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U.S. Treasury chief sees positive year for economy as China talks loom

Treasury's Mnuchin sees positive U.S. growth as China talks loom


Treasury's Mnuchin sees positive U.S. growth as China talks loom

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday said he did not see the threat ...

Speaking on Fox Business Network, Mnuchin said U.S. officials still aimed to “get a good deal” with Beijing as talks between the world’s two largest economies prepare to get under way in the coming weeks.

“And we’re prepared to negotiate. If we can get a good deal, a deal that’s good for us, we’ll sign it. If not the president is perfectly fine with continuing the tariffs.”

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin walks to a working breakfast at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France, August 25, 2019. Erin Schaff/Pool via REUTERS

Mnuchin said he saw no signs of a U.S. recession approaching, adding that markets have an expectation the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates in the coming months.

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China might use an important weapon to fight trumps bullying trade war: dump all or part of the USA debts? China is USA biggest debtor and take back that much US dollars will make the Wall Street crash thus make USA recession come faster teaching trump a lesson and fail in 2020! The US looks like it's doing fine only because Trump is increasing debt and pointing a gun to the Fed to lower rates. That's called overheating the economy. Good luck

Anyone believe this Cheshire Cat? Could he under Trump see the negative? A blind man with visions His thoughts mean nothing. They lie and you repeat = propaganda It’s so odd to hinge growth on mere talks... Munchkin! Trump is a professional conman and a pathological liar. Only fools cut deals with Donald Trump. China should stay away from Trump's America.

China will not tolerate attempts to separate Hong Kong from China: state mediaHong Kong is an inseparable part of China and any form of secessionism 'wil... China is a shithole. Mais ça fait 100 ans que HongKong est séparé de la Chine HongKongProtesters Isn't CCP the ultimate big boss to separate China?

Change the present rigged economy model of this world! This planet is an endangered species already! Also effects EU and Uk

Mnuchin says U.S-China talks show 'good faith' by BeijingTreasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Monday he takes it as a sign of 'good faith' by China that officials will restart trade talks with their... We'll wait to 'read' the final agreement ourselves........otherwise it's just more BS......stevenmnuchin1 Trump will lose. Low cost country always wins in trade wars. High cost country always loses. It is consumers who buy the stuff. Most buy low cost stuff. Filthy rich like Trump& his cronys do not care about cost. They are few but destructive like Trump! Wrong typing. It is ‘talk shows’ :-)

Apple, Foxconn say they overly relied on temporary workers in ChinaApple Inc and manufacturing partner Foxconn Technology Co Ltd on Monday rebutted... This is not a surprise plus foxconn workers commiting suicide...they had to put nets on the sides of their buildings to prevent...smh Overly relied? Or took extreme advantage of cheap labor and costs? Commonly referred to as Karma. There's an old saying, Not everything good lasts.

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Stalls Out as China Box Office Slumps“Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” has essentially stalled out in its third weekend in China, earning just $10 million despite being up against one of the weakest lineups of the year. … Because they figured out..... 😉 Probably tariffs...

Rep Sheet Roundup: CAA China Signs Matt William KnowlesThe Hollywood Reporter’s at-a-glance look at the week in representation news

As China trade war escalates, 2020 U.S. Democrats scramble over their messageThe growing economic fallout from President Donald Trump’s drawn-out trade war w... Yeah they don't know their head from their rear. They’re NOT scrambling! True Dems know their stance and have never scrambled. C’mon 🤦‍♀️ Not really, just let the 'Donald' keep his 'tweeter' finger going.

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