U.S. sues Texas over Abbott order restricting transportation of undocumented immigrants

Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, said the order is intended to protect Texans from the spread of Covid-19.

7/31/2021 1:47:00 AM

NEW: U.S. Justice Dept. sues Texas and Republican Gov. Abbott in federal court over the state's effort to restrict travel of undocumented immigrants.

Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, said the order is intended to protect Texans from the spread of Covid-19.

Montinique Monroe / Getty Images fileJuly 30, 2021, 10:31 PM UTCByPete WilliamsWASHINGTON — The Justice Department sued Texas and Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in federal court late Friday over the state's effort to restrict travel of undocumented immigrants.

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A July 28executive order signed by Abbott"would severely disrupt federal immigration operations" in Texas and is invalid because states cannot take action to preempt enforcement of federal law, the lawsuit said.Attorney General Merrick Garland urged Abbott, in a forcefully worded letter Thursday, to withdraw the executive order. When the governor declined to act, the federal government was certain to sue.

Abbott's order said only law enforcement officials can provide transpiration to immigrants who have been detained for crossing the border illegally. He said many of the detainees have tested positive for Covid-19, and their movement around the state risks spreading the virus. headtopics.com

But the lawsuit said the federal government depends on contractors and non-government organizations to move immigrants around the state, so that they can attend hearings or travel if they are released by Customs and Border Protection, CBP.Because CBP stations are designed to hold people only for a short amount of time, they must be transferred. In the Rio Grande Valley sector alone, CBP used contractors to move nearly 120,000 people since last October, the suit said.

Contractors also transfer unaccompanied children from Homeland Security facilities to the custody of resettlement authorities."The massive federal immigration operations in Texas depend heavily on the ability of the federal government and its contractors, grantees, and partners to transport noncitizens," the government said.

And far from preventing the spread of Covid, the lawsuit said Abbot's executive order would likely make things worse by curtailing the ability of immigrants to get medical care or testing. The order would also worsen congestion in border facilities, government lawyers said.

The Justice Department asked a federal judge to immediately block Abbott's executive order until the case can be heard.Pete Williams Read more: NBC News »

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Should be doing something about him not trying to do anything about the power grid. He’s so worried about the safety of Texans until it comes to directing funds to go elsewhere to where they are needed. Or raise taxes to pay for it. But either is crossing the line with him. Wheelchair Trump will lose Last administration sued democrat governors and this administration will sue Republican governors. Why are you surprised

Can you imagine our justice system BRWAKING FEDERAL LAW. It should be DISMANTLED AND SUED BY RHE PROPLE. Good! U. S. will lose this idiotic lawsuit. Covid I would just hope, that we have some judges who will look at this and understand why governor Abbet is doing what he’s doing, and why the US government is failing to protect the people of the United States. Allowing illegal immigrants into the country without proper vaccinations.

What about closing the border and not allowing more undocumented migrants to enter? Texas will sue back. He has a right to protect Texans from exposure to hundreds of thousands of disease ridden illegals ala Biden.

DOJ sues Texas, Gov. Abbott over executive order restricting travel of migrantsThe DOJ sued Texas and Gov. Greg Abbott to block a state order aimed at restricting the travel of undocumented migrants who could potentially transmit Covid. One more voice that thinks GregAbbott_TX should listen to the science and allow jurisdictions to have the autonomy to require masks or require them himself. Friends, family & kids are important. A mask around others is a small inconvenience that could save many lives. Now we need them to sue him over the School Mask prohibitions.

The villain will ride this publicity high and the donations to his campaign it'll attract all the way to election day. Just giving him what he wants... a bs 'remember the Alamo,' rally cry. It's about time, U.S. Justice Dept. taking charge. Trump priorities; trump 100% himself , American citizens 0%. Why sue him when you could just pee on his head. If you do, he will follow you home.

About Time. US Government is getting their BALLS BACK. Gov. Abbott is doing the right thing to keep Texans Safe. workers at the Justice Dep. you go breath around those illegals 24-7-365 everyday, when you get sick 50/50 you’ll survive! Illegals cut lose on Tx. Streets no vaccinated! It's about who they target for a stop.

Garland urges Abbott to undo executive order aimed at curbing migrationAttorney General Merrick Garland called Abbott’s order “both dangerous and unlawful” in a letter to the Texas governor Thank God he is not on the Supreme Court. Politics...the courts system will decide things one way or another... Abbot will see you in the courthouse!!

What to know about Texas governor's Covid order targeting migrant transportTexas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott kicked his war against the Biden administration's immigration policies up a notch with an executive order Wednesday targeting the transportation of migrants released from custody. Here's what you need to know. Stop giving Texas federal money for their failures Maybe refugees could be sent to Guam. I still can't believe that a real account manager exist I am so happy trading with lovely1642 i never took her serious because I taught she was a scam like others ,until my first withdrawal of R60,000 within just one week of trading! 👇👇👇👇 lovely1642

What Texas Governor Greg Abbott's mask, vaccine order outlinesThe Republican governor said 'the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates.' Except there are many stupid people out there. Back in the day, that's what we said about smokers...until we'd had enough. As Texas die BetoORourke please become the leader of Texas

Texas Order Banning Ground Transportation Of Migrants Slammed As 'Flagrantly Illegal'Immigration rights advocates have slammed the order as 'flagrantly illegal,' unconstitutional and xenophobic. Abbott knows it is illegal but it is fuel for the fire. Thank you Texas GovAbbott gets his script from the GOP Central Bureau of Disinformation...several other GOP Govs are putting out the same trope of the infectious migrant instead of the real problem which is the unvaccinated infected American

Justice Department urges Texas to halt new migrant orderAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A new order by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that allows state troopers to stop and turnaround vehicles carrying migrants on the basis that they could increase the spread of COVID-19 drew swift backlash and a threat of a lawsuit from the Justice Department on Thursday. This DOJ is a joke Texas doesn't adhere to American standards.. Abbott is an abysmal failure.. What a way to prove that the government is hypocritical on what they are willing to do to stop this “pandemic” But at the same time won’t enforce the same policy of turning people back when the border isn’t actually open