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UK's Labour vows to bring down Johnson and lead temporary government

UK's Labour vows to bring down Johnson and lead temporary government


UK's Labour vows to bring down Johnson and lead temporary government

Britain's opposition Labour Party has vowed to call a vote of no-confidence...

FILE PHOTO: Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at the House of Commons in London, Britain May 22, 2019. ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/Handout via REUTERS

He said Labour would campaign in the election to hold a second referendum on the Brexit terms, including an option as to whether the country should remain in the bloc three years after it voted to leave.

Lawmakers return from their summer break on Sept. 3, reconvening for a battle over Brexit that will determine the fortunes of the world’s fifth-largest economy.

Opponents of a no-deal exit say it would be a disaster for what was one of the West’s most stable democracies, shattering supply chains, damaging global growth, and weakening Britain’s standing in the world.

He said he hoped his proposals could “halt the serious threat of No Deal, end the uncertainty and disarray, and allow the public to decide the best way ahead for our country”.

Jo Swinson, the new leader of the pro-EU Liberal Democrat party which has 13 Lawmakers in the 650-seat parliament, described the proposal as “nonsense”.

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From a man who proposed an Venezuela style government ... Corbyn couldn’t lead a temporary lemonade stall. If there is to be a unity government, it needs a candidate who has broad appeal, not one who most of his MPs don’t even like. parliament of cuckolds won’t bow down to the absolute lad jezza, what a shame

Just leave ffs Nahhhh labor, SNP, Greens, rebel CON rally around Swinson or another Labor MP! Theres not nearly enough support for Corbyn Wouldn't be hard. Force a new stock market. Pro grow not pro secret for elite white Male few With blue blood in their veins but only if absolute necessity and that before a board of directors.

me pongo re duro y le doy a la colorada They will as well First they should bring down Corbyn.

Labour vows to bring down Johnson and delay BrexitThe Labour Party has urged rebel MPs in the ruling Conservatives to help block a... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 & see themselves out of office permanently. This level of betrayal of their heartlands will see them never again enter govt & spin out of control in rterminal decline... The US Congress has just stated if there's a hard border in Ireland they'll block any trade deal with America

UK court blocks bid to prosecute PM Johnson over Brexit bus claimA campaigner who wanted to prosecute British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for al... Is there really someone that stupid that thinks they can make money off a people’s vote? 'Laughed out of court' would be rather more accurate than 'blocked'. Laughed out because he could of actually used a bigger figure than £350 million!

UK PM Johnson says most important trade deal is with the EUBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that the most important fre... Boris K.G.B. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Yeah THE ONE WE ALREADY HAVE! Morons 🤦🏽‍♂️ If only we had some sort of pre-existing mechanism for frictionless trade...

Labour plans a shake-up of English university admissionsUnder Labour 's plan, pupils would apply after getting their A-level results, instead of relying on predicted grades AngelaRayner How would that impact? Universities need to plan... course delivery, budgets dependant on applicant interest/income, room booking logistics dependent on class size... would require a push back from a September start I suspect AngelaRayner Well, universities will always try to attract the brightest. It's what they are about. Unconditional offers are fair enough. ucu Could address, high attrition rates and students starting on the wrong courses

UK inflation unexpectedly overshoots BoE target in JulyBritain's inflation rate unexpectedly overshot the Bank of England's 2... Food prices increased? Less crops, less offer, high demand = higher food prices. supermarkets have hiked some prices by more than 50%

Iran, U.K. Inch Closer to Tanker Crisis ResolutionIran and the U.K. are making progress toward the release of an Iranian tanker impounded in Gibraltar, a move that could prompt Tehran to free a British-flagged vessel it subsequently seized. British should do that long time ago, but no, they had to make a crisis for no reason at all Uk should just rain down Tit for tat its a fair game. Kwani hawa British walifikiri wako na makende peke yao,bloody fools ukoloni umekwisha...

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