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UK reports most COVID-19 cases in a day since mid-July

UK reports most COVID-19 cases in a day since mid-July

10/17/2021 9:55:00 PM

UK reports most COVID -19 cases in a day since mid-July

Britain on Sunday reported 45,140 new cases of COVID -19, the highest daily number since the middle of July, and 57 new deaths within 28 days of a positive test, according to official data.

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Explainer: What we know so far about El Salvador's volcano-powered bitcoin bond

El Salvador plans to build the world's first 'Bitcoin City' with money from a $1 billion bitcoin-backed bond the country's President Nayib Bukele said on Saturday.

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Robert Durst Has COVID-19 And Is On A VentilatorAttorney Dick DeGuerin told news outlets he is very concerned for the real estate heir. Why would he be concerned about a man that executed a woman? Oh well

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Op-Ed: Refrigeration alone can't solve the 'last mile' problem for COVID-19 vaccinesHumanitarian aid groups have experience countering myths and misinformation to overcome vaccine hesitancy in low-income countries. opinion We still taking about this? This is trade journal stuff by now. No one cares.

Russia's daily COVID-19 deaths exceed one thousand markRussia reported a record high 1,002 coronavirus deaths on Saturday, the first time the number has passed the 1,000-mark since the beginning of the pandemic. It pushed the national death toll to 222,315. And their citizens are not offended by their vaccine. I wonder every day how someone can rejoice that Russia is more dominant in the world than other countries. They have been praising Russia's success in everything for 20 years, and they are on the same page again. Putin was taken Pfizer and let his people taken Sputnik vaccine and this is the result. Words alone won’t express how thankful I’m recommending you all to you shantelll_142 .....,investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit of $2500 within 7 days of investment with the help of shantelll_142

Covid-19 Precautions Prompt Backlash on College CampusesCollege classrooms are open again for the first time since the pandemic, but tensions are simmering on some campuses about restrictions on movement and increased surveillance. The college woke need to ‘woke’ the hell up and realize that those measures are necessary in the current state of the pandemic. selfish Is public health theater bad? Yes, of course. But far, far worse are the media voices and platforms (like the WSJ) that selectively focus on public health theater, while conflating it with effective measures and neglecting thousands of deaths each week. God calls children to repentance! Deus chama os filhos ao arrependimento!