'Un-American' Trump Ripped For Coronavirus Blue State Death Toll Boast

The president said the U.S. coronavirus death rate would be better 'if you take the blue states out.'

9/18/2020 11:00:00 AM

The president said the U.S. coronavirus death rate would be better 'if you take the blue states out.'

The president said the U.S. coronavirus death rate would be better 'if you take the blue states out.'

“The blue states had tremendous death rates,”Trump said. “If you take the blue states out, we’re at a level that I don’t think anybody in the world would be at, we’re really at a very low level.”Trump’s boast wasn’t even factually accurate; as many critics pointed out on social media, the United States would still have one of the world’s worst tolls from the virus even without deaths from “blue” states.

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According todata collected by The New York Times, 3 of the top 6 states in terms of deaths have Republican governors and 5 of the top 10 voted for Trump in 2016. Read more: HuffPost »

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Biden says he’ll 'transition' energy industry. Trump and surrogates say he’ll kill U.S. jobs.

More red states than blue states had problems. Death rate would have been low if he acted when he should have instead of declaring it a hoax and downplaying it to his cult There is no bluebird res state when you are a president! Presidency 101 trump... You are a president for the entire country not just for red or blue state! U r pathetic

Well yeah. Trump acts like he’s been a Republican all of his ignorant life. He has switched parties 3 times in case you didn’t know And the federal deficit would be better if we didn't count the RED states. notmypresidnet Facts Hahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha You can only imagine what he would do, if he had an abnormal child - disown it completely.

Now I guess Florida, Alabama, Georgia,& Texas to name a few have the virus totally under control. Somebody saves us from this idiot and his followers. You can just imagine what he would do, if he had an abnormal child - disown it completely. he hates everyone who didnt vote for him. The WH would be better if we took Trump out too

It will b much better when we take you out this November 2. Bye Bye to your BS. A GLARING EXAMPLE of H.P Propaganda Machine USING the 'HEADLINE READERS' ONLY READ THE HEADLINE and THATS H.P's AGENDA. The STATEMENT IS TRUE The PEACEFUL (HAHA) Protest and GROSS INCOMENTENCE of the BLUE Cities/States LOCAL Gov. CONTRIBUTED to 'BIGGER NUMBERS' That's a FACT.

What an Un-American thing to say. But then he´s the only one Trump cares about What kind of an idiot says shit like this - is trump only president of red states? Just shows he cannot look at this in any other than a political way. Everyone is upset because he pointed out how terrible the blue states did 😂

Florida and Texas are at the top of the COVID list. Have they gone Blue? If so, GOOD FOR THEM! He’s counting on a civil war to keep him in office. The truth hurts..... As it turns out, the Republican states are worse, but then, you have to have some knowledge that is beyond your ability, it's called math.

WhiteHouse PressSec GOP The US death rate would be better you’d taken realDonaldTrump out(of the Oval Office). So it's un-American to call out blue states but not red. Seems like only a couple months ago it was only the red states being trashed while the death toll in blue states was many times worse. The liberal.mind us strange. Must be the reason liberals need censors.

Always someone else responsibility What lies this administration spews and suppression of opposing views 😡 He's right. He said crap like this in 2016 and everyone figured it would sink his chances but look what happened. Let's not make that mistake again. Let’s take the blue states out and many of the red states that mooch off the govt will starve. Blue states contribute more to the treasury and take less from it than red states.

I guess the blue states aren’t Americans and there are no dead republicans due to COVID? Are people actually this stupid? Hes right.. Cuomo, de Blasio and Pelosi inviting people to go out and have fun, Cuomo killing grandma, them calling Trump a xenophobe and 'scare tactics ' when closing things early. What's the matter huffpuff, are you allergic to truth?

Imagine what it would be if we actually had a competent president in the WH! “Ripped” that’s funny. He needs to rest fb! He’s right. They all inflated their numbers SIGNIFICANTLY and up-played the threat to lock citizens and businesses down while wrecking the economy in order to rip Trump and win elections in November. The AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOWS!

Wow 😳 I can only imagine If Obama said this about H1N1 and Ebola. The GOP would be calling for him to be impeached and removed from Office. White Privilege is something else. There is NO BLUE AND RED STATES THERE IS UNITES STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!! What about RINO states? That should help the count even more! And wait - how about blue cities and counties in Red states? You'd be down to only 90K dead or so. Very stable asshole.

The country will be better when he will be out! What kind of president is he? 🙄 Why don’t he just govern the red states then we would be way better off he’s already driven the country into a ditch We the people say: Uninformed as always-:)) Can you imagine George W. Bush saying that because the World Trade Center was in a “blue state,” 9/11 wasn’t really a big deal? At 1000 dead per day from COVID-19, that’s a 9/11 every three days.

Yea , we know what he meant , you deserve what ever he dished tRump is just wrong again his numbers of deaths in Republicans states and states that voted for him are the highest in the country.A simple fact check proves him wrong every time he opens his mouth! He’s a fool per usual Hey he’s just looking for free media attention

Someone want to tell 🤡he is the president of all the states The president of the UNITED States of America doesn’t want to record the number of deaths in the blue states. Did anyone take the time to read him his job description? This is what happens when idiots who happen to be privileged get a job they’re CLEARLY not qualified for

😂😂😂😂😂😂👎👎👎 If you want to know what Trump will do if re-elected, there it is. The country will be better if we take him out of the picture Is it safe to say that this peice of shit has got to go? ... & if the blue states decided to seperate & form their own nation, the red states would quickly find themselves without sufficient federal funding to keep their economies afloat, & would become third world countries shortly after. Maybe you should keep the blue states IN.🖕

Vote this mf out!!! Vote him out!!!!! The corona virus death rate would be even better Donald if nobody caught it.DUH! Maybe he was referring to the nursing home deaths where governors forced COVID people to be moved to the homes The USA would be if he was. If the Blue State Governors had followed science and read the data instead of playing games, having a vendetta against common sense, it would have been better. Left wing terrorists, dictator Govenors are responsible for their states. This is a Republic. Google it slapdick

Truth hurts I always felt that the drive from NYC to Providence would be so much better if you took Connecticut out. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than speak and remove all doubt. dumbfuck GOPCorruptionOverCountry MAGAMorons As if this is even a consideration. He the US president not the republican president.

The US would have been better of with a real president Yeah.. and our country would be better if we take the president out of the White House and send him to jail where he belongs. it's called 'coronavirus performance'. trump tells blue states (including his supporters in those states) 'you're fired!!!'

Oh now I get it ! It's a political disease..... Thought it was the United States of America and not their states and our states. The United States would be better without white supremacists like him. So there's that. I can hear him on election day. 'If we take out the blue states we won this thing in a landslide like no one has ever seen before ...'

Covid death rate would also be better if you took out minorities and poor folks and...oh wait. I see what you did there. It would also be better if we didn’t count the red states. But this is America and all states belong to this great nation. It will be much greater when trump is out and takes his corrupt family with him.

All states would be better if you were taken out of office. Yeah and - the self didnt rebel if you take away the north - Only people only died in blue states on 9/11 (Cheers Saudi Arabia) - There are no forest fires in Alaska, only blue states. What an idiot Trump Lied and Americans Died. Ah yes, if you remove the states where all the people live, the number of deaths would be lower. The death rate would be pretty similar though. And would still be higher than nearly every other nation.

tRump blames others for their responses but HE was the one lying and feeding them misinformation What an a$$ Lol Huh? Only for the next... 3 months or so. Also remember that blue states got hit first when there was very little information on how to prevent this disease from spreading. Trump would weigh 175 lbs if you didn't count the 100 lbs of fat.

Trump seems to forget two of his biggest sycophants are from one of the bluest of states, California. We’ll vote them out one of these days. Probably after Trump gets voted out November 3rd . Maybe they should stop paying Federal Taxes ! Since the Blue States do Not have a President. BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica 💙

So I guess this mean 9/11 doesn't count He would go on to add, “Also, 9/11 wouldn’t have been responsible for so many deaths had those towers only been ten-stories tall.” He's not wrong. If Coumo and Whitmer hadn't forced nursiing homes to take covid patients, the deatht toll would probably be cut by 1/3.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a traitor. Man I hate trump but he was talking about how mismanaged (See NYC) the virus was in the Blue controlled states and cities. It is still not cool to say but at least explain the context, you have enough characters left. 👍👍Good luck Nov.4th What a disgrace. America would be much batter when not if will take TRUMP out, forever.

It would be better if they didn’t listen to Trump! It’ll be fine once he’s taken out This would be a much better country if you take the red states out. Why hasn’t this imbecile been removed from office?

'Un-American' Trump Ripped For Coronavirus Blue State Death Toll BoastThe president said the U.S. coronavirus death rate would be better 'if you take the blue states out.' Why does he have to keep proving how much of an asshole he is? What is WRONG with him?

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