Undecided voters say who they will vote for after watching final debate - CNN Video

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10/23/2020 2:00:00 PM

Who won the final debate? Here's what undecided voters thought. A panel of undecided voters speaks to GaryTuchmanCNN after the final 2020 presidential election debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

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GaryTuchmanCNN It's hard to decide when you have to choose btw 2 unfit, corrupt, power hungry 70 y.o candidates and when lobbyists are the ones running this country As I always said, these people don't understand who we are, what we need. Americans are not blue or red. Stop dividing us. GaryTuchmanCNN I hope someone educates that young man that abortions go down under democratic leadership as they increase health access for women.

GaryTuchmanCNN Trump GaryTuchmanCNN GaryTuchmanCNN You mean This is what cnn viewers/Biden supporters think GaryTuchmanCNN Anyone undecided at this point should not be voting. 🤦🏻‍♀️ GaryTuchmanCNN CNN's undecided LOL All CNN's Jeffrey Toobin's ! GaryTuchmanCNN Where’s your coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop issue? Americans need to know how corrupt the Biden family might be. If it was Trump’s family, it would be front and center all day long until the election.

GaryTuchmanCNN you guys said the same thing after each debate in 2016... according to you Trump is 0-5 in Pres debates, yet he won the election vs Hillary... realDonaldTrump stopthebias GaryTuchmanCNN Cartoon Network News !! realDonaldTrump Won the debate easily. VoteTrump2020ToSaveAmerica GaryTuchmanCNN I strongly suspect that hundreds of thousands of energy industry workers had their eyes opened tonight. Biden will destroy your livelihoods, and he finally admitted it.

GaryTuchmanCNN And how many of these undecided voters either used to work for the dnc or are paid up card holders of the dnc? GaryTuchmanCNN Biden won. GaryTuchmanCNN Hahahaha lol 😂 How many of you are Democrats 🤚 how many of you think we are fake News 🤚 GaryTuchmanCNN The SWAMP is going to spit out a rat and it’s going to be Joe.

GaryTuchmanCNN Anyone who knows whats on Hunter Bidens laptop will be voting for Trump. And the 10 million that'll lose their oil industry jobs will also vote Trump. GaryTuchmanCNN Trump didn’t say he doesn’t support the blue states. He said the rest of the country shouldn’t bail out mismanagement of finances

GaryTuchmanCNN How many people think DT won the debate? Literally hearing crickets. Classic! GaryTuchmanCNN I honestly don't want chump supporters to change their minds! Keep that same cult energy! No reconciliation for them! GaryTuchmanCNN Journalistic malpractice is in full effect! GaryTuchmanCNN CNN 'focus group'? Just how stupid do you think people are? Too much 'toobin' goin on down there.

GaryTuchmanCNN GaryTuchmanCNN Here’s what cnn viewers thought. undecided? Ok. Seen that bs before. GaryTuchmanCNN Biden won. He's so wonderful even Ben Shapiro agrees on this. The guy so sharp, witty, clever, tough yet gentle. My. He's a real angel. So nice, gentle man. Im crying. GaryTuchmanCNN This last kid has zero clue

GaryTuchmanCNN I don't believe there have been undecided voters for months.

CNN Poll: Biden wins final presidential debateJoe Biden did a better job in the final debate on Thursday according to a CNN Instant Poll of debate watchers. Overall, 53% of voters who watched the debate said that Biden won the matchup, while 39% said that President Donald Trump did. Jajajaja cnn’s fact checker should be fired. What a liar. More Fake News 🤣🤣🤣

CNN Politics PodcastsFrom deep dives to daily briefs, CNN’s politics podcasts have you covered. 🎧 Listen on ApplePodcasts ApplePodcasts ApplePodcasts 9 ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the Lord Almighty.” Haggai 2

CNN Polls: Biden holds double-digit lead in Pennsylvania, while Florida is tightFormer Vice President Joe Biden holds a lead in Pennsylvania and neither he nor President Donald Trump leads in the critical state of Florida, according to new CNN polls conducted by SSRS. I'm not taking the polls to heart. You never know until the end, although I'm praying that we pull out a win. Please vote, Trump needs to go. So tired of his bullshit. Let's go Joe! Sincerely hope Latino voters in FL vote for Biden. Don't forget truths from the past 4 years... Trump has been extremely clear on how he feels about Puerto Rico, Mexico and other South American people approaching our borders seeking a better life. Sure.

Trump rally billboard says 'superspreader event this way.' (Literally). - CNN VideoA farmer who voted for President Trump in 2016 is now leading a push for Joe Biden. His group put up billboards near Trump rallies calling them “super-spreader events.” He says the rallies are scaring residents worried over their health. Who cares? I thought Joe has already won? You don't need to work overtime anymore. Just chill and relax. 회개와_거룩함 주님의_길을_예비하라 메시아께서_오신다 (요 4:35) 너희는 넉 달이 지나야 추수할 때가 이르겠다 하지 아니하느냐 그러나 나는 너희에게 이르노니 너희 눈을 들어 밭을 보라 희어져 추수하게 되었도다 Your 401k’s will crash with Biden. Massive Biden Tax and Regulation increases will destroy all that you have built! Additionally, 180 Million People will lose their Private Healthcare Plans.

Yep, I’m Saying It Again: If You Vote For Trump, You’re a RacistAt the final presidential debate, Trump once again showed voters who he really is. A lot of voters must be voting third party since Biden is a racist too! *BOP BOP* AND ID DO IT AGAIN Welp

Final presidential debate highlights between Trump and BidenWatch highlights from the final 2020 presidential debate as President Trump and Joe Biden faced off on Covid-19, criminal justice, immigration, China and more. Biden won. 🔥 i choose someone that hasnt been endorsed by the kkk, poorboys, and the taliban. 🤣 Media is the loser for not covering the laptop emails! All credibility lost. The alternative is watching Trumps low lights....make that dim lights.