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UK plans 6 billion pound package to boost health service capacity

UK plans 6 billion pound package to boost health service capacity

10/25/2021 1:00:00 AM

UK plans 6 billion pound package to boost health service capacity

British finance minister Rishi Sunak's budget this week will include an extra 5.9 billion pounds ($8.1 billion) of spending for the health service over the next few years to drive down waiting lists, the finance ministry said on Sunday.

The spending is aimed at increasing what is termed elective activity in the National Health Service (NHS) - such as scans and non-emergency procedures - by 30% by the 2024/25 financial year.It comprises 2.3 billion pounds for testing services, 2.1 billion pounds to improve the technology behind the health service, and 1.5 billion pounds to increase bed capacity.

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"This is a game-changing investment in the NHS to make sure we have the right buildings, equipment and systems to get patients the help they need and make sure the NHS is fit for the future," Sunak said in a statement. Read more: Reuters Top News »


Plans ? We want this 15 years from now . Here’s our redacted version . Chew on this a couple of decades .

Queen Letizia reunited with Princess Leonor for the first time since UK movePrincess Leonor, 15, moved to the UK to study at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales in August

Scientists urge UK to prep rapid return of COVID measuresThe British government’s scientific advisers have urged the government to ensure coronavirus restrictions can be introduced rapidly, as the rate of new infections continues to grow.

Here's what experts say is driving the U.K.'s deadly Covid surgeNBC News investigated the factors driving Britain's surge and the lessons that can be gleaned from the country's experience of vaccinating and reopening early. Can’t wait for Truth Social to arrive so this fake news overhyped garbage will simmer down British citizens haven't worn masks since they were Covid. The UK has the highest mortality rate of any European country. I haven't mentioned a single word about the causal relationship with the virus. Amen And our health secretary is a banker. Economy way more important than people’s lives. Absolute shambles.

France disappointed with fishing talks with UK, more talks scheduledFrance is disappointed by the pace of negotiations with Britain on settling a row about post-Brexit fishing rights but talks are set to continue on Monday, the head of a French fishing association said on Saturday. His remarks appeared to suggest French fishermen were stepping back from threats to hold protests from this weekend over Britain's refusal to grant more fishing licences to their vessels. Olivier Lepretre, chairman of the Regional Maritime Fisheries Committee in northern France, said talks this week had resulted in only a handful of fishing licences being issued for French fishing boats in British territorial waters. Well…hard luck for France … Britain is an independent state and has full right to decide and protect its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone .

UK says time running out for solution in Brexit trade talksThe British government tried Saturday to speed up the pace of talks to resolve post-Brexit trade troubles with the Europ ean Union, saying the two sides remain far apart and time is running out to bridge the gap. U.K. and EU negotiators have met in Brussels over the past week to try and resolve major differences that have erupted over trade rules for Northern Ireland. The talks move to London on Tuesday, and Britain says “substantial gaps on the fundamental issues remain.” Not for the EU

UK says substantial differences remain with EU over N.Ireland tradeThe United Kingdom said on Saturday that talks with the Europ ean Union over post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland had been constructive, but substantial differences remained. Just throw those fammine papers away