U.S. to ease Covid travel entry rules, require vaccinations for foreign visitors

The new system opens up air travel to vaccinated foreign nationals from dozens of countries for the first time since the early days of the pandemic.

9/21/2021 1:17:00 AM

All international travelers coming into the US will be required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 starting in early November, White House says.

The new system opens up air travel to vaccinated foreign nationals from dozens of countries for the first time since the early days of the pandemic.

Angel Garcia / Bloomberg via Getty Images fileSept. 20, 2021, 2:29 PM UTCByShannon PettypieceWASHINGTON — The Biden administration will require all international travelers coming into the United States to be fully vaccinated and tested forCovid-19under a new system that will open up air travel to vaccinated foreign nationals from dozens of countries for the first time since the early days of the pandemic.

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Starting in early November, foreign nationals will be allowed to fly into the U.S. if they are fully vaccinated and able to show proof of vaccination prior to boarding a U.S.-bound flight, White House Covid coordinator Jeffrey Zients said.Sept. 20, 2021

02:09The requirement will ease travel restrictions that limited entry into the U.S. in many cases for noncitizens who had recently been in33 countries, including many European nations and the United Kingdom, regardless of vaccination status. But for travelers outside of those countries, the new system will put stricter requirements in place that could be a barrier to those living in countries where vaccines are in short supply. headtopics.com

"We will move to this much stricter global system, so we will have a consistent approach across all countries, it will require foreign nationals to be vaccinated, to prove they're vaccinated, and then to go through the testing and contact tracing regiments," Zients said.

The U.S. will also start putting into place additional testing requirements, he said. Foreign nationals will have to be tested three days prior to departure to the U.S. and show proof of a negative test, and unvaccinated Americans will have to test within one day of departure and be required to test again after their arrival.

The CDC will also require airlines to collect information for each U.S.-bound traveler, including their phone number and email address, to aid public health officials in contact tracing.While there is still no vaccination requirement for domestic air travel, Zients said nothing is off the table.

"We clearly have a track record that shows we're pulling available levers to acquire vaccinations and we're not taking any measures off the table on specific authorities used for implementation," he said.Zients didn't detail what vaccines will qualify and what would constitute as fully vaccinated and said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would provide further details. The new policy applies only to air travel and not land border crossings, which have been closed to nonessential travel between Canada and Mexico. headtopics.com

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Well that is going to make the crowds at the southern border far larger when you add the Vax card check to the process….. What about the illegal immigrants crossing the border Does that include our Haitian friends? Took long enough But not for domestic flight? Really disappointed in the Biden administration

How about those who have taken the SinoVav? 👍 I APPROVE Todo el mundo a vacunarse, hay que dejar de lavarle el cerebro a la gente, de parte de los anti-vacunas y negacionistas, obviamente que la mayoría de ellos no superaron al virus, eso es indiscutible. Or you can just walk across with the other illegal aliens without it.

This rule is protect the international travelers from the hillbillies who refuse to get vaccinated. But not illegals ..send them to all the red states

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Does this include refugees and illegal border crossings? Oh really?! What about all those immigrants in Texas? Puh leease Except the thousands of illegal border jumpers! Not all Many family names will disappear wenn the injections makes it impossible to reproduce during the next 3 - 4 generations….. The evil will always plan and execute to achieve their evil goal !

But the aliens coming over the boarder don't have to have a vaccine! Lie. Those crossing our southern borders don’t have to be. Just not border jumpers or “refugee”.. Why wait until then. Including all migrants coming through our southern border..illegally or legally?

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If COVID-19 is anywhere, it is potentially everywhere. COVID-19 vaccines will save many lives. Does this include Illegal immigrants from Mexico and include getting passports? Help to Brazil presidente is genocida Help to Brazil presidente is genocida Help to Brazil presidente is genocida DarbysCastle Why wait!! This should be an order that is effective immediately.

'I Just Cry’: Dying of Hunger in Ethiopia’s Blockaded Tigray Unless of course you’re an illegal immigrant seeking “refuge” (AKA, come in and leech off the system). IF DEMOCRATS CAN MAKE A PROFIT FROM RACISM, . THEY WILL MAKE MORE OF IT . IF DEMOCRATS CAN MAKE MONEY FROM ILLEGAL ALIENS . THEY WILL MAKE MORE OF THEM . IF COVID / VACCINES MAKE PROFIT .... NFL crypto BIDEN USA Mexico Texas Pelosi BIDEN Bitcoin

How can Biden allow the the southern border overflow with unvaccinated people? Why some not all?

U.S. and EU struggle with the same question: How to maximize COVID-19 vaccinationsDespite apparently divergent strategies, officials in both the U.S. and the EU are struggling with the same question: how to boost vaccination rates to the max and end a pandemic that has repeatedly thwarted efforts to control it. If you subscribe to LAT and are not from Northern California or Bakersfield, then LAT thinks you’re not a real American So why pay money to a newspaper who thinks you’re garbage? It’s time to return to regular life. You can’t help those that won’t help themselves. Never happen !! Even if you vaccinated you can get it! So you need to put back masks mandate everywhere to lower the risk of infection and have everyone vaccinated at the same time to lower mortality That’s how u do it ! Mistake was thinking that once vaccinated , you immune !

Does that include our new guests at the Rio Grande Why wait? 👍👍👍 Sarcastaments W This doesn't apply to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants crossing the border NoMoreExcuses 👏 🇺🇸 U.S COVID19 Vaccination Update: 🗓️ 09.20.2021 | 5:30 PM EST ⬅️ 🇺🇸 U.S. Population = 333,336,637 ✅ 212,035,328 Americans got one Vaccine Dose ⬆️ 63.9% ✅ 181,728,072 Americans are Fully Vaccinated ⬆️ 54.7% 🖥️ CDCgov US_FDA WHCOVIDResponse

Niiiiiiiiiice! Great!

Covid-19 Deaths in Delta Surge Trend Younger in U.S.At Tampa General Hospital, about 90% of recent Covid-19 patients were unvaccinated, and those in intensive care were 46 years old on average. “These are working people, they’re people with families and children they’re still raising.” wow Orphaning your children by listening to Trump Republicans and Fokkks “News” - there fixed it. The pandemic of denial and political resentment was as bad as the Covid pandemic. Public health must now include education, and messaging as components to fight future medical challenges.

U.S. administers about 384.9 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines -CDCThe United States has administered 384,911,290 doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of Saturday morning and distributed 466,569,635 doses, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

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