controlled but a propagator of Narendra Modi's lies and bullshit! It is Ostriching to say that they are controlled. The journalists want this to happen.

China journalists all over world 🌍 newyorktimes leadind Chinese virus 🦠 credibility is going down day by day You have only limited yourself to the fake propaganda. ShameOnYou Y not change your name to smthng appropriate ummm like “The New York Times of China” How dare u,? Fake news I have to wonder if they get paid (enough to survive) and that’s why they come up with such fake stuff whether it’s India or USA!

NYT is a gang of Fake reporters , whose main task is to malign the democratically elected Govt of india . You guys are bunch of as***s that can do anything for money . You guys spread negativity to its height though you ll never succeed in your motive bcaz we indians are united How trump treat fake media , here in india large paid and fake journalist are their

Praan jaaye par agenda na jaye .. Oh you guys never stop, do you NYT? Stop your India hating and Hinduphobic articles. Modi is the most attacked PM in the history of democratic India. Sab yaad rakha jayega. Har vaar lautaya jayega. Everything will be remembered. Every attack will be returned. Some pakistani opend the accounts on social media with the name of chinese. Lol My advice to them first take care of their own country nd make sure hindu and Christian r getting food in this crisis bcz they r human too. Don't think always ur rlgn is the only rlgn on this earth

Then how come you guys keep peddling fake news? New York times should think what they can do for new York, trump call you ' journos are low life creatures na' he's sooo right Fake article I think NYTimes has lost its freedom under trump, so they're trying find daily bread elsewhere trying to like their noses in other countries.

U r spreading fake news. New York Times bast**d Presstitute Anti-Indian media paid by foreign powers. We urge Indo-Americans to ban NY Times. NYTimes . you please.bother abt what's happening in NY & try to help your own ppl. America's$$ is on fire right now. We Don't need opinions of India haters like NYT & WP about our PM who is.much more capable than any world leaders. SO, Zip up & watch your own back.

to sit in opposition doesn’t mean that some one has hired the Media Agency. Piece of shit, not even good as toilet paper. Accusing modi when world is praising him in these tough times? Everybody needs a job I guess Shit comes out regularly from the factory of fake news. u ppl live in dream world .. We want modi to show his stricter side ..but he is not acting enough .. Just go through TLs of several eminent indian journalist .. and count how many times they point fingers at Modi ... Trump rightly says ..u r FAKE

NYT is controlled by Chinese govt How can anyone expect immunity from criminal law? Yes the country's media is so curbed that two men sitting right here in India have all the freedom in the world to write nonsensical articles for foreign publications. You guys have taken liberty and FOE for a ride. Trumpeted NYT

your prestident given you best name . Fake news. ... next please 😂😂😂😂 You can go to hell, dear NYT. Freedom means death which americans may enjoy, here in India saving life is freedom, press cannot act as virus Utter Rubbish.. Get your brains checked, if any. We have free press and everyone can speak freely.

MrinalPande1 Pilate brought out a notorious prisoner&murdererBarabbas&told crowd2choose between releasing Barabbas or Jesus.Crowd chose Jesus2crucify him.Still people irrationally consider Jesus,crucified at young age33,married with a prostitute MaryMagdalene having hardly any sense,a savior. Thanks 😊 Proprietor of fake news

It’s not only the fault of this toilet paper peddling with such fake news but our own paid journalist are feeding them with such news to make few dollars. Bother about ur own state now... we are well off Ok. Now next joke. We support this .. because the wire is just a wire not a press Again a fake story about India. Shameless, biased, agenda driven hatted towards a elected popular govt.of India.

Rubbish. Lose respect 😁😁 Indian journalists are shouting from all platforms that they don't have freedom to speak. 🤦🏻‍♂️ See the irony? 😄 Baseless news, have some sense before peddling fake propaganda.simply selling fake news just to run your business doesn't suits u guys. True. Modi has controlled the freebies, the foreign jaunts on Govt money, the undeserving awards, the free residences in prime areas etc. Reporting falsehood and praising non performers like Rahul Gandhi does not come with a pay packet.

You are a fake news, period Mind your business, you son of b***h. Your own President calls you fake news Fake news Fake news. See the hatred Soren by indian media each day. They itself contradict ur stupid conclusion Fake news.. मतलब मीडिया अपवाहें फैलायें और सरकारें जन धन की हानि होने दें । उस TheWire_is_TheLiar की एक अपवाह रामनवमी पर भीड़ होने का कारण बन सकती थी और लोग मरे और सरकार चुप रहें यह सम्भव नहीं है । PMOIndia HMOIndia

F... Off NYT. Your paper is not even worth my toilet dust bin. Content of this article are factually wrong, misleading written without knowing anything about Indian Culture, RSS. You just can't spread hate in the garb of free media. Please stop peddling lies🙏🏻 And you cited a 4th class reporter 'ravish urban naxal kumar' haha, you're a fake news👎

As you are speaking in same supressed voice. You got a habit of free voice to that extent you are no more careful & your voice is harming your own nation and humanity in total. At least in such times stop lying & stop paddling fake news. TVMohandasPai TheJaggi PrakashJavdekar Cmn! Even pandey addmited he loves modi!

NYT was a great name once upon a time. Are you not ashamed of the deep dirty pit you have burrowed in Bsdk NY Times You joker media house.. look into your own issues. We are happy under leadership of Narendra Modi sir. In India we call people like NY Times as bunch of 'Chutiyas'. Americans discredit this outlet all d time. Bad reputation for propaganda news. So y shud any Indian tk them seriously? They spreading no awareness or reporting factual. Its all fake stories by ppl who knows $hit abt India. I seriously doubt if any one trust them anymore

Those journalist you are referring are the Pawn and stooges of opposition party INCIndia , and when Modi is doing good , they have resorted to fake news to defame him. They are same who complained of intolance since 2015, Still narendramodi won strongly in 2019. Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper Toilet paper

They write to instigate n agitate Indians by lying n writting c0ck n bull stories which majority of Indian find trsh. They nvr gonna stop spreadin lies n givin bad name. This blackmail is here to stay. Jehdis n leftists r no different n thts wat ruling western media. Even if vindu goel sells your rag for free in India, still people won’t buy😂😂

your credibility is like vegitarian👇. Namaskar🙏. These paid commies fake media houses are so useless! Who funds the lies is anyone’s guess 😊 NYT nvr gave a $hit abt India in past but writting an article almost every day now. Which means, they hv understood tht India is a huge market which they want to tap. This is d sign of India’s growing clout. Anyone can c the number of articles appeared abt India in past n now☺️☺️

🙄And yet, there are people on every channel, every night & every day, spewing vile comments & cursing narendramodi BJP4India . I wonder how that works? Your venom doesn't run in india, first save so called America idiots Indian journalists have lied to you, as lying is their wont! You as another same clan journal from other part of the world pick up the bit as news!

Take care of your own country Corona is rising like anything there.. And yes..we have best PM ever Media is no god..understand..!!!!! Another fake news by U don't bother about us..u have enough news in US york is dying.. But that made things easier for India. And most majority indians like it. Have Corona.

According to People from all over world, NYT takes money to spread fake news. Lolz 😂 paki sponsored news channel ..rubbish piece of ..... Hey NYT! Stop your propaganda at least in the time of crisis. Stop nonsense look at your own yard.. And still they write this much nonsense ! Try quoting a real journalist from a reputable media house next time. No one will trust a thing if u keep publishing those who are in dire need of your money and are not respected as a professional by any one in their own country.

Total fake news Yes you are on payroll of China. Your existence is because China is your master. Independent my foot. narendramodi is the best Media should be held responsible if they spread lies. Why should media houses be treated any differently than any other company which lies to its customers? I wonder when did you last published any reporter (there are more of this kind right now) who praised Indian government ?

This is another hit job on Modi, especially at a time when we are grappling a pandemic. It seems someone hates Modi/India they'll pay money to spread lies & there sufficient sick elements in India who can take money to slander about their own mother/ sisters. Fake news as usual. Mind your own country business.

mission complete? planning?company? talent? CM?information? too late too much?why japanese government ? 事務 carry Mask ? From Abenomics to Abenomask: Japan Mask Plan Meets With Derision - Bloomberg India bitch And nyt is free? Or on chinese payroll? Which indian journalist ? Name them if its true ? Dont be a Fake news paper

As usual an other lie from you ....neither first not last Waah is chutiye ko yha space mil gyi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Anybody cares for ’ uncalled for opinion? Get your war against corona in order. Too many Americans dying &u guys are unable to do anything! You have no business to comment on India. Our press & media are free & biased ones are exposed. MinhazMerchant ShefVaidya

Pure bunkum. You have got crooked and discredited Indian presstitutes writing your columns & filing trash. They lie all the time. No Prime Minister in India has ever been criticised and condemned so freely by the media and fake news pedlars as much as narendramodi . Yeah? Yet another Modi bashing piece during a grave crisis Spreading fake news & misleading readers/ viewers is not exactly the freedom of media that we the people of India want. Don’t forget, Modi represents the majority in the world’s largest democracy & is doing what it wants

Sitting in 7000 SQFT office and writing an article about India is not worthy and India has courts, if India's press is not free anymore then they are free to approach court. So, your article lack the sense and spreading wrong info. Shame on you !! Now you wonder who no right thinking person shall buy your fake news garbage even with all the discounts you have been offering. FakeNews FakeToiletPaperFacts

When I am going to see western journalists writing articles in Indian media criticizing western government? Correct 🥺 Media in India today is sold out. They can only do yellow journalism and act as propaganda agents. Shame fake news 🤣🤣🤣 If agenda and propaganda is news then not required in India. If agents of Euro, Dollar, Dinar, and Yuan are journalists, then those are not required in India.

NYTimes & Wapo can’t forget their Hinduphobia even in these desperate times. Anyone with a basic education going through the articles criticizing Modi & India written both by Indians as well as foreigners visiting India will poke a big hole in this lie. Presstitutes fakenews NONSENSE TIMES.. .is the appropriate name of your paper.....

Please throw some light over chinese media as well... And, leftist media in India has never been Indian media.. it is chinese media too... Please spread the word..... Duh who's is new BFF trump Fake news. We now know why Trump calls u fake. Yes it's high time Presstitutes and Media crooks r shown their place and brought to Justice.They should learn to respect law and stop considering themselves as Demigods.

How much did you pay Vindu Goel to write those articles Also, please note Mr. Narendra Modi has hired thousands of cyber dogs to bark online in his favor. Most of them are active here now u give platform to such platform to such nonsense And without any investigation u believed it These are the rich journalists from India who benefited in Congress’s corrupt regime. Thats why they are sad as freebies, awards stopped coming to them - do some research - India (not elite’s India) call them NewsTraders 🙏

The strategy of calling realDonaldTrump a racist having failed miserably, the left has found a new scapegoat in narendramodi You might want to focus on NY which is the new hot spot for COVID. I know people who cancelled flights because they would have come into contact with people travelling from NY because of changeovers. NY has become the breeding ground of Chinese Virus.

Fake news Who are these journalists that are the source of your crap news? pmo We have to also understand Media has a moral responsibility to be truthful,it cannot ask for its rights if they don’t fulfill their duties.If they spread wrong information,they must be corrected.What is wrong in that? Journalists can abuse Modi with out fear.... Is that not a proof of their freedom... But journalists have lately become crooks. They actually deserve N Korea style

Fucking news.. You lost all your rapport. Great. just what we needed to hear! Really😀😀😀 Indian journalists need to reply sardesairajdeep khanumarfa sagarikaghose BDUTT rahulkanwal SushantBSinha _sabanaqvi RubikaLiyaquat sudhirchaudhary anjanaomkashyap vikasbhaABP RajatSharmaLive Nidhi sharmasupriya Suparna_Singh akhileshsharma1

Mr. Vinesh just told you half truth , and yes is fake news 😁 Thanks nyt for exposing modi bigotry & those who are commenting shits about nyt then first check your own bootlicker media who don't have gut to ask questions from government. They all are lapdogs & funded by administrative media who are critics of modi become anti nationals.

Two or three morons Publish their opinion as View Point & Voice of entire India in a Foreign Newspaper, coz they know In india No one's gonna make them Their Representative 🤣🤣 Silly fellows POTUS rightly called u Fake NEWS agency Hey NYT is not even valuable as TP because it is already full of shyt. No one here in US gives a shyt about you all and in India forget it. Even a dog won’t take a leak on NYT.

What the hell is that Now has so low standards that a two or three morons can tell the view point & represent entire Media House? Shameless Journalism The NYT hatred for Modi is deep! they can’t publish a single article relating to India without bashing Modi or Modi government These papers has no respect in USA forget in India .. presstitute

Rubbish Ya, trying to control anti India propaganda/lies to break India Bullshit....presstitutes sold out I wish he did. Cs u guys wake up everyday to only malign him for the good he does. Ur idea of India is only Slumdog Millionaire. Such press must definitely be controlled. We know nyt is not selling in USA... That's why anti modi propaganda needed 4 selling...

All piece of shits do Hey NWT,everybody knows in India that you are a jihadi Media . No need to go on giving more and more evidence !!Unlike jihadis,Indians are smart enough to recognise that immediately at the first instance !! We call media like you dallals.. that presstitutes... Sometimes reading such articles feels like ,it kind of school essay competition. Same sense , sentences ,words packed para's . No source just words of fellow journalists.

NDTV controlled by opp. parties.... thank u TNYT . BIG THANKS U SUCCESSFULLY EXPOSED NDTV This couldn’t be farther than the truth. This point of view is agenda driven by a handful of ‘journalists’ who are fiercely anti-India. NYT has their editorial heads in their collective a$$es. Garbage post from fake news

Shame on NYT Oh crap propoganda by nyt leftist scums. Shut up pedigree liars cheer leaders of yellow journalism. The man blatantly posts Fake News does hit jobs. Expect his ess to get sued. The country will be in disarray when fake news like how the NYT reports to citizens. It's disgusting. आ गए, चु... pmoindia ban in India.

Who are these 'Indian journalists' ? Do they really exist btw ? A fact that this wretched Journalist can write about it in your NP in itself shows our Press freedom. Now go take a walk Morons FAKE NEWS Incorporation at it again.... No prizes for guessing either the Chinese or Jihadis are funding the NYT 🤣

Try controlling trump . Save yourself first Your own president called you fake 😁 Shame on u beggars The New York Times is spreading false news & lies about my country and backing the leftists, pseudo liberals , Anti nationals& urban naxals of India. Pls don't trust this media 🙏🏻 Your paid workers in India will lie forever. We know truth and won't bother what your shitty paper says

who is this journalist? Rubbish claims NT was earlier paid by Cambridge Analitica and now by Gorge Sorus to destabilize Modi govt. These shameless propagandist are printing paid news. Thoooooooooooo 😂🤣😅 Next joke please! There are two links which every Indian must read in this context. First is chronology of fake news published by priyankadeo at SwarajyaMag

Its a shameful article..stop spreading fake news.. Where u get these fake news a$$holes? Absolutely “out of sync” & incorrect news. Not True. Biased news. Blinded by hate for Modi and India, what can one expect from NYT? NDTV itself is a biased channel. Watch for few days and their reporting will indicate so.

Fake news.. can you send papers to my house I will use for toilet. I am not getting toiled papers now a days vindugoel This article is Sounds like the current U.S. Administration. vindugoel trump FakeNewsAlert FakeNewYorkTimes Is it Rana Ayub talking 🤣. Focus on New York. First tackle the crisis in New York. Only poke your bloody nose into others matter.

The NYT journalist is a lier and a cheater of his mother land Good joke, next one pl. You bloody hate mongers and lie peddlers. Fake News. Your paper is not worth wiping shit hole with let alone read. NYT is the world largest fake news factory!!! India has more than 1 lac publishing houses. Only a fool would think that Indian media can be controlled specifically in today’s day & age of social media. Anyway NYT keep writing fictions.

👎🏿 Yeah we have to take control to avoid anti India forces like you from taking over.... Am sure you enjoyed a long run for your fake propaganda.... No more... Thanks narendramodi PMOIndia from safeguarding India from these vicious forces That's why ur network openly writes and produces thousands of creative political articles and targeting Modi n his chaps , he won 2 consecutive Union Level elections. ....😂

you are fake. Journalists peddling half truths for a fee from vested parties can never be part of democracy or free media. should stop referring to cheap propagandists as journalists. Leftists & India haters will obviously not like it when they are being called out as sold media. Even during tough times, with over 1 million chinese virus cases, 20% of them in US itself. Left fake media lobby is busy in its racist rant against Indian gov. realDonaldTrump is right in calling you guys fake news, with zero credibility and zilch sense of ground reality.

That’s what every ultra right populist government does! Tries to control the morons who vote for them! Fake news fake news fake ness paid by Pakistan .. you are not journalists you are presstitutes vindugoel - the paid pidi The Gutter Times...This trash news paper can fill the demand supply gap of toilet paper in western countries.

It's not free at all. Lol... Maybe China banning u was a good thing As Trump says is fake news. The kind of bashing Modi gets in Indian media every day is quite amazing but still no free press..🤔🤔🤔 Who listen to this fake news. I appeal to all Indians in US, vote for Trump in coming election Worry about pandemic spreading the fastest in US don’t report fake propaganda

You mean RanaAyyub , But no 1 count her as Journalist. Only u left fake news do. Ok boomer.. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Sure, sure. A rag of global neoliberal fake news medocrity wants to convince Indians there is no press freedom in India. 😂 Please take care USA. Don't worry about imdia now. You have Some people with poison mind. Simple

😂😂😂 Now i understand! Why nobody read this crap 😂 Media has that much freedom in india! That they can spread rumors in India as well as in new York Times too! That's the power of Indian media 😂😂😂 Alas Nobody takes them seriously 🤷‍♀ NYT published crap on CAA and wrote BS against Modi earlier also. India needs CAA NRC, NPR for better law and order. The world has witnessed Jihadi attitude of muzlims from various countries at nizamuddin episode. NYT is writing such news 2sensationalize it's content. Disgusting.

Ok boomer. vindugoel is tech reporter and they are informed by fake news NDTV. What else to expect..... Well...I doubt they have ever heard of Indira Emergency Ghadhi. So what? What is your problem here? U r FakeNews If there was any control over the media, there wouldn't be a constant smear campaign against Modi and his government by leftwing Indian media and western media like NYT.

The piece is part-witten by an Indian in the company of Jeffery Gettleman ! Always playing the second fiddle ! Primacy to be lead writer is reserved only for rabid anti-India n anti-Hindu journalists and we all know who makes the grade !! Lol. A jihadi rag bought over by the commies complaining about lack of freedom of Indian media when all it has been doing since 2002 and more so since 2014 is to carry on an incessant campaign of halftruths lies and calumny 24x7x365.

Indians don't want to hear or read fake news from TNYT and it's brethren in the media. What crap! No other country sees so much negative portrayal and abuse of Modi as from India's homegrown Presstitutes. Loser , take a break and try to do something to help save your citizens from the virus, rather than spreading your wild, inane lies here.

Media is not free or not getting free stuff, 5-star hotel stays, top-rated alcohol etc. anymore like what they received in the era of earlier PMs I wish he may had done that we would never be in such a situation! Few 10 of your liked journalists ? There are 18,000 in India. Few of your journalists say NYT work for inteerest of its share holders

Just like you were controlled by aa.. Oil money. Fake news peddler trying its best to save anti India forces like leftist, ndtv, ravish Kumar, opposition, Kashmir issue, anti hindu sentiments.......bla bla bla Even during pandemic these shameless guys continue their anti-India tirade..whose funding these stories?

Hey NYT , Get well soon. We are Not Your Types Airplanes took aim and brought down World Trade Center. Do you employ madrasa chap journalist ? Fake news factory as always told by mr. Trump Another new found symptom of Corona Once infection The majority of media is worse than a parasite. Corrupt to the core and doing hit jobs. Why does the media keep talking about themselves as some sacrosanct entity ? What gives them this entitlement that certain journalists if not given the freedom to spread canards = wrong ?

Fake news COVID19Pandemic lets read how RanaAyyub mentors & followers TablighiJamaat is spreading COVID19Pandemic across the world If by free press it means freedom to peddle lies, may be NYT is right. Actually people in India are vexed with fake news and sold out media. I am sure it shd be same in US too...

Is FakeNews on drugs or what? DelhiRiots2020 organised by Jihadis, live videos proof available. Jihadis planned riots to coincide with realDonaldTrump meet with PMOIndia in Delhi. From Kerala 2 Jihadis joined ISIS in Afghanistan n killed 25 Sikhs why no news on that. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 NY times ur paper is now becoming more as a toilet paper. Kick all those biased and Jihadi minds from ur paper else doomsday not far !!

Ok What is your Sample Size and Sample Quality? Both low! Indian giving 2 🖕🖕 of what u think.. Jokers Coming from NYT the fake news media... laughable. Same idiots must have said... one BDUTT n company PM narendramodi's job is to ensure well-being of 135 crore Indians, not to please Paid Journos who don't mind dancing to anyone's tunes if they're well PAID for it! Trump calls you right, fake news! We call u Pressitutes :) Continue the nexus, We'll keep exposing u. Namaste.

You mean to print lies? Who are you, a nobody. India had its own eco system. and having suffered intensely with the deceitful and secretive leftist agenda, u are a well defined target. NYT is fake news though! Indian Far Left Urban Naxal Journalists . You missed some pointers failing NYT. One fake news channel supports other fake news channels. Trump was right. fakeNews

Your priority of reporting should by NY atm. India, Indian journos and Modi can take care of themselves. New joke times,is it The Wire walli news mil gyi inko. liars.. u r telling without any penalty 😂 Jokers of NYT.. now you are not free to Lie anymore . This one journalist is none other than babish babu 😂😂

Our media is free and we are very proud of our media No wonder, realDonaldTrump spites at Fake Media 😂😂😂 You mean ignore it like no other prime minister in decades. Indifference hurts more than control I bet. In the parlance of Indian theatre and dance, a certain section of media is behaving like ' Khandita Nayika'(खण्डिता नायिका)

तुमरी गोरी गोरी माँ चोदी क्या हिंदुस्तान ने ? जो इस कदर झूठ फैलाते हो ! मादरचोद मिडिया चीन मे गुलाम है, मिडिया अमेरीका मे गुलाम है, मिडिया पाकिस्तान मे गुलाम है, मिडिया तालीबान मे गुलाम है, भारत दुनिया का सबसे महान लोकतंत्र है तथा मोदी राज मे ही भारतिये मिडिया को मुक्ती मिली👍 Lol.. 😂😂😂 Ro re thoda sa

Who are you again ? News like this is the reason why people use as toilet paper💩 To!let paper U r fake news media That amazing at last some. Controls the wild horses called media, wish you guys get controlled... you are a fake news factory👎👎👎 ‘Indian Journalists says’ has no authenticity like your newspaper.

And what's newyork times credibility These are biased, negative propaganda Nyt at its best again...fake sources.. propaganda against india and indian interest ...shame on you... Why are you always carrying fake and paid narratives that are anti-India. This is not the feedback from Indian people. The media is still controlled by Congress and left. Modi has utterly failed in carrying his narrative thru the media.

Why dont you instead start producing toilet papers which is in short supply in the US of A. It will help people during these tough times. NYT toilet paper will be a super hit. bsdk emergency tmare chacha ne lagay tha kya ? Fake News. No wonder Trump makes fun of you guys. Nothing but propaganda. The left journalism is alive and well, spreading lies and propaganda in India just like you do here in America. Wish we could actually turn off propaganda outlets like NYT, WaPo & the like here in America. The world and the country would be a better place.

R u really Stupid? Just match ur headlines with ndtv ThePrintIndia TheQuint etc... U’ll get to know that what trashes they throw on ruling government like no government should tolerate it... they even spread many fake news in their prejudices for narendramodi Government... Fake news Typical. The Indian Trump. Get rid of any institution that might expose his corruption and incompetence

You have lost any semblance of credibility!!! Either you are ill informed or you are doing propaganda to diminish Modi and India . Everybody is free to speak in India and this over freedom is allowing a part of media to diminish Modi and shamefully India as well . They have hidden interests in doing this all .

Now that Indian peace-fools ass are under tha radar, these pappu mutra pine vale jhopdike journalists will divert the attention to different topics. COVID19Pandemic Fake news. Indian media is doing great in this time of cisis. fakenews Fake.... shame on you. What kind of news channel do u watch or which reports do uou read. Share with us.

Abe jaa ke gand marwa na bhadve 😠 NYT has become toilet paper selling poor jokes first time in the history of journalism .... says all people’s around the world Ppl don’t hoard 🧻 .... instead use to wipe your and your kids a$$ Haha may be u got this from few sold out worms whom we call Lutyens, in u r case u r own President says what not to u ppl. Have some shame before taking our PM

Stop your fakery bigots My sincere advice to you plz focus on your own business that's good for you Trump rightly calls the American media like yours as fake news machinery. Few left leaning Indian journalists are being used by foreign media houses like yours to malign India. No worries... India will emerge stronger from here...

This paper has zero credibility along with many others. However it is the first to be read by Indians in the west. Don’t dismiss it’s influence. Hey Toilet paper of America, the way Indian journalists criticize Modi, they have never done that to any one. The bastards like you are free in India. Yup got no balls to talk about CCP and Xi and China, so hey let's bash India. Best way to divert attention. FakeNewsAlert

Haha, I still remember NYT as Dustbin wrap around at my BNB stay at NY. Thats where it stays. Drunken_Gunner Where is this type of journalist you hire from , pakistan? We don't consider your news it's a trash Also you are a world famous toilet paper 😂😂😂Congratulations to you Ppl of newyork need you don't play bluff fear God be brave and fight. criticism for self survival may harm dignity of the origin you represent

Didn't knew New York times turned into FakeNews Indian journalists are one of the most corrupt in the world. These people used to act as liaison agents for corporates and individuals and influence government decision making till 2014. When Modi govt started their access to high offices was cut and that’s why they are upset.

Pimp Media House by the way if it was so controlled how come they exist in India ,by the way fake news epitome no one can compete you. FakeNews NY times. We always expect this fake news from you !! For a change, give us some real news. Thank you new York toilet paper Which Indian journalists? Who were on payroll from previous corrupt regime, the ones who left no stone unturned in defaming poor Hindus to fulfil communist agenda, Islamist extremism? Mind your own business, fake news agency !

No credibility left ... in NYT. Ludicrous tweet to put it mildly. I have never seen a more misinfor.ed article .. we have 29 states witbmh over 200 news channels and you pick one which was blo ked for showing objectionble libelous content for just a few hours. It then went ahead to spread its propoganda. As you are doing right now

Ask the sheep how bad a wolf is? Dumb TNYT!!!! Indians no longer follow MSM. We get news from Social Media. LOL. NYT is out of touch with reality Seems no one from main stream media talks to you guys anymore, Not surprised with the kinds of lies you puublisg Because in no other prime minister's tenure did media spread such amounts of fake news

You are so far from reality that even infinity looks next door. FakeNews 🙏 Thanks FakeNews NYTisFAKENEWS I heard Chinese are controlling Newyork times. Is it true? Toilet paper. Rubbish no credibility of nyt. Seriously 🙄🙄 The new York Times is such a leftist rag that even a once in a century imbroglio couldn't undermine their deep contempt for Hindu culture.

A filthy news channel look at ur own affair Fake news Fake news. Get your facts correct. Only ur saying it mf anti modi some jorno are spreading fake news wich is responsible for panic during lockdown so Supreme Court has questions the media at it fear mongering role India is a free country sir There is no credibility of NYT in please unsubscribed it

Total rubbish, Who are saying this, Lutyens Media, leftists who have an agenda? Another fake report by Save new york first.Focus on that This venom spewing and your interest in Indua can be taken care in future,if you remain alive Modi control media, yet you are allowed to report it. Where is the logic? Did you visit school anytime in your life?

Fake... The Press & Media has utter most freedom in our Country. One single Journalist cannot write-up a 1.3 billion people opinion. Whomever given opinion is just a Bull shit licking Pakistani & Chinese Boot. You are totally fake news . You are full of filth and anti india agenda. Kindly share the name of indian reporter who says so

Stop questioning our pms governance and chk yur presidents irregular statements.. modiji is worried abt people and trump s worried abt economy. You are a fake news shop... Now get lost. I love how they proudly publish opinions and call it news! See the headline 'Indian journalists say' that's their news some gossip!! These journalists sit on TV all day, call Modi an evil fascist, abuse Hindus then turn around and say there is no freedom of speech!

Kitne Paise liye to be modi ji ke khilaf likhne ka Fake news NYT is Fake News And plzz tell us from where uhh get this information. you stolen this news from Chinese newspaper and even Chinese peoples troll this newspaper after see this fake propaganda as everyone knows that how much freedom, media have in India.. You CopyCat ..!!🤣🤣

Even your president doesn't takes you seriously. Lemme remind u what mr.trump said ...YOUARE FAKENEWS😂😂😂 Well we don't have you but again we have your little brother ndtv thewire_in quint Isn't New York in deep enough shit already! Focus on your own country. You are fake NEWS DonaldTrump ChinaVirus NewYorkTimes

Thug Media. First focus on your country! Then come to India. Write something horrible about your president and feel the heat. is a fake news factory... to your president.....biased reporting ..shame.... Excellent article 👍 RKRadhakrishn At least we don't need any foreigner news outlet to think about India, better you think about communist China.

NYT.. You are Fake news.. You mostly publish negative articles towards India. Now no one believes you. Go take a hike. You bloody .. change your name as fntimes..! it means fake news times.. This is such a pathetic headline. 'Indian journalists say'? You talked to all of them? Mind your own business.. Terrible reporting: DONALD TRUMP

Hi liar Request everyone, not to share or even open the link...since we all know what is upto...don’t give them free clicks/views! Good if press is not free else it will become like you... spread incorrect/fake news Haha you haven't heard of Indira Gandhi You write bullshit. Crap! There are many journalists other than a few you entertain! Look at others to know truth n facts about India

Fake news of USA writing about fake journalists of India. 'Birds of the same feather, flock together'. You guys are Shameless . You have been caught lying, vilifying, distorting , promoting antiHindu bigotry & yet such arrogance & defiance & ability to portray the FakeNews conglomerate as being treated unfairly! You should be sued to high heaven!

Are you still counting bodies of your fellow citizens . Do something or no one will stay to read your crap 💩 journalism Total garbage. Where the hell do you get your news from? No wonder nytimes is knows as fake news all over the world. You're at the top of that fake news peddlers list!👌 Fake news! Yes, they have taken action against fake news, they should be even better at it. So left media shouldn't be FREE to spread fake news, like your tweet.

RubikaLiyaquat swati_gs sudhirchaudhary DChaurasia2312 awasthis republic anjanaomkashyap Guys, look how the western media is portraying ur entire fraternity jst by considering the views of certain selected journalists. Kindly retaliate else these ppl will keep on repeating Irony is, neither Modi or Trump gives a shit to NYT!! The toilet paper of America 😂😂😂😂😂

Guys, how much ever the urge, do not open the link. Do not increase their viewership. They make sensational claim, write fake stories just for your clicks. Idiots, at this rate you'll be all over.. Run away before you get obliterated Coz that’s the important news right not 🤦‍♂️, shitting on Modi To be honest,Modi can't keep a check on tiktokers and you want us to believe this?

Shame on you....totally fake news, there is no channels and journalist are much more open than an any country in the world It's an outright lie by the journos hu paint a wrong picture of India modi they being on the payroll of the opposition U hire most of the opposition funded corrupt journalists. What Indian Govt is doing it’s important to stop fake news , the same leftist fake news peddlers u hire from India 😡🐷

News sources have confirmed that, 'There's still this serious shortage of Toilet paper rolls in America.' Hey , wanna charity? People will remember you for this and not as authentic news network.🤷‍♂️ You are no more global, you are liaing many times , it credibility is zero, ur country is in danger, please care ur people instead of looking in other matters, in future ur edition is going history

what u r president is saying about u people is 100% correct. this is the proof Hey nyt Narendra Modi is such a fascist that during his term people 'allegedly' called journos are able to criticise the gov. To the extent that even action on their 'fake news' is called violation of FOE Shocker. A nationalist clamped down on the free press? Who would’ve ever guessed?

Do your independent finding instead of relying on a single journalist s statement. They are all fake. That’s the ticket. Don’t give in. Keep fighting for us! Love you my dear. NYT is truly fake news Cute! How could the Indian journalists say so then😬 And these journalists are on payrolls of leftists... One sided story ! If Modi is so bad as you portrait then why majority of the Indians with him ?!! press freedom not absolute. In India there are two sides , extreme right or extreme left .. so neutral views by media houses. Then what do you expect

Lol that’s why you call them and take their interviews and they happily roam in India we are ashamed that Modi has given too much liberty to these fake journalists who have 0 ethics and solely depend on anti-Modi news for their livelihoods Thanks for one more fake news.. Just shut up your fake news F U If only this were true. We are fed up with the fake news , motivated reports and malicious intent of some rotten apples in our media whom NYT welcomes with open arms.

Who are those indian journalists...we all know...tell them to go take a flying fcuk...nobody cares here .. Aren't you guys controlled by The Democrats. U talk about Indian media, although your President don't believe your propaganda. Bhag bhos dk FakeNewsAlert FakeNews .🐍🐍 Spotted This tweet itself is a fake one. Spreading lies is no more freedom of press.

U r fake news I wish it was possible and he had grabbed you by your biased bll$. pls also write about the source of information is it abhisar_sharma BDUTT RanaAyyub thewire_in Toilet paper We have a PM who has a erect spine and our media also enjoys enough liberties, perhaps even more than you. The media houses like you who get paid from our hostile neighbhours or other superpowers want to write crap about our country to stall our progress. Dream On ...

I urge narendramodi to banned this world FAKE news spreader from india too... HMOIndia PrakashJavdekar ianuragthakur AmitShah PMOIndia You have zero credibility in my opinion. So write publish fictional gibberish all you want . Nobody cares Each word you write you sell for a price. karma is a bitch

So says the Fraud News portal NYT😀😀😀😀 vindugoel In India these fake journalist are called Presstitutes.Nobody believes them nor NYT who publish trash. Opinion only. Pathetic reporting. PM Modi is one of the leading administrators in the world to take effective measures to control d spread of Corona virus in this part of the world.... New York Times, plz reach out to nearly 2,00,000 Americans suffering from Covid-19.

Lame ass 😂 Are these ones ? Absolutely rubbish!!! Infact in India, the media is largely anti majority i.e anti hindu and some of them work with an agenda. Fcuk you NY times. Who are these journalists ? Must be likes of RanaAyyub khanumarfa abhisar_sharma etc. who take pride in spreading venom against India. And no patriotic journalists would write for racist anti-India Stop Lying! COVID2019 vivekagnihotri Sanjay_Dixit

And yet your journalists are free to roam our streets wearing what they like and writing what they want. Unlike Saudi Arabia whose human rights and press freedom your newspaper is so in love with Journalists you have hired and the liberal lobby are abusing Modi 365 days 24/7. They thrive on bashing Modi for their Masters. Still none of these journalists are curbed from their freedom to say whatever rubbish they want to propagate. We in India know NYT's credibility too.

American journos say NYT they use it for toilet paper as it’s cheaper جہنم میں جاؤ The fact that you can publish this report says it all. I hope that govt whom India has voted to govern bans you at least if not other media houses. Commie news thewire_in ki gajab gaand maar Rakhi hai. 😂😂😂😂 go into hell .. baseless news.

Mind ur fucking business and save ur city n ur people. There r more deaths in newyork than entire india. Came to preach us. If journalism was like yours biased n onesided its better we dont have journalist. All those journalist have nothing to make Narendra Modi bow to them. Earlier some of them used to decide cabinet births. Now no such powers. Angoor Khate hai Mitro.

POTUS Only President Trump can teach you a lesson for your lies. 🤣🤣 No wonder Trump calls you what he does 🤣🤣 That's why they are not respected by Indian public. They are biased. Pay them money and bite out any person in the wolrd. Previous govt had given lot of freebies from taxpayers money, which Na Mo govt is not doing. ☺️

We love Modi Tere se pucha madharchood.... How do Americans put up with shit like NYT?. No wonder Trump calls your ilk FAKE NEWS.. Like how ur president says 'You are fake news' Absolutely thrash ! Media is more respected here than US ! Twitter these kind of false information is not okay ! PMOIndia realDonaldTrump

Who are these journalists? Name them. Bull💩 Fu¢king toilet paper. 😂😂😂 good one. Are you on drugs? Liars... New York city is affected maximum by ChineseVirusCorona ...but Thugs at NYT...Modi is controlling Media...WTF Utter BS!! I was never a RW,never ever a person who wud talk of hindutva,hinduism or any such word.I respect all religions,some of my v v close people are frm diff religions.BUT the never-ending,poisonous,one-way attack of so called secular,liberal,LW LOBBY ()forced me2take a stand

How long are you planning to continue this narrative Seriously wondering who is funding all this propoganda!! You shouldn't listen to such journolists😏 Bullshit Fcuk u BC 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Meet Kim someday Yes because India hosts many fake news factories like Newyork Times and CNN Something that should have been done decades ago, propagandist media houses like yourselves should have been shut.

wow just now editors guild tweeted some shit,nyt already on it. amazing communication. as a indian citizen i would like to say go fuck yourself. thank you. Living in India, I’m appalled by the news sources that NYT has. Since my work involves being with the grass roots i wonder how they are so out of tune with what’s truly going on. I somehow cannot fathom how can they blatantly lie. Makes me question their credibility all time!

Kia fir ,Kya ukhad loge You are part of the problem that world needs to solve. Journalism means not choosing sides. You guys vilify anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Luckily your own president and people are exposing NYT. No one listens to you. Keep amusing us. We will give back in kind! Now as per you govt can not punish for a wrong news reporting. If they are correct then they can approach court. But why they approached . Because nyt also a fake news organisation

What a joke? Far from reality. I would say we are very liberal. Tolerating lots of fake news churners with the sole objective of discrediting the Government. I am free to air my views. Yes to me my country comes first. Please be balanced in your comments. Thank you 🙏 Scums, CONs has created their media...send journo kids to foreign schools on govt scholarship....gave them free land, housing, free lobbying went on for 70 years till Modi came.. They lost all, racists, should be ashamed of yourself...

NYT, along with theses fear mongering journo, has become factory of hype, lies and idiocy. first have value in your own Country, POTUS doesn't allow your journalist's to question him & calls NYT fake media. Let be believe what im reading, oh wait, its NYT. Lolz 🤣🤣🤣 This is only because media in India could meddle with state & mis-direct people using religion card & in a situation of virus attack - which is once in a first or civilization. America's fall is failure of Media and you NYT must be ashamed that- you could not save Americans

Fake news The source must be RanaAyyub whom no one gives a bit of shit.. And who says it ravish kumar of NDTV! The news channel that committed some of the biggest fraud and under scanner of ED! Are you kidding me NYT! Is that why media channels like ndtv thewire_in TheQuint ThePrintIndia publish fake news on a daily basis? How are they allowed to do so if there is no freedom? Oh, add to the list of fake news media as well!

FakeNews FakeNews Whatever you say, official taliban mouthpiece.... Chinese Money Talking 😹😹😹 And The New York Times believes on these Pimps😁😁😁😁😂😂😂 We the People of India show middle finger to these bloody Pimps . Modiji Is the Best PM we hv ever had. Libpoops have killed journalism Lol IndiaPhobia to NY Times, which runs on ISIS payroll

Fake news factory. Americans don’t trust you & we are on the other side of Atlantic! Go to hell ! Fake news. Indian journalist are their paid correspondents. 2 cents fake journalist. Amit Malviya - BJP IT cell head Just as ur action in Afghanistan Do you have any facts !? I do wish it was true 😞 I think u shd maintain atleast some credibility , otherwise I shd lose my temper ,fake prestitutes ,bastards

This is complete bill shit. You guys are blind and sick. Yes, it has become very costly only Chinese and ISIS and ISI can afford them Thank you FakeNews Stop this non sense. Who are you ? Oh the Fake News wala. Got it from realDonaldTrump * Never been so free Trump is perfectly on dot for you , fake and biased news to the core

Don't you have work in your country...oh I see trump doesn't allow you to report..?I can understand the pain Yesterday was April Fools' Day. JFKYI : RN Goenka led an agitation against a former PM. 100% truth New York has already become a graveyard, look at ur own backyard ,toilet paper fighters. We believe in Democracy. Your President has dubbed you CORRUPT

It would be interesting if NYT were to share analytics of the responses they got from India. Yes; Pak handles and bots would need to be filtered. Nonsense! Had the Narendra Modi government controlled Indian news media, those cheap Indian journalists with wouldn't be writing rubbish articles defaming India, the Prime Minister and the Hindus in your journals!

Probably because there was no media to control looool All lefty outlets have come up in last 5 yrs with islamists-communist funding Just like nyt Now spin harder & appease your communist & Islamist masters You need to check what is trending on Indian twitter.. there is always a culprit and like always it is Indian Muslims who are spreading this. You wait for a write up on this by our renowned reporter BDUTT .. you just wait, she will give you a befitting reply.

A fake news factory called NYT is out with its latest product. Toilet paper infected by ChineseVirus Buffoon NYTimes... Don't blev what this psycho journalist told you. He was spreading fake news See this strong...fu So The Donald was right all along fakenews alert Supreme Court of India is also join hands with the Government in control press freedom... It helps the Government to hide the truth. Covid19

Says the newspaper who's reporters were thrown out of China and not India.🙄🤦 Shameless newyork times The New Shit Times at it again. Lies, Lies and more lies Hahaha I will prefer Huffington post to wipe my ass. says a Democratic party mouth piece media outlet... lol It's false. The editor of Wire attributed a fake quote to the CM of a state. That's why complaint was registered against the editor. The Leftist portals like Wire have been exposed of spreading fake news several times.

Fake news Even your President calls you a FAKE NEWS factory This is NUMBER 1 BULLSHIT and a FAKE NEWS. Totally rubbish. If that were true, this would not have been the news in NYT. You yourself are a group of Sold media...I was not a fan of Trump but now I know that he is a correct person...Talked to few agenda driven journalist in India and concluded an Article..Rubbish...

India doesn’t suffer merely from fake news. It suffers from agenda-driven fake news cleverly packaged by sophisticated & well-paid TV/print journalists whose job is to sound neutral but pursue one overriding objective: take India back to pre-May 2014 era of corruption & nepotism. If such News can fetch popularity among sect to get financial assistance, anybody in the planet can run a news agency.

This is not true. Do real journalism.. nonsense Ur a big joke..... Dear 'Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones'. What u hv news about New York ? Hey bullsh*t propoganda news agency.. how many cases in NY any measures come take some lessons from Indian government how to effectively manage CoronavirusOutbreak

Modi should ban New York times Journalists in India ..they are not only stupid but also the most baised third rated news outlet..Trump always right about you ...shame on you ...fake news Another BS third class journalism from Vaticans is bitch toilet paper not news paper ... baastards Not surprised coming from a talibani news portal

Dear If you are controlling by Trump, Don't think Modi ji will control Indian Media. Go and get some business in US. Your reporter has commandable skill in spreading fake/false news. Superb of nytimes on licking and sucking money thrown by Anti India Jihadi Freaking another Propaganda by Toilet Paper 🙄

What crap. Why do you hire only prestitutes, to write your columns on India? Fake news Indian media is so free that they say 'Terrorism has no religion' daily even when terrorists shout something in Arabic and go booooom. They're out of their minds & trying to take the system for a ride - to put it mildly.

Shame on you ...come here and cover the news Muslim people spreading corona all over the india 🇮🇳 ..and you worrying about so called journalists? Same thing in Canada with Trudeau We'll shut your shop and Kick you out like the Chinese communist party. Indian Media is behind Modi just like US media is behind Trump :)

AjitPaiFCC CNNPolitics NBCNews FoxNews US press accountability is most needed! If free press means peddling fake news like the we don't need no free press. Because Indian media is not media Let me guess, he is cleaning up the georgesoros funded infection, brainwashing their children and poisoning their culture. DrainTheSwamp

Baseless news In Peru neither. 🇵🇪 That sounds oddly familiar. Hmmmm, where have I seen that?🧐

Coronavirus Live Updates: U.N. Warns of Global Instability and ConflictThe U.S. has more detected cases than any other country, with New York at the center of the American outbreak. President Trump warned of “hard days that lie ahead” as governors scrambled to try and slow the spread in their states. Read updates in Chinese: 新冠病毒疫情最新消息 Heartbreaking, stay safe be at home You again started 😄😄😄😄😲

Jim Edmonds Tests Positive for Coronavirus but Is Now 'Symptom-Free': 'Do Not Take This Lightly'Jim Edmonds is officially one of the more than 200,000 people in the United States who has been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19). The retired Major… That's some absolute bullsh*t that Jim Edmond's daughter was able to get a coronavirus test even though she was symptom free. What absolute crap! So unfair to all those who actually have symptoms and can't get tested. coronavirus TestingForCovid19

Christopher Meloni Is Returning To Our Screens As Elliot Stabler And I Am Not WellThank you, Dick Wolf. 💚🤩💚🤩💚🤩💚 kukrae Most of us aren't...but in the best way possible Please, SVU gods, give us the answer as to why Elliot didn't show up and kill William Lewis with his bare hands, as we all know he would have. Or at least called the Captain to offer his help. I've never let it go. 🤷‍♀️

27 Really Funny Tweets About Quarantining With Pets'My cat does not care that I am home, which is doing a lot to keep me humble in these times.' I've taken to conversing with the pigeons on my balcony - today, they were there before me, and I felt known My cat pissed on the floor. coronavirus My cat has decided that my working from home demands that I pay closer attention to his hygiene habits:

Why I Am Not Leaving New York During the Coronavirus Pandemic'Pandemic New York is completely different than any New York I’ve ever experienced in my 41 years of New York.'

Spotify Kids Launches in U.S., Canada and FranceSpotify&39;s first standalone app for children, Spotify Kids, launched in beta on Tuesday (March 31) in the U.S., Canada and France. first Hey I released a song about dealing with anxiety, listen if you want