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UK police arrest over 60 in anti-lockdown protests

Police in London said that they made over 60 arrests and expected figures to rise as they tried to break up anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests

11/28/2020 9:35:00 PM

Police in London said that they made over 60 arrests and expected figures to rise as they tried to break up anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests

Police in London said on Saturday that they had made over 60 arrests and expected that figure to rise, as they tried to break up anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests.

Earlier police lined up in a number of streets in central London’s West End shopping district and confronted crowds of protesters in St James’s Park, near Westminster. The anti-lockdown protesters were joined by groups who oppose the COVID-19 vaccine.

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One police officer estimated the protesters, who held up signs saying “Defend Freedom, Defend Humanity”, numbered between 300 and 400.“Crowds continue to protest and gather in the vicinity of Oxford Circus and Regent Street,” the Metropolitan Police said on Twitter. “We are urging people to leave the area and go home. If not, you may face arrest or enforcement action.”

Reporting by Yann Tessier, Henry Nicholls and Natalie Thomas, Writing by Sarah Young; Editing by James Drummond Read more: Reuters Top News »

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Police estimated between 200/300 protesters are they having a 😂 How many of those attending this protest are actually Londoners? Keep your virus spreading germs away from us. fuck police!!! and politican gangsters!!!! Gangsters politicans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go to prison soon!!!!!! Gangsters!!!!!!!!!

🐷🐖 Big difference between BLM/extinction rebellion and anti lockdown demonstrations , all during lockdowns and the way they were policed. It's becoming very hard for the establishment to hide the 2 tiered legal system when it's in plain sight . Next, seat-belts. How dare this fascist-socialist-communist-globalist-open borders-secular-satanist-pizza run pedophile ring-UFO’s abducting citizens abettors (did I leave out any other nonsense) country demand I follow any laws or ordinances?🤣

So their lockdown is lifted in three days and the cops are doing this to people? Why? Millie Tant and the Knuckleheads And while the general hospitals were overflowing, the mental hospitals were empty that day due to day release. Good - not the only place. We have an Orwellian situation where some people screem - lock us up, lock us up!!! when lockdown is doing more harm to people than the virusinflueca. Look around and do the math.

Good! Keep fighting people. Dont let the socialists take away your freedom! Démocratie lol embarrassing COVIDIOTS Boris hires extra police not for street crime it seems but to install fascism 300/400😂😂😂 we the people will dismantle you along with Twitter and FAKEBOOK etc etc while using yer very own platforms in the process of exposing the fake news and lies

🐷 So, let me get this straight.. they are protesting against the lockdown and against the best way to lift the lockdown 🤪 Man sheep are commenting in this thread, Do as your told, just like the Jews did in 1940s nazi Germany. laymay2020 The denial of travel is a serious human rights violation, and it is hoped that the British government will stop its military repression of the people and immediately release the arrested people.

These people need help. Look at this excellent article explaining how this conspiracy theories have grown. Guess what....powerful rich men and behind it all...surprise surprise 😤 Everyone shies away from this but they're here to help 'Many governments used cyber-enabled disinformation campaigns.. undermining...efforts to foster peace & protect the planet' Jan 2020 Try 0-6:00, 18:20-23:30 Jerry Brown 42:15-49:00 Mary Robinson 56:55

A few hundred bell ends in London. Not news. And London is going in to Tier 2?!? These idiots are on the same side as David Icke and British league of fascists. Buch of loons. Probably mental labour supporters I imagine 😂. Idiots COVIDIOTS The police should arrest every one of these ignorant dangers to society and charge them 10k each - if the vaccine was available now they should be forcibly inoculated!

leadership politics COVID19 These silly people taken in by crazy conspiracy theories need to be treated by cult specialists. I’ve spent time with individuals who have been in different cults. They need help. After going through lockdown in Melbourne it's tragic to see the UK nutters kick up for their turn at lockdown. Just remember this is an incredibly small number of people that everyone else disagrees with. Media will just make it seem bigger than it is.

I hope every single one loses a very close loved one ☺️ Locked up the Lockdowns 🤔 Idiots! 😷WearAMask This is dystopian collapse of society level stupidity we're dealing with here. Djarium Djarium COVID19 the largest theater in world history. Water Cannons Please 🚿 Lunatics trying to spread a killer disease then..... 🤷‍♂️😡💀

I wonder what they think as they lay dying from covid? Has the world gone fucking mad or just the UK? are these people cognitive impaired just stupid or what? Think there's a need for a vaccine to cure stupid And the govt, the police and the majority of the general public are sick and tired of Covid breaking protests. Just bloody go home.

What in the fuck is wrong with these people? Social psychologists will be picking over this for generations. The indirect effects of lock-down cannot be quantified thus rendering it a dangerous policy! End all restrictions. If you want to accept the risk, as I do, that is our choice not the government's.

Why are they protesting a vaccine. The vaccine is not going to be compulsory. Social media conspiracies in action The weirdos rail against state surveillance but refuse to wear a mask? Just tell them that the movement to stop people wearing masks is a Russian/Chinese conspiracy designed to weaken British and US democracy. The cognitive dissonance would be spectacular! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

And London is only tier 2? 🤔 There is another pandemic in the UK, of apparently untreated, severe, mental illness. Some of these frootloops actually might have jobs which involve serious responsibility. Would you want one of them working in a bank, a hospital, food preparation, or God help us, in childcare?

devide & rule still going strong in 2020. How many of these brainwashed souls read thesun ? ThinkActTank 🤐 Can’t fix stupid people BR-EXIT! Let them be. Soon they can’t feed themselves anyways. Anti-everthing. Come on buddy. What is the reason for this protest? Do people think that the corona virus does not exist in the UK?

MSMWatchdog2013 Dump them on an empty oil rig and let them fend for themselves. No health care. MSMWatchdog2013 The stupid part is 95% of all these anti Vader’s would have had ALL their childhood vaccinations Funniest thing here is the people protesting in London politically are likely to be the opposite of the trump supporters and yet they act just the same.

合意を得ようとしていないの? それとも、誰も合意出来ない事を、それが無理と理解しながら強行したの??? The MSM is complicit to crimes against humanity. All in name of a plandemic, made for the benefit of BigPharma. You, the oppressing governments and their troops worldwide will be held accountable. Be sure of that! MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople Nice!!! As usual, police be used can enforce order, but only against movements they wish to suppress.

This was anti-lockdown, not anti-vax. I know you don't care Reuters, you are just a post Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 mouthpiece & social influencer for [them]. ANTI-LOCKDOWN you mendacious liars. The indirect effects of lock-down cannot be quantified thus rendering it a dangerous policy! End all restrictions. If you want to accept the risk, as I do, that is our choice not the government's.

AND IF THEY HAD BEEN BLM PROTESTS, NOT A SINGLE ONE WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED. FASCISM IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD I think it's their right to protest for anything, but just make sure these people are willing to give up their treatment for COVID from NHS. You are a disgrace of a journalistic effort. The peaceful protest would have remained peaceful if the police had not been there. We want clarification from the government. Why lock us up? What proof exists? Why use a flawed PCR test? Who is wef?

Putting it politely what planet are these people on Antilockdown They were not anti vaccine protests UKinNigeria UKParliament Stop arresting peaceful protesters! stopukgovt. Awon oniranu, what they can't tolerate, they encourage in other countries under d guise of fundamental human rights. Una for dey give the food & media coverage. Why clapped down them?

UKParliament you have been busy hobnobbing with anarchists/separatists from Nigeria wetting your pants with outrageous propaganda. Here is your portion of the lawlessness you called peaceful protest in Nigeria. Deal with it! Stop using police to harass ur peaceful protesters! Oh, look! Stupidity isn't isolated to Americans.

Unbelievable 🤔 stupid people. that's why the allies will fuck up anyway in the future Lock them all up in a big pen together. No masks, no distancing. They’ll get what they asked for. Idiots and morons risking lives ! You are not misguided, you are dangerous! If I had lost someone to COVID-19, I’d hate your guts for the rest of my life . Grow up !

Damn it. These morons make me want to vaccinate my kids now. 😂😜 What coronavirus restrictions are being breached that warrant arrests? OMG! Why are people so crazy! Who is running the global agenda? What I noticed he was that, same right-wing are always on the wrong side of history. The difference is that, these ones are not carry guns and Armour tanks everywhere under the guise of protest.

I thought TrumpSupporters were witless but these people in London just plain wish to die. Santa’s going to need bail money. Lol 🤦🏻‍♀️ Imagine this lot if there was a war on. Pathetic. Good to know every country has their loonies. I thought America had a monopoly on the crazies these days, but appears to be a global epidemic of stupidity.

Santa Claus arrested! These people are protesting against lock downs not vaccine. Lock downs are based on false testing and proven wrong. Portugal, Italy, Germany and others have had to get rid of the fake tests. Our lively hoods are being wrecked because of lock downs. That's what protests are for Angie_RejoinEU Hint: water cannon

Gosh now I know where we Americans get our stubbornness; from our mom the UK. My concern is: why are they protesting? They may have a great reason to throw away their lives to be taken by covid so let us hear them out! And the policemen would be infected trying to catch them What a world we live in?🙄

Interesting..., if only we can separate and contained them in an area and allow them to do as they wish, not providing any covid treatments then see how many of them will make it thru after this pandemic. How do you know they are anti vaccine? Quite sickening. Services have enough to cope with without these covidiots.

Spray them with bleach!! PhilipCJames Is this how they arrest people nowadays? Look for someone dark skinned and pile on them in sixes? They arrested Santa. Christmas is canceled guys! PhilipCJames Hopefully all have been remanded at the Tower of London and entered via Traitors' Gate ... workingclassvoice BrexitisDead

Anti-Vaccine protest!?!? If they prefer to get sick, get a pre-conditioned illness or die then F*K them! Just stay home and wither rather than infecting others & our 1st responders. it has never been about controlling a virus, always been about govt control of your life and eliminating the middle class to benefit socialist democrats. period.

meagan_angus This is a superspreader nightmare. Did I just hear one lady say pandemic is a hoax 😱 you can't outlaw stupid These were pro-freedom and pro-choice rallies that were brutalised by the domestic militarised arm of the state. Btw, remind me who bought you out all those years ago. Was it Rockefeller or Rothschild? I always get those two mixed up.

Crazy folks 😒 Why should they stay isolated when the government let economic migrants in to the country without control or isolation? This was NOT an anti vaccine protest. LIES. It was anti lockdown. Get your facts straight. News is DEAD. Looks like a meat market. 1.6 million so far are known to have met & become infected by a non isolated carrier. That is 1 in 42 of the population. 0.6% death rate of a huge number infected equates to many deaths. In addition a very infectious disease fills up hospitals with people needing treatment

Reuters you’re an embarrassment - covid1984 - a few hundred protesters and twisting this to anti vaccine. Hold up a BLM sign and you get a free pass. なぜ逮捕されたのか分からないように前半部分をカットし、さも不当に逮捕されたのかの様に細工している。 切り取り偏向報道ですね。 Wasn’t anti vaccine. Irresponsible and inaccurate news reporting. Os Bozonazistas vão chamar a Inglaterra de comunista tbm. Vai ser engraçado.

Aren't the protests about Macron's atrocious Muslim policies? Oh not the boring bored brigade again. Banish them to an island maybe one of them will have Covid & see how many survive it. Police were out of order and the media is a disgrace. Those tutting at this, just stay under your duvets, watch Netflix, make Amazon rich and let Bozo/Hancock trash your country and sell it down the red river. The mini authoritarians in this thread are beneath contempt.Disgusting

. It wasn’t an anti-vaccine protest you liars. Liars! Anti vaccine? Headline as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning. Report the truth! なぜ逮捕されたのか分からないように前半部分をカットし、さも不当に逮捕されたのかの様に細工している。 切り取り偏向報道ですね。 Most of their face will the last time showing on earth If only they had made such an effort against blm. Protesters

300/400? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 There were 000’s and 000’s there 🤥🤥🤥 This footage will be used by Trump in the next 4 years. He will say that’s in Seattle or Portland. Never mind the British vests. Dickheads, stop giving them a platform 🤔 world is filled with idiots. District 173 Angie_RejoinEU I think we should call them what they are illegal anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests due to the pandemic restrictions - meant to keep us all safe and not just to pander to a small proportion of people

Humans kinda deserve everything that’s coming Imagine, people protesting against their governments for trying to save their lives. 🙄 It’s difficult to believe that mass ignorance like this still exists. Relatives of factions of U.S. citizens . . . If this was a blm protest, the police would be twerking in the streets with them.

in 100 years, the people viewing this video are going to shake their heads in disbelief Wonder how many of them would refuse the ventilators if they couldn’t breath, not many me thinks! Covidiots Some people are just stupid! What is this? Are they kidding? L World Goverments have completely lost it. People can not be controlled like Live Stock... look at history.... when the Control Starts. People rise up and the controller falls... this will only get worse.

the virus' friends I see all the ugliest are out today Tear gas and tasers is the answer Gobble gobble The virus is smarter than the human species. NoLockdowns Stupid people, ignorant´s That's closer than 6ft with a lot of heavy breathing... Looks like HongKong 🤮🤮🤮 bori turn it in to russia north korea