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U.S.'s Pompeo calls for new, efficient government in Lebanon

U.S.'s Pompeo calls for new, efficient government in Lebanon


U.S.'s Pompeo calls for new, efficient government in Lebanon

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday urged Lebanon 's political le...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday urged Lebanon’s political leaders to help form a new government responsive to the needs of its people after Saad al-Hariri resigned as prime minister after huge protests against the ruling elite.

Reporting by Mohammad Zargham; Editing by Christian Schmollinger

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Haha first you should call for your own corrupt government Shameless Not only Impertinent but also condemnable remarks! They should try a republic...like what was actually given to Americans...the founders detested democracies and wrote extensively on the subject. They seem to push democracies on everyone...because democracies are easy to corrupt.

By the way I think you do a great job, it’s gotta be tough, hang in there! We have no credibility. None. Pompeo better get back to Kansas and crank up his run for the Senate there before he gets any more Trump filth on him. That stuff isn't going to wash off. Mr Pompeo, their government is not our business.

Why do what you want! And a puppet, of course. The international community: Sorry wrong number.

Pompeo grilled on Syria by his hometown paperSecretary of State Mike Pompeo Thursday traveled to Wichita, Kansas and sat for an interview with The Wichita Eagle, during which he lashed out at a reporter for asking questions about America's standing following the troop pullout from Syria. Why do think I hear a Honeymooner's episode about to begin....'huminahuminahuminahuminahumina...' He needs to step away from the crack pipe Kudos!

Mind your business and clean up your W H Efficient gov ? What the hell is this to mean ? Pompey needs to just go away. They could use one in California, too. Is he displeased with how slowly they are digging up dirt on the Bidens? Something something remove the plank out of your own eye. How about one in Washington D C

How about here first? USA's citizens call for new, efficient government in DC. I call for that here.

Democratic senator seeks review of Pompeo adherence to bar on political activitiesA senior Democratic senator on Tuesday asked a U.S. government watchdog to asses... Pompao is not a politician..Just leave hom alone. Finally! When’s Barr’s turn?

Never like looking at this man. He is untrustworthy. People in glass houses should not throw politicians. I’d settle for a new, efficient government in the United States. In my book he has no credibility to call for a efficient government in any country-he is part of fast and loose crowd in this administration whose foreign policy is virtually nonexistent-just photo ops and meaningless rhetoric-

secpompeo What a hypocrite. He should call for a new, efficient government in the USA. Start home 1st. I call for Pompeo’s resignation. genius ! i bet he thinks putting gas in a car after it runs out is a good idea too Traitor

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigns amid mass protests Lebanon has been gripped by unprecedented nationwide anti-government protests. I heard he's best friends with Noah Oppenheim. Your turn Aoun...

Let’s get one here also... Pompeo is going to jail! What the hell is wrong with Pompous? We need a new, efficient government here. Pompous would do well by firing himself.😡👎 Efficient means 90-degree pro-America govt in traditional faction fighting Lebanon? Who the f**k cares what Pompeo calls for? Notice a theme developing in the responses?

We call for the same in the United States. TrumpIsAnIdiot LockHimUp Our regime changes keep failing... Better try a new country! An efficient government like ours? run by his lord & savior, Jared Trump!

Without evidence, Trump calls White House official 'Never Trumper' before testimonyPres. Trump attacks, without evidence, White House national security official, just before the official was to tell House impeachment investigators he raised alarms about what Trump told Ukraine's president during a July phone call. Traitor JuliaDavisNews BooTrump I believe everyone single person that’s came out to tell the truth about Trump and this and administration

Thy don't noe how to mind their own do they ..... He should call for the same thing in his own country Think ya might want to work on the one here!

Lebanon's prime minister quits after two weeks of antigovernment protestsLebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation, bowing to pressure from waves of protesters who refused to abandon the streets. uwu_uwu_mo When is Hong Kong’s quit....

Lebanon's government needs to show a 'resolve for the state to function': IMF Middle East director Lebanon 's leaders need to win back the confidence of its citizenry not by announcing reforms, but by their actual implementation, the IMF's Middle East and Central Asia director told CNBC.

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