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The United Kingdom, Bp

UK's driver shortage caused shutdowns of oil stations

The UK’s oil giant BP is temporarily shutting down some of its petrol stations amid the shortage of truck drivers.

9/24/2021 5:30:00 PM

British transport industry is urgently in need of some 90,000 lorry drivers to ease crisis in oil and supermarket industry

The UK’s oil giant BP is temporarily shutting down some of its petrol stations amid the shortage of truck drivers .

for new drivers, to recruit more drivers.Increasing the price of natural gas has affected energy, chemicals and steel producers and strained supply chains which were already suffering from insufficient labour and the tumult of Brexit.After gas prices triggered a carbon dioxide shortage, Britain was forced to extend emergency state support to avert a shortage of poultry and meat.

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Supermarket shelves of carbonated drinks and water were left empty in some places and turkey producers have warned that families could be left without their traditional turkey lunch at Christmas if the carbon dioxide shortage continues.Supermarkets and farmers have called on Britain to ease shortages of labour in key areas - particularly of truckers, processing and picking - which have strained the food supply chain.

Labour shortage after BrexitThe transport industry needs 90,000 drivers to ease the shortage of HGV drivers after Brexit made it harder to work in the UK for European drivers.In addition to Brexit, the coronavirus pandemic also prevented new drivers from qualifying to get working permission.

"My business has about 100 HGV drivers short, and that is making it increasingly very, very difficult to service our shops,"Richard Walker, managing director at supermarket Iceland.Walker also added the deliveries were being cancelled."It is a concern and as we look to build stock as an industry, to work towards our bumper time of year, Christmas, we're now facing this shortage at the worst possible time. I am worried," he said.

Representatives of retail and transport industries in the UKhave previously written a joint statementto the Business Secretary in August demanding solutions for the lorry driver shortage.The letter has warned against the prolonged crisis which has “increasingly unsustainable pressure on retailers and their supply chains.

The National Farmers' Union has also written a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson by asking urgently to introduce a new visa system to help tackle labour shortages across the supply chain. Read more: TRT World »

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BP closes UK gas stations due to truck shortages Oil company BP said on Thursday it had temporarily closed some of its petrol forecourts in Britain after its ability to transport fuel from refineries was hit by an industry wide shortage of truck drivers . horrible Come in , your are a British institution. They are petrol stations. Not had stations. Gas is what comes through the pipes into your home for cooking and heating and is, well, a gas. Corrected that for you: “BP closes UK petrol stations due to lorry driver shortage.”

UK working to tackle driver shortages as industry warnings mountBritain is working on a number of options to tackle the shortage of truck drivers , including luring former employees back to the market, amid warnings from the food industry that supply chains could break down in the run up to Christmas. 중국의 팽창주의--많이 굶었다고?-Bbf의이론에 의한 황금비율의 견제 타넘는 감고드는 속성으로 한국의 동남아시아 계통 사람도 두러운듯 --흙도 돈--모래1개라도 큰양보는 없을듯 중국의 요순-당-시진핑씨인듯-의 전승기의 자유진영의 배려는--양상이 다른 전쟁--자원부족으로 어러울듯 Bit late. We dont need to work at it just needs this pile of poo govt we had to issue visas to allow truck drivers to come and work here simples.

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In U.N. climate push, UK PM disputes Kermit: 'It is easy to be green'British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pushed the world to 'grow up' and tackle climate change during his annual United Nations address to world leaders on Wednesday and contradicted Muppets character Kermit the Frog by saying: 'It is easy to be green.' Until developed countries stop releasing polluted gases to the env.t, it's not as such easy to make the world green and avoid climate change just like the way Boris Johnson said. It's like listening to Prince nonce advocating child care ! tweetsfromanoccupiedscotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 They are violating their own rules. Every countries leader understands that the USA, UK used them for their benefit, There is no mutual friendship, respect.

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