UK to increase Hong Kong visa rights if China pushes security law

Six-month limit for UK visits to be revoked, work and study will be allowed and a pathway to citizenship will be added, British foreign secretary says

5/29/2020 6:20:00 AM

Hong Kongers with BN(O) passports will be able to obtain British citizenship if China enforces the national security laws in the city, the British government announced on Thursday, marking a dramatic shift to London’s long-held policy

Six-month limit for UK visits to be revoked, work and study will be allowed and a pathway to citizenship will be added, British foreign secretary says

on on May 28, 2020.Hong Kongers with BN(O) passports will be able to obtain British citizenship if China enforces the national security laws in the city, the British government announced on Thursday, marking a dramatic shift to London’s long-held policy.

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AdvertisementForeign Secretary Dominic Raab and Home Secretary Priti Patel made the move on the day China’s top legislature, the National People’s Congress, announced the decision to impose national security legislation on the former British colony.British National (Overseas) passports were issued to Hong Kongers born before the 1997 handover, and under current rules, passport holders can visit the UK for up for six months but cannot work or apply for citizenship. As of December, 300,000 Hong Kongers held a BN(O) passport.

Raab said Britain was now ready to change this rule.“If China continues down this path and implements this national security legislation we will change that status, and we will remove that six-month limit and allow those BN(O) passport holders to come to the UK and to apply to work and study for extendable periods of 12 months, and that would itself provide a pathway to future citizenship,” Raab told reporters.

“In the meantime we urge China to step back from the brink and live up to its responsibilities as a leading member of the international community,” he added.Raab’s plan was echoed by Patel, who was understood to have been more supportive in the past of BN(O)-holding Hong Kongers than Raab.

Johnny Patterson, director of the London-based Hong Kong Watch group, said the British government should be prepared to take more action for Hong Kongers. Read more: POLITICO »

Thank him for suggesting to help the youths without BNOs too Personally,HongKongers are not mainly asking to live in UK but hope UK could further do more for HongKong Hope you could StandWithHongKong to end tyranny Not just BN(O) passport holders - all Hong Kongers with BN(O) status. That's about 2.9 million, nearly 40% of the population. That's a new Chinese takeaway for every 20 people in the UK. Excellent!🍜

sam99061414 The vast majority of those HK Protesters are under the age of 25. In other words, they don't have BNO. The current offer can't help these young protesters. Please help them to settle in the UK. Hopefully, it will be the last resort for Hong Kong citizens. Safeguarding our homeland and democracy still comes first. StandWithHongKong

terresgogo Great, but what about all the rest? Anyone who was a Hongkonger on July 1, 1997, and their children, should be welcomed by the free countries if they want to flee. Some might need vetting, but as a whole the world should make room for them. The CCP have destroyed China Hope the youngsters could enjoy it too; especially those born after 1997.

Thank you UK for standing with hkers! 💛 Thank you for welcoming HKers. We plea for suspension of the operation of the breached treaty Sino-British Joint Declaration. YouCantStopUs Thank you for standing with HongKong 🇭🇰 Just the extension of BNO holders to 12 months in UK might not be enough . We are looking forward to stronger actions . Hope the world can stand up together to protect HongKongers and to sanction CCP and the HK gov't officials .

This is indeed a great suggestion. Actually, many HKers are determined to stay in our home and fight for democracy. We don't want to leave this city. Sanctioning China would be the best way to StandWithHongKong. Thanks so much. Its such a great news to the Hk teens😢!! StandwithHK Btw點解d comment咁多5毛🤣

wish UK has enough money for that 这就对了,把这些蟑螂带走 trouseredapes That's a relief. I hope Commonwealth all lend a hand to relieve the suffering AlboMP SenatorWong London is to take in 300,000 HK refugees? They are not ready. It'll be welcomed by HongKongers and mainlanders, UK Gov does it right now. escape from saigon

That's bullshit. Not to all HKers. Only to those born before 1997. You only want the rich HKers to contribute to your fcuked brexit economy. Don't think you will give BN(O) to all HK protesters.

UK considers opening citizenship 'path' for 300k Hong Kong residentsThe UK govt. is mulling giving greater visiting rights to certain Hong Kong residents, unless the Chinese government suspends a controversial proposed national security law. This could make it easier for those residents to one day apply for UK citizenship. ㅤ THE EMPIRE SHALL RISE AGAIN!!!!!

Pompeo declares Hong Kong no longer autonomous from ChinaThe declaration from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sets the stage for potential sanctions and higher trade tariffs on goods exported to the United States. Anyone believing this incompetent gang will make anything else but a mess of this as well?

Breakingviews - Hong Kong gets thrown under “make China pay” bus(Reuters Breakingviews) - The United States has found a new way to make China pay for Covid-19: by targeting Hong Kong. Who do you get to write for you Reuters? CCP propagandist? HK's fight has been on for a year with numerous violence on students as young as 10. Sec Pompeo is acting on the threat of 香港国安法that basically give the CCP over HK's judiciary. This has nothing to do with covid. So many CCP higher up's children and families enjoy American freedom and education in United States while they keep pushing more totalitarian stuff at home. Make them taste their own medicine ? makeChinapay boycottchina xijinpingvirus nomoreshitfromchina

Top campaign advisor says Biden would sanction China over Hong KongJoe Biden would sanction China if president for its plan to impose new national security rules on Hong Kong, his campaign said on Wednesday, and accused President Donald Trump of having 'enabled' Beijing's curbs on freedoms in the former British colony. No, he wouldn't. Doubt it All the lies these politicians say. Is it for saving the people ? No it's just to make themselves rich

U.S. weighs options 'across the spectrum' to punish China over Hong KongThe Trump administration is crafting a range of options to punish China over its tightening grip on Hong Kong, including targeted sanctions, new tariffs and further restrictions on Chinese companies, according to U.S. officials and people familiar with the discussions. Gold anyone? If we keep hammering China they will reneg on the Phase I trade deal. Our pork farmers are already hurting. That would be their death knell. China look real worried! realDonaldTrump 's America is toothless, just huff and puff!😢🇺🇸 What America needs is JoeBiden, a man who COMMANDS respect! 🇺🇸

China Approves Plan to Rein in Hong Kong, Defying Worldwide OutcryBreaking News: China officially expanded its power to quash unrest in Hong Kong, pointing to a possible crackdown. A new law is expected to take effect by September. Which part of USA has no national security law? Those are not protestors, those are rioters and getting more and more like terrorists. The riot lasts almost a year, with support from outside forces and money. Hk police should shoot real bullets like American police did.🇺🇸 globaltimesnews