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U.S. Supreme Court backs religious groups over New York virus curbs

U.S. Supreme Court backs religious groups over New York virus curbs

11/26/2020 8:50:00 AM

U.S. Supreme Court backs religious groups over New York virus curbs

The U.S. Supreme Court late on Wednesday backed Christian and Jewish houses of worship challenging New York state's latest restrictions in novel coronavirus hot spots.

Lawrence Hurley2 Min ReadFILE PHOTO: A general view of the U.S. Supreme Court building at sunset in Washington, U.S. November 10, 2020. REUTERS/Erin ScottWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court late on Wednesday backed Christian and Jewish houses of worship challenging New York state’s latest restrictions in novel coronavirus hot spots.

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The court on a 5-4 vote granted requests made by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and two Orthodox Jewish congregations.The order marked one of the first consequential actions on the court of President Donald Trump’s new appointee, conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who cast a deciding vote in favor of the religious groups. Conservative Chief Justice John Roberts dissented along with the court’s three liberals.

An Oct. 6 decision by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down non-essential businesses in targeted areas where infections have spiked, including some Brooklyn neighborhoods. It limited gatherings at religious institutions to 10 people in some areas and 25 in others.

The houses of worship say that the limits violated religious freedoms protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, and that their facilities were singled out for more stringent restrictions than essential businesses, such as food stores. The Orthodox congregations Agudath Israel of Kew Garden Hills and Agudath Israel of Madison, as well as nationwide Orthodox Jewish group Agudath Israel of America.

A federal judge in Brooklyn rejected separate requests made by the religious groups on Oct. 9. The New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined emergency requests filed by both sets of challengers on Nov. 9.In two previous cases this year, the court on 5-4 votes turned away similar requests by churches in Nevada and California.

Those votes occurred before the death of liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and saw her and her three liberal colleagues joined by Roberts in the majority.Reporting by Lawrence Hurley; Editing by Robert Birsel Read more: Reuters Top News »

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God damn these fucking zealots. More blood on the hands of the Republican party Religion...gotta come together and pray real hard in a pandemic (and collect some cash). Can't lose control of the followers, how'd that look? The New York Dems are incompetent little dictators who have the absolute worst Covid record in America. If NY were a country, it would have the highest per capita deaths in the world, by a large margin. But NY's Cuomo has been given an Emmy award for his performance! 🤣🤣🤣

Are we at the 'holy' building will save us phase. Maybe, we are just at the magic cup can't transfer germs because it's gold phase. Good. It seems they're using religion as an excuse to skirt their moral obligation to the community in which they live. What pisses me off is that I'll bet they are PRO-LIFE, when it comes to others rights, but it's ok to go around killing others for the sake of religion. SMH!!!

Duh When “Have you attended a church service” is added to the myriad of questions asked in the ER, those who answer “yes” ought pay higher insurance premiums like smokers who make poor decisions that cost the rest of us. When SCOTUS chooses “belief” over science, the USA is doomed. Church goers. Gun Nuts. White Racist Supremists. How many in America? 73M? You might want to steer clear of em until this pandemic is over. They don’t seem to believe the damn thing will KILL YOU. Or that you can spread it without feeling sick.

When Chief Justice, a so-called Conservative has a dissenting opinion on believers worshipping in the house of God, he is no longer a Conservative. Religion and faith are the foundation of all Conservatives. Separation of Church and State ,the basic principle of freedom is gone. Now churches can dodge laws. Will Muslims able to follow Shariyha laws? SCOTUS

Bad decision, no reason to infect other people with covid19 by in person religious ceremonies. As a Catholic school educated person we were taught a belief in science and justice. Evangelicals and Jews and Roman Catholics don't let your extremists cloud your eyes. Anyone against this MUST be against BLM protests as well. And vice-versa.

Death inflicted on others. EPIC FAIL. If they mingle in groups knowing it is very risky...should they really be treated if they got sick? Why should a doctor have to go through the anguish of deciding which patients should be treated when half chose to take risks knowing the possible outcome? Fiction over science now? In 2020? It’s not 1220 you know. It’s a public health emergency right now religious nuts. Get real. Like Reality Real.

Might be about time for a Health Care workers General Strike, heck then the 'prayer people' can save everyone, good looks. I just can’t wait to see tRump bragging about his three appointments to the Supreme Court. That will remind people how he bought this court. Three out of five are his appointments. Payback by corrupted SCOTUS .

Supreme Court: What it the difference between a shooter killing someone and an infected person deliberately coughing on someone in church? MandaPanda2616 When ppl die SCOTUS can say that it upheld the constitution & maintained the right of ppl to be stupid. Shame it couldn't see that it was about limiting the size of gatherings, not restricting religious freedom. Amazing that 5 ppl with such poor judgement can preside in SCOTUS.

realDonaldTrump will continue to have his body of work, at work for a long time to come!!! 3Supremecourtjustices Trump2024 Where's the difference between church and any other hobby though? Sawa 👎 religion before public health/ science Despicable My right to go and pray to a 2000 year old Israeli chippy outways societies right to get on top of a pandemic

Supreme Court should back civilian authorities relating to virus restrictions. Not all Americans are religious but should be protected from the spread of the virus. The human race is screwed. U.S. 'Supreme' Court Rules For Weaker Public Safety From Its Gilded, Guarded Ivory Tower The people always win not dictators dictators. Strip clubs attendance not limited but the church is

U.S. Supreme Court backs religious groups over New York's violation of the First Amendment. FTFY HaHa Libs! Well well well .... Logic and science overrule religion and superstition. We will change this balance. 95% only bad news( John Roberts is a clown. Why cant they do it from home I wonder if she'll feel bad when a pregnant church goer and her fetus dies of Covid. Or when a male church goer infects a pregnant woman and her fetus, and they die. (crudely put, I know, but this is what Barrett is advocating) She now has zero standing in any abortion argument.

Religion is a plague on the world. This decision is an accidental, but objective good. Stuff religion NEW: In a 5-4 ruling, U.S. Supreme Court issues an injunction blocking New York’s governor efforts to stop people from running into burning buildings while dragging others with them. At this rate there’ll be no one around to get vaccinated once it’s available. End the lunacy!

Do this “religious groups” pay taxes? America finally has our death panel thanks to Trump and GOP Freedom of religion is a wonderful thing. But please everyone wear a mask. The virus is still killing people. Supreme Court= IQ below 70 Not even social distancing! Masks! Tax status beats an invisible virus in the USA. The invisible whatever has spoken. What a train wreck.

The service will be contagious!!!!!! Organized religion has been killing people for centuries People will die because of this stupid decision! As usual, Religious gets benefits that they shouldn't get, that they don't deserve in the least. Total BS. Well then they will get covoid and some will.die. it be their own fault

Covid19 virus doesn’t give a damn about the person religion to infect and kill. These religious groups argue their freedom of religion w/ right to ignore pandemic death, but they oppose laws permit assisted suicide for the terminal ill. Hypocrite at best. Stupid cults. Barrett is already paying dividends for the religious hypocrites.

When people realize that the 'virus' is just a medium for the foreign elite to push their agenda, i.e. the great reset, it will be too late. So the 10000 person weddings are still allowed? Can we restrict those same idiots ability to get care when they get infected and spread it to their entire congregation filling up hospitals?

Unbelievable . The virus doesn’t take away a person’s constitutional rights per SCOTUS but those same rights may cause the deaths of others . U.S. Supreme Court forgot about separation between the State & the Church. How can court can make a determination about public health if it lacks knowledge of epidemiology? This is travesty of the mockery of Justice.

Seperation of church and state. This is what happens when you appoint to many of these Duggar types. They just approved someone that basically was in a cult disguised as catholicism. Religion should be barred from all legal decisions. So ... The United States Supreme Court, is backing religious people, who need a building, too worship God in? Why isn’t the United States Supreme Court, ruling on cases that would be more beneficial too society, in general and actually save lives? 🤷‍♀️

KarabakhisAzerbaijan France FranceLeaveMinskGroup Right away, Trump's appointee causes the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of Americans. Absolutely disgusting. Religion is killing people in America like the Spanish Inquisition