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Uber stock hits a new all-time low as shares continues to slide following $5 billion Q2 loss

Uber shares traded below $36 for the first time.


Uber stock hits a new all-time low as shares continues to slide following $5 billion Q2 loss

Uber shares traded below $36 for the first time.

Uber reported a net loss of $5.24 billion in its second quarter of 2019, blaming stock based compensation. But even excluding the compensation, Uber's losses amounted to about $1.3 billion, about 30% worse than the previous quarter. The company reported revenue of $3.17 billion for the quarter, missing analyst estimates of $3.36 billion, according to Refinitiv.

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women especially realize it is not safe to take has reported rapes and deaths.. women should take a taxi to be safe.. there is accountability with the drivers. because this company makes NO MONEY duh. Buy bitcoin you silly snakes Its almost like Uber was always a shitty company that was always going to go BANKRUPT

Maybe the history of Trump support. Good

Uber experienced its lowest-ever quarterly revenue growth — but Uber Eats saw a big jumpUber Eats is poised to become a bigger part of Uber's business than its ride-hailing segment – likely representing a long-term revenue opportunity. Inspired by gofood? Uber - The Fed makes it possible for us to lose money in every business we enter 😉 To make millionaires out of those billionaire $UBER stockholders presumably?🤔

Immigrant workers at New Jersey car wash sue employer after being paid less than $5 an hour for years'Unfortunately, many workers don't know their rights and are afraid of being fired if they speak up,' said New York attorney Steven Arenson. Legal Immigrates Are Welcomed, Here! That's how to stop illegal immigration. Lock up the employers of illegal immigrants and those who profit from immigration. . Children around the country in school do not say present or here during attendance by the teacher. Now they say 'Not deported'. ImpeachTrump RacistInChief

Uber stock hovers near record low as losses, hiring freeze continue to hurtUber Technologies Inc.’s tough times as a public company are continuing Monday, with the stock at risk of posting its lowest close ever just a few days after...

Uber investor: CEO lacks ruthlessness of ousted co-founder Travis Kalanick and the stock shows it'They've lost their mojo,' says Bradley Tusk, Uber's first political strategist and former Mike Bloomberg campaign manager. notsustainable TuesdayThoughts wait wait actually thought they were going to make money? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Colombia has fined Uber more than $629,000 for being 'disrespectful and obstructive' during a routine inspectionThree individual Uber staffers were also fined for what happened during the 2017 visit by the country's commerce regulator More money more problems $ cop? or US

For Uber and Lyft Drivers, Camrys Are the Ride Of ChoiceSometimes dismissed as boring, the seemingly ubiquitous Toyota Camry is embraced by ride-share drivers as roomy, reliable and not too pricey. Uber has turned into a glorified CAB service in NYC & it's well on its way in suburbia. ANOTHER brilliant concept destroyed by the Progressive Lefties in power.

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