#Unbelievable: Trump questions the use of masks...again

In today's #Unbelievable segment, Katy Tur explores why the president continues to question the use of masks, when the science clearly shows that they save lives.

9/18/2020 12:03:00 PM

“Is the president of the United States really questioning the efficacy of masks again?,” KatyTurNBC asks. 'There really isn’t any debate here, not among anyone who is serious about protecting themselves, or their loved ones, the community or the country.”

In today's #Unbelievable segment, Katy Tur explores why the president continues to question the use of masks, when the science clearly shows that they save lives.

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The high-stakes confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, continue Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

KatyTurNBC He insults the intelligence of the American people which includes his 'base'. KatyTurNBC Height of stubbornness! If not stupidity. What have Americans done to deserve Trump? trumpharmsusall KatyTurNBC Because he is an ignoramus. KatyTurNBC Wearing a mask is a sign of submission KatyTurNBC The POTUS has good reason to question the validity of mask mandates vs science, because science does not provide anything close to clear evidence anything but medical grade masks worn properly effective in preventing the spread from covid positive individuals to others.

KatyTurNBC He's literally saying his CDC director perjured himself in front of Congress. Misunderstanding of the questions? The guy is stoned. SniffyMcAdderall KatyTurNBC His campaign plans on exposing as many 'disgusting people' as possible. When Typhoid Don holds nightly indoor rally's without face mask before Election Day! Trumps 'plague' shot 200,000 people on 5th Ave. and won't lose a single MAGATS vote!

KatyTurNBC 🧐 KatyTurNBC The phrase that resumes the SOB' THANK GOD FOR COVID ILL NOT HAVE TO SHAKE HANDS WITH THESE DISGUSTING PEOPLE' ( His suporters) 😳🙄😂😅😂😅😂 KatyTurNBC Next time Trump needs an operation, let the surgeon FORGET THE MASK!! KatyTurNBC KatyTurNBC What do you mean again Democrats and media haven't stopped for 7 months.

KatyTurNBC Share far and wide. trump prevented the postal service from making sure that every household was sent masks for protection against the pandemic. KatyTurNBC Why are people still surprised that he is on the same subject? He is unable to assimilate any new information, fact🤔😳🙁 KatyTurNBC Actually KatyTurNBC, that’s just not true. The debate is ongoing, but I remain most concerned that the leftward leaning media continues to treat science unscientifically. Your constant use of “the science” as it being absolute is irresponsible , arrogant and harmful.

KatyTurNBC KatyTurNBC KatyTurNBC As someone who claims to be a devout Christian, how can Trump encourage his supporters to come to packed rallies, not wear masks, knowing that Coronavirus is extremely deadly & spreads through the air. Knowing that if they get infected, they can then pass it to their family?

KatyTurNBC Show me scientists saying it is perfectly for fine for people to be touching the inside and outside of their masks and then touching plates, until then take your responsibility to the American people seriously and stop with this misinformation. KatyTurNBC T-H-E M-A-N I-S A-N I-D-I-O-T. Spelling out in case children are nearby :-) He does not care about anyone but him. We have figures from Sturgis 'superspread.' Next up, Trump rallies.

KatyTurNBC His cult will listen to his lies and die for him, a two-bit con artist, sad. KatyTurNBC Trump doesn't give a damn about the 200,000 Americans that died or the 1,000,000 that are infected. Trump MUST give something positive to say to his supporters to get their already votes. KatyTurNBC He can’t leave his DNA on masks.

KatyTurNBC Not all masks are the same and most people aren't even wearing them properly. He has a point.

Election live updates: Trump contradicts CDC director on vaccine; Biden says Americans shouldn’t trust TrumpThe Democratic presidential nominee addressed the pandemic on Tuesday. The Republican incumbent will host a call with Jewish leaders before attending a fundraiser. Are screwing up Sars so badly, that the Pandemic was over before a Vaccine was even out. This idiot is focusing on distribution. Joe Biden does not even know what state he is in, he is the last person to give advise.

Mary Trump: ‘Nobody tells as many lies on purpose’ as President Trump“What he lies about is dangerous,” Mary Trump says of Pres. Trump. “I really do hope that the debates do not become yet another forum for Donald to tell his lies and spin facts to favor him.” Trump will, as usual, come to the debates unprepared and try to wing his endless idiotic spin. It's old and worn out and won't convince any undecided voters. His 'decided' lemming voters wont be swayed by anything negative about him. They are a lost cause I just hope Donna Brasille doesn't slip Biden the questions beforehand. :) He's going to lie 'bigly' and his base will lap it up like dogs drinking antifreeze. He repeats his lies over and over until the truth is hardly discernable and everything is in confused chaos. It's pretty hard to watch. All I can do is vote for Biden.

Trump contradicts CDC on vaccine delivery date and face masksThe US president expressed renewed confidence Wednesday that a viable Covid-19 vaccine would be ready by October, directly contradicting a top administration health expert and facing fierce criticism from his Democratic election rival Joe Biden.

Trump rebukes CDC chief for his cautions on a coronavirus vaccine and masksConcerns over a vaccine for COVID-19 dominated the 2020 race Wednesday, as Biden criticized Trump for politicizing science and Trump undermined his own advisors. ICYMI … TrumPutin2020 🇷🇺 L💩 Times Well, of course. I think Redfield is a small man, a poor leader, and a bad Scientist. I have little respect for the man. But he showed some GUTS today. And he had to know he would get attacked for it. I applaud anyone who speaks the Truth in Trump's world of Lies.

At town hall, Trump denies downplaying the coronavirus and casts doubt on masksPresident Trump is denying he played down the threat of the coronavirus earlier this year, although there is an audio recording of him stating he did just that. 😭😭😭😭 Masks have become a religious head covering for the left. what if there was no Andrew Cuomo...

Trump contradicts his CDC director over masks, vaccine timelinePresident Trump today twice contradicted his own CDC director — on mask-wearing and vaccine distribution — saying Robert Redfield misspoke when he was testifying under oath before a congressional committee earlier in the day Full Redfield hearing transcript here: Trump is flat out wrong Time to turn up the🐂💩! Must be hell having to work for a president who knows nothing about anything and who thinks he knows everything , but knows nothing.