Vol 56 Issue 14, Bernie Sanders, Election 2020

Vol 56 Issue 14, Bernie Sanders

Undaunted Sanders Supporters Announce They’ll Continue Presidential Campaign Without Candidate

Undaunted Sanders Supporters Announce They’ll Continue Presidential Campaign Without Candidate

4/9/2020 12:47:00 AM

Undaunted Sanders Supporters Announce They’ll Continue Presidential Campaign Without Candidate

NEW YORK—Stressing that they would not allow a minor bump in the road to prevent them from delivering true change, the nation’s undaunted Bernie Sanders supporters announced Wednesday that they would continue his 2020 presidential campaign without the candidate. “Time and again, the mainstream media has predicted the end of this campaign, and they will again try to spin losing our only candidate as the clear conclusion of Bernie’s run for the presidency—but they could not be more wrong,” said Peter Symanski, a 27-year-old Sanders supporter who echoed the sentiment of thousands across the country while describing the Vermont senator’s decision to drop out of the race as “an insignificant setback” on the path to bringing a progressive vision to the Oval Office in 2020. “They said this race was over after South Carolina, they said it was over after Super Tuesday. But with or without our candidate, we will soldier ahead with our plan to bring true change in November. This race isn’t close to over.” At press time, the unwavering followers of Sanders went on to vow that if they did not find success this year, they would likely keep running the 2020 campaign until the end of the decade.

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A compulsive lying con man in the WH, and a sellout accepting a stuttering Dinosaur, resurrected by the Democratic Establishment, catapulted to rob him of the presidency. freezerohedge thehill maddow NatCounterPunch OilandEnergy Its supposed to be a joke, but we will keep fighting for Bernie's policies. What the DNC doesn't realize is that yes, Bernie led but, we continue without him. Now we lead the fight for MedicareForAll

Well if Biden’s people can do it Huscoon Isn’t The Onion meant to do parody news? Don't vote the one party system! Amazingly, it does seem like that and it does seem like the movement has matured and became an actual movement which pushes its own policies. And thats what democracy is. More evidence that satire is impossible in the Trump Era --

direct democracy time First virtual hologram presidential candidate controlled by the votes of its party. SallyAlbright I think Biden supporters are planning to do the same Why is this on the onion it’s true Not him. Us. It's a communal presidency now. We'll all take turns being the President for the full term

True dat. They're in it to the bitter end and beyond. Weekend at Bernie’s Campaign Office Again too real. In 2016 a big junk of Bernie supporters vote for trump. A+ Also know as the campaign to reelect Trump. 2thirdsLesbo No president, society has progressed past the need for a President We need them to beat Trump. Jo will listen to Bernie and alter his mind set.

This would be funnier if it wasn't true. This is what has to happen. We have to keep fighting for the same issues like medicare 4 all, fixing the student loan mess, etc. We have to elect officials from the ground up who will fight for those things. Is Clint Eastwood's empty chair doing much? you are not wrong

Hmmm Ok, you talked me into it. NiomiJA This is real news not the onion We must continue for everyone sake... we can get delegates in the remaining states... let’s fight for justice- Let’s fight for survival. NotMeUs BernieOnTheBallot Bernie2020 DemExit organizing for our organizer in chief katewillett NotHimButUs amirite!?

I'm not voting Biden or twittler! A giant douche or a turd sandwich. Thanks south park. Once again is more real than real news. BernieOnTheBallot RantsByDesign Steph, Are you not aware that The Onion is a satirical publication? BernieWon2016 100% expect Joe to die of a stroke, COVID19, or get swallowed up by the abyss before the election...SO...a logical conclusion.

BernieWon2016 Our society has eclipsed you Onion the news headlines are more satirical than your writers but thanks for spreading the word. We need to amass delegates! BernieOnTheBallot You can still vote for Bernie and prepare to GeneralStrike I mean...it's in his tagline🙋🏾‍♀️ 🔥🐦🔥notmeus✊🏽 Accidental anarchism

at this rate, I'll take it over another mismanaged pandemic This was meant as a humorous jab, but it’s what’s going to happen. Bernie2020 DemExitForever DemExit2020 wally_polischuk BernieBros may just do it... they're really that dumb. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American populous just when you think thats it they grt even more stupid HAHAHA

lmao!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍✊ hell yeah! Bernie suspends his campaign and the Onion starts reporting facts. Ragnarok, I tells you. You joke as if canvassing for The Void wouldn't whip ass Yes. We still have bernieontheballot and NotMeUs will continue to fight. It's not about Bernie Sanders in the end, it's our movement. We will never surrender. We will never stop fighting.

Can only hope this is as prophetic as most of your news JimmyWuffster The support for Bernie was and is a support for his policies. Progressives won't vote for a turd no matter who tells them to. That's right Yes Yep. We're going until November FUCK YEAH! You're God damn right. NotMeUs You right 🤷🏾‍♀️ I like how the onion is actually more accurate than CNN FOX and MSNBC combined

*not the onion Ummm, lack of satire is... Concerning? Are you ok Onion? Sounds right. Holy shit why the fuck are people actually doing this BeverageSugar Obligatory I thought the onion was parody Correct actually Good idea. We should have rallies without him. Kind of perfect Ok, but I'm literally hearing folks say this with no trace of irony

fqxjv Go ahead, you’ll find som1 who will make the dreams of many come true. Keep fighting DeepState! TwinklingTania Omg do true! RedwoodGirl This really is the best way to say it. The onion does it again. Is this where we are supposed to get the news now? Is everything else a parody? What is even real anymore...

Accurate. GreenParty BernieorVest Yellowvests MashpeeWampanoag I mean...that actually would be the healthiest way of dealing with this, but I've just been trolling Biden Bros and Bernie Betrayers. It do really be like that onion continuing its transition to actual news, i see That’s not even funny. Yep this is why I will be supporting the only leftist running for president on the ballot HowieHawkins

This, unironically How is that different from Joe's? birth_marxist Sad but true, hot ass mess Yall remember when the onion used to be Satire that didnt come true? Yes we will It might be the onion but there is truth to this, because this whole campaign was never just about Bernie. It was about our future, and what we’re fighting for. The idiots in the DNC don’t get it, and never will.

It’s true tho Absolutely. Thank you Onion for ACTUALLY printing the Truth! I will continue fighting until the end! I will never vote Biden! They should do. It's a movement that should be bigger than any one man. I hope it becomes a true vehicle for change at more than just a presidential campaign level.

If you’re VoteBlueNoMatterWho & agree with the progressive policies the American people overwhelmingly support. Practice what you preach! Mail-in a vote for the Sanders campaign for the collective benefit of the disenfranchised, our planet, & the majority of this nation’s youth. mayo4u Wow, didn’t realize we had so much authority lol 😂😂

that's right The remaining supporters will uncommunaly fight amongst themselves for the right to lead their party. Bernie 2.0 True zdroberts Alex what is populism This, but unironically Yep That podium has more integrity than Biden and trump combined. This but unironically hell yeah we will Sort of like the Biden campaign 🧐

this, unironically GaryandShannon That IS the point, you know NotMeUs This gave me chuckle... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW or what? choose between blue rapist and red rapist? Hahah I feel this so much Mood I thought you guys posted satire this is literally whats happening Yeah, good. Ok. 100% isn't that supposed to be satire

Like weekend at Bernie’s BigTucsonDad near, far, wherever they are, the BernieBros will go ooooooonnn YES LET’S DO IT✊🏻 Give the people what they want Good idea actually Hell yeah Bernie was a figurehead. We don't need a candidate. We need to abolish the office of president anyway. 👍👍👍 Not him. Us. great idea

If Biden can, so can Bernie. The goals haven’t changed. NotMeUs Too real. Love Bernie but have to VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare - no other choice! Damn straight we will. That’s the definition of undaunted Shit fuck around and I just might Yes. Spot the Bopape Has anyone ever met a Bernie supporter? Usually a screw lose.

ourrev2020 Can we, can we?!? Too funny. a politician that doesn't lie because hes never there! but... yes? Oh God I seriously thought this was real. BernieSanders shut this down! VoteBlueNoMatterWho AlytaDeLeon Yup. I mean. We will never stop fighting for justice, equality, freedom, and life on Planet Earth.

Don't give them ideas. I don't see any difference really 😔 This is actually a real headline From social media posts I've seen today, this appears to be more factual than satirical... They're dumb enough to do it Virtual Bernie via holography and astral projection. Yes we can, virtually! Fr. That has literally been the whole point of NotMeUs

PopulismUpdates Since 'reality' is so absurd, you all are publishing facts now? They should. Put Nina in his place and take the gloves off Why is it on Onion news! This is a real news!! You guys are supposed to be doing satire AlytaDeLeon I thought The Onion did satire 🤔 help collaborate with other media outlets like TYTPolitics and HumanistReport to help organize a general strike and give power back to the people

that empty podium with a Bernie sign would beat biden AND trump. madeinTyjuan CharDMacDennis2 I love the onion. 💩🔥 ( back by popular demand ) Sounds like it. Funny seeing them all miss the mark Undaunted Trump supporters carry on without their brains

Larry David bashes Trump's coronavirus response, calls for Bernie Sanders to drop out of 2020 raceIn a recent interview, Larry David bashed Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus and called for 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race. Fox411 Both Democratic candidates should drop out... Fox411 Fox411 He think he can do it better? 😂😂😂

Bernie Sanders drops out of 2020 Democratic primary raceSanders was running on momentum after securing wins in several of the early voting states. Then the dynamics of the race changed drastically. Thank you SenSanders for all you have done. We love you! Exit strategy complete. gosh wednesday

Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 race, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nominationSen. Bernie Sanders ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, clearing Joe Biden's path to the Democratic nomination and a showdown with President Donald Trump in November. Lol this guy. KAG. Locked up So he finally learned math? Orange Corona Pandemic

Bernie Sanders Is Suspending His 2020 Presidential CampaignVermont Senator Bernie Sanders is reportedly suspending his bid for the Democratic nomination. FINALLY.

Watch Bernie Sanders announce he's dropping out of 2020 presidential electionWithout Senator Bernie Sanders , the 2020 presidential election will be a race between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. 😳 BREAKING PUPPET Sen. Bernie Sanders suspends presidential campaign, never wanted to be a president! (A Democratic Party Strategy) Just a Playbill ! Leaving Sleepy Joe Biden as Democratic party's presumptive nominee! Trump just won another 4 years.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Ends 2020 Presidential Campaign, Trump Weighs In Bernie Sanders has suspended his presidential campaign. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Finally some good news in the midst of this craziness