Um, What if Jughead's Sister Is the Mysterious 'Riverdale' Auteur?

Um, What if Jughead's Sister Is the Mysterious 'Riverdale' Auteur?

1/21/2021 11:11:00 PM

Um, What if Jughead's Sister Is the Mysterious 'Riverdale' Auteur?

Every theory we have so far about the mysterious identity of the auteur on Riverdale season 5, starting with Jughead's sister Jellybean Jones.

At the start of season 5, westill don't know the identity of the auteur—formerly referred to as the voyeur—who keeps leaving spooky videotapes all over town and recreating murder-y moments fromRiverdale. We're here to investigate all the various theories about the identity of this mysterious person.

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Up first: Jellybean JonesCall me crazy, but after the premiere, my new theory is that Jellybean Jones is the auteur onRiverdale. Jughead's seemingly innocent little sister is suddenly suspect. Think about it. Jughead and Betty deduced that the auteur would be in attendance at the Blue Velvet video store's underground screening party. The only person there that they recognized just happened to be Jellybean. (Sidebar: did that spooky rave look weirdly fun to anyone else, or do I just really miss going to movies and parties?)

This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.As Jughead's sister, she's privy to information about her brother and Betty's life and

probablycould have snooped and stolen that short story Jughead was working on about killing Principal Honey. Plus, she's often the person who"finds" the videotapes and delivers them to our gang—and I think the wayRiverdalewent out of the way to show Jughead and Betty shooing Jellybean out of the room when they were watching"NC17 stuff" was a bit of foreshadowing/a clue.

Some other factors to considerUnlike previous mysteries (a.k.a. serial killers) onRiverdale, there aren't high stakes with this one. We don't really know what the point of these videotapes and reenactments is, or what the person making them wants. The voyeur/auteur technically hasn't actually hurt anyone.

They haven't left any kind of warning or manifesto. So... maybe it is a kid.The CWIt wouldn't be the first time that a main character's family member onRiverdalehas kept a dark secret. Far from it, actually, and maybe Jughead is due to discover some skeletons in his closet. (Charles doesn't count. We don't like to think about how Charles is Betty's boyfriend's brother, too.)

Jellybean doesn't have a clear motive, but she was upset about Jughead leaving home for Stonewall Prep, and the tapes started showing up shortly thereafter.We also know that she has a macabre sense of humor. Remember how she pranked Betty by pretending to be dead on Halloween? Maybe these tapes are a kind of sick prank too, orchestrated by Jellybean and her friends to freak everyone out.

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This isRiverdale, after all. The Gargoyle King turned out to be like four different people. Chad Michael Murray played a cult leader who flew off in a rocket. They could make up literally any reason, no matter how ridiculous, and we'd just have to go with it.

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