U.S. won't give temporary protected status to Bahamas Dorian victims

The status would have let Bahamians work and live in the U.S. until it is deemed safe to return home.

9/12/2019 7:19:00 PM

US will not grant temporary protected status to people from the Bahamas displaced by Cat. 5 Hurricane Dorian, administration official tells NBCNews.

The status would have let Bahamians work and live in the U.S. until it is deemed safe to return home.

02:23Bahamians can still come to the U.S. temporarily, if they have the right travel documents, but will not be granted work permits.The Trump administration's decision was first reported by CNN.As of Monday, 1,500 victims of Dorian had come to the U.S. after the hurricane swept through the Bahamas.

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We don't need any MORE people that REFUSE to go home. 😮😯 Why? Because the United States is run by a bunch of assholes right now. Large areas were not hard hit. You people are ridiculous! Bahamas is the 3rd richest government in the America’s with another 14 islands available. The american people are helping plenty! Where’s the Bahamian Govt and why arent you mad at them? wakeup pointingthewrongway

The people need to stay and rebuild the bahamas not abandon it for America,it’s not racist decision people stop it.Haitians ,Jamaicans and others didn’t get temporary status in America after their disasters back ,no they stay and rebuild their respective islands. Because Americans are so kind and giving. We can blame this administration for initiating cruelty, we can only blame ourselves for going along with it and denouncing inhumanity only on Twitter.

Wow 🤦‍♀️ Maybe they can go to Jamaica or Haiti, maybe they will be welcome there. Trying to locate that Bible verse where Jesus says we can ignore the suffering of strangers if they don’t look like us...anybody got that one handy? Shame on us... That is not my America! These people are not rich or white enough for Trump!

Where are these ppl suppose to go? Americans have flown, cruised, and spent loads of money visiting the bahamas. And, this is how we are leaving them? -I hate gop realDonaldTrump Smart move ReadPastTheHeadline There are still people with so called temporary status from the Haiti hurricane almost 10 years ago. 300,000 in all from all over. Better to send FEMA or even the military, and help victims right there.

These days, 'Do unto others' is just a bunch of lib-tard claptrap. That's what so-called Christian Trumpy-vangelicals like Falwell seem to believe, anyway. Disgusting. Dorian should of flattened traitor in chiefs mansion instead. This is wrong The cruelty is the point RacistInChief ImpeachTrumpNow And the Statue of Liberty weeps...

Why has no other country stepped up? Ecofascism at work Typical racist Republicans. bull crap---they would never leave here ands would hide just like the illegals do Bahamas has 700 islands only 2 were affected . Those affects have 698 islands to refuge to ... Not America ... POTUS realDonaldTrump seriously

The citizens of Bahama are people of color displaced by a category 5 hurricane and it is an insult that they are harboring criminals! No, the US is not refusing. The trump administration is refusing. There is a big difference. If only they had a different skin color. This GOP establishment is racist to the core . No wonder they love trump

Now that’s just wrong. No immigrants from black/brown countries! Says the POS POTUS Why should they? There are plenty more countries in the region. About time they did their share. Why would you do that? Heartless. So proud to be an American, days without being embarrassed 0 Shouldn't England have some responsibility here?

Disgusting That’ll learn them real good. The people of the U S would help anyway we could,but thanks to the Republicans,we as citizens have no say anymore! These my friends are sad, sad,😢 times. We can change this,go out and vote November 2020 .Please vote for the party with compassion .🤔🤔😐😐😐😑😑

God I hate our current administration. We are better than this!!!!! Wonderful! 🤮 🖕🏻Fuck Dictator Trump!🖕🏻 This administration has ZERO concerns for compassion, humanity, or moral values, during a natural disaster or otherwise!! Completely DISGRACEFUL, and not what America stands for!! 😡 Then let them come and stay illegally cause that’s what will happen if we don’t help them 🤷🏽‍♀️

I am glad that the evangelicals voted for trump he is always doing the Christian thing. That's because there is nothing temporary about Temporary Protected Status. TPS who have been here for decades are suing the gov so they don't have to leave! chipfoxx There are Americans are out there who not only celebrate this dystopian level of selfishness and cruelty, but want more of it… and then whine all day long that the rest of us won’t coddle their poor widdwe feewings with ♥️ Politeness and Civility ♥️…

Makes sense and why should the USA be expected take in people. It's sad to see the devastation but the priority should be the Bahamian government helping the people of the Bahamas . Dorian We should not. Nassau has over 70,000 hotel rooms where its displayed citizens can stay in their own country. Shame on the Bahamian government. They won't even take care of their own citizens, I wonder why.

Trump's a devil. The end. Humanitarian concerns are not priority with the Trump administration, the Bahamian's being people of color they do not have a chance of any help. You do realize that only a few of the Bahamas islands was destroyed. Other Islands are fine and still offering luxury vacations and cruise ships are still going. They can go to those Islands......

The Devil lives in the White House. An evil mind will always do evil things. T rump should try roughing it, no phone or Big Macs, for a few days. These people lost everything I've never in my life seen so much evil going on in the government. Hands down the most heartless, uncaring administration ever. We are no longer the beacon or the light of the world as of 2016.

There's a whole big world out there.... Large areas of the Bahamas were only slightly affected by Dorian. Hotel like Atlantis in the Nassau area have been open since a few days afterwards. Why can’t these people find shelter in their own country? Maybe our them up in some of the hotels? Why is our responsibility?

Pathetic There is no such thing as Temporary Protected Status.. it is impossible to be temporary.. because once removed everyone goes bat crazy.. BASICLY keep everyone out !!!! Until you start needing anyone then well Shame on us 😔 This is old news what's it doing on my timeline Shame on trump - horrible

“Temporary” protected status is still in place for people affected by hurricanes or earthquakes in the 90s. Dems thought they were being compassionate by extending protected status forever, but it was at the expensive of the whole program becoming a joke. Good job Mr President! There are some things which grind my gears and this is one of them. Superpowers not helping the next door neighbours when they really really need it. Words fail me ! perlmutations jimmykimmel TheDailyShow latelateshow

Got_It 👍🏻 Why ?i don’t understand 🙃 Trump doesn't like tired and poor. Or people who were captured. They are allowed in .... there are 1500 already. Read the article. The trump administration is EVIL thereIsEvilAmongUs weArebetterthanthis beBest How compassionate... nbc is lying. DONT BE STUPID & believe nbc. Don't you see? FAKE NEWS. Look at all the cnn, msnbc, & other FAKE NEWS journalist that are going to stand before judges for slander, & illegal journalism. Rachel Maddow being the latest of the liars. THINK you gullible Trump haters.

🤦‍♂️ Just unbelievably sad It's very simple. 45 saw a picture of Bahamians, realized they are not white skinned people. Thus, unworthy of entering the US as he wants the US to be all white. He is demented and the 25th amendment should be invoked. ShitHolePresident realDonaldTrump and his corrupt administration is full of heartless people who don’t care whatsoever for other humans, especially those who aren’t white. This decision is disgusting.

Is this real? Our country, full of excess, won’t let these people come here for help? this is inhuman ... there is no other word for it ... very 'christian' indeed! Good. Damn Deal we Should. Never give them a Free Pass Skin color.... Thank you trump! Let's be realistic, how can we care for these people when no one is caring for our current citizens that need help? Each state could do many things and do not!

Pure bigotry and racism. We’re dicks Thank God Canada will. Hey evangelical supporters of this hateful administration, WWJD? 😡😡😡😡😡😡 Hateful, Heartless, selfish...just a few of the things that is maga. If America takes them in temporarily, where do they go? hey POTUS who could care less if people were absolutely devastated by a category 5, you are NOT AMERICAN. I think next hurricane, you should be set in a dingy all by yourself except for your Sharpie. Then, ask a passing-by American for help.

Bahamians Evacuating After Dorian Told To Get Off Ferry Heading For U.S.More than 100 people trying to evacuate from the devastated Bahamas were told to get off a ferry bound for the U.S. if they didn't have visas.

Boy gets huge hugs from classmates after surviving Hurricane Dorian in the BahamasA toddler returns to his Florida preschool after being stuck in the Bahamas during Hurricane Dorian—and his classmates couldn't be more overjoyed to see him. They are lovely 😊 kids If we all just cared for each other this same way. 💚

Michael Jordan Donating $1 Million to Bahamas Hurricane Dorian ReliefMichael Jordan Donating $1 Million to Bahamas Hurricane Relief He must have lost a bet 🐐🐐🐐 That's it

Dramatic video from inside Bahamas house shows Hurricane Dorian ripping it apartJohn Slack, a retired photographer, was visiting a friend on Treasure Cay in the Bahamas when he captured dramatic video of Hurricane Dorian pounding the property. Can you ask him if we’re related? I kep saying it, The storms will become more severe, stronger, and last longer. This is climate change. Denial won't help you when it hits your area. ohmy

Death toll from Hurricane Dorian rises to at least 50 in BahamasThe death toll increased to 50 in the Bahamas, where Hurricane Dorian pummeled 320 km/h winds, according to a spokesman for the islands' National Emergency Management Agency.