Ukraine receives $1.5 billion in new financial aid, prime minister says

9/17/2022 3:00:00 PM

Ukraine receives $1.5 billion in new financial aid, prime minister says

Ukraine receives $1.5 billion in new financial aid, prime minister says

Ukraine's Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal thanked the United States on Saturday for its support after Ukraine received a further $1.5 billion in international financial assistance.

"The state budget of Ukraine received a grant of $1.the country’s nuclear arms on high alert, apparently sending a message toward the West that Russia might activate nuclear weapons if necessary.refrained from offering full-throated support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India told President Vladimir V.Article Share Challenged bluntly and publicly by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Russia would strive to stop the conflict “as soon as possible.

5 billion.This is the last tranche of $4.Many Russians believe that she will combine her populist moves with “harmful steps”, including sanctions against Moscow and arms supplies to Kiev, according to Gasanov.5 billion aid from the United States from @WorldBank Trust Fund," Shmyhal tweeted.Modi said the world was grappling with major challenges, including food and energy crises that were hitting developing countries especially hard.He said the funds would be used to reimburse budget expenditure for pension payments and social assistance programmes.Simons also believes that Russia-UK ties will further deteriorate under Truss, who “is the worst possible candidate” for the top political post in London.Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.Xi, however, did not voice his questions or concerns publicly.

com Register Reporting by Pavel Polityuk, Editing by Louise Heavens Our Standards:.He also develops a general criticism toward Western democracies claiming that “every successive leader is somehow worse than the last.Modi made his comments, Mr.

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Into private overseas accounts Endless War is money. Billions of tax payer dollars laundered in Ukraine Give aids to Palestine 🧐 It is an easy job , print the money and send it .. With all respect, any funds to any country should be given bit by bit to avoid corruption and the world economy and the people should be informed for what it will be used. I also want to see the petrol price going down to what it was - guess what, won't happen ...

War is such a profitable business for elites.

How Russia sees the new UK Prime Minister Liz TrussThe Conservative leader has been known for her anti-Russian credentials and the Kremlin has made its displeasure known after she rose to the UK's top political post. RUS want to judge how does British PM trussliz deal counterproductive demand? SkyNewsBiz Funny Question what do you think

India’s Leader Tells Putin That Today Is No Time for WarUnderlining Russia’s increasing international isolation a day after China’s leader refrained from offering full-throated support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Modi of India told President Putin on Friday that it is no time for war. Modi is weak India must start Special Military Operation in puny Britain to retrieve Kohinoor Diamond 💪 When is time for war for Putin?

Modi rebukes Putin over war in UkrainePutin said that Russia would strive to stop the war in Ukraine “as soon as possible” but then blamed Ukraine for refusing to negotiate, though Putin ordered the invasion and his troops are still occupying a large swatch of Ukrainian territory. With no provocation Putin invaded Ukraine but he wants them to negotiate with him to stop his terrorism and murder. That's like a criminal breaking into a home, terrorizing it's residents & destroying their property then demanding negotiation before they will leave. Insane. Translation: I underestimated them. I thought they'll take my punches lying down. Boy was I wrong. Putin was replying to this 👇

As India Joins China in Distancing From Russia, Putin Warns of EscalationUnderlining Russia’s widening isolation on the world stage, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India told President Vladimir Putin that it is no time for war — even as the Russian president threatened to escalate the brutality of his campaign in Ukraine. US state affiliated media NEW YORK TIMES AMERICAN PROPAGANDA

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