Uk, Us And Canada Allege Russian Cyberattacks On Covid-19 Research Centers - Cnnpolitics

Uk, Us And Canada Allege Russian Cyberattacks On Covid-19 Research Centers - Cnnpolitics

UK, US and Canada allege Russian cyberattacks on Covid-19 research centers

Russian cyber attackers are targeting organizations involved in developing coronavirus vaccines, the US, UK and Canadian governments allege

7/16/2020 4:09:00 PM

Russian cyber attackers are targeting organizations involved in developing coronavirus vaccines, the US, UK and Canadian governments allege

Russian cyber actors are targeting organizations involved in coronavirus vaccine development, according to a new warning by US, UK and Canadian security officials on Thursday that details activity by a Russian hacking group called APT29, which also goes by the name 'the Dukes' or 'Cozy Bear.'

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Why should that even be necessary? Why in the WORLD would COVID research not be actively shared with any country whose researchers want to compare notes, contribute knowledge, and work towards a faster vaccine? (Oh -- because someone's going to make a buck off of it. RIght.) Russia Russia is back to its devious tricks, especially in US since Trump has made America weak and vulnerable, condoning even murder of US troops by Taliban in Afghanistan, enjoying Russia Bounty Wishing health to whole world

To quote a president who didn’t believe Russia was a threat. “The 1980’s called, they want their forgien policy back”. You all jumped on that band wagon.... 4 years later Russia Russia Russia, 4 years after that Russia Russia Russia dakruk Russian cyber attackers and Putin's strings on Trump can't be good.

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No surprise. Trump is worried about the election so he’s focused on lying to us about Covid19 cases and deaths, all while playing golf and peddling beans. He’s got to go! November 3rd can’t come soon enough for me. Vote Biden! I am sure that Trump will swiftly condemn Putin for this. PatsLadi99 Parscale is probably helping them. AndrewYang Why can't American cybersecurity experts throw a wrench in that enterprise.

Hear about this before during - THE COLD WAR ERA. Today its just version 2.0 Fckn russia n china Unfortunately for Russia performance enhancing drugs don’t work on Covid Does Trump know this? The scapegoats for the US government's incompetence are as follows: Russia, China, Iran,and their allies 😂😂😂😂😂

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Huawei security chief: UK ban is not related to US claims of security risksHuawei's security chief says he believes the UK's decision to ban equipment made by the Chinese tech giant from its telecom networks wasn't related to claims by US officials that Huawei is linked to the Chinese government Cough cough BULLSHIT No kidding. MI6 probably already found the info backdoor to Beijing. Huawei_Europe

UK government bans telecoms from buying Huawei 5G equipmentBad news for the Chinese Telecoms ain't gonna pick up the tab for extra costs. Consumers will UK - Americas Puppet

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