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Illegal Immigration, Undocumented Migrants

U.S. Prepares to Arrest Thousands of Immigrant Family Members

Breaking News: Nationwide raids to sweep up undocumented families for deportation are scheduled to begin Sunday, homeland security officials said


Breaking News: Nationwide raids to sweep up undocumented families for deportation are scheduled to begin Sunday, homeland security officials said

Some of those targeted might end up being held in hotel rooms until their travel documents can be prepared. ICE ’s goal is to deport the families as quickly as possible.

When possible, family members who are arrested together will be held in family detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania. But because of space limitations, some might end up staying in hotel rooms until their travel documents can be prepared. ICE’s goal is to deport the families as quickly as possible.

Matthew Bourke, an ICE spokesman, said in a statement on Wednesday that the agency would not comment on specific details related to enforcement operations, to ensure the safety and security of agency personnel.

Immigration defense lawyers are likely to file motions to reopen the families’ immigration cases, which would significantly delay, if not stop altogether, their removal from the United States.

Read more: The New York Times

Great news. Get them out of here. Good! Thank you .POTUS and .ICEgov for ridding our country of criminals! These people have had their day in court refused to leave and now they will be thrown out! Illegals get it ,with deportation orders Let’s change the headline to criminals that have had their day in court. You’re welcome 😉

Wall should have been built This all could have been avoided Thanks Democrats and Nancy Pelosi! More destruction to follow 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 2,000 unlawful immigrants with judge ordered deportation warrants after reviewing their cases. Propaganda fail. Deport all of the illegals, amen. QLover18 Outstanding Prayers answered!

First of get it correct, targeting illegal immigrants not immigrants and secondly, targeting illegal immigrants with crimes not familys and childe

Turkey issues arrest warrants for 200 soldiers over FETOTurkey issues arrest warrants for 200 soldiers, including active-duty colonels, lieutenants, majors and captains, over alleged links to FETO terror group

realDonaldTrump — please keep up. Great job. Round them up and move them out. It's about time we wouldn't be doing this if the sorry DemocRATS would done their jobs and secured our borders. So u blame them for the raids not Trump. They r breaking our laws by being here illegally. Good Finally Good! Our laws should be enforced! Or who gets to decide what laws American citizens can break?

DeportNow ! No just let them rip the American flag down and put up a Mexican flag up. good job you and your far left media has done. Americans are tried of you and media is doing to the great country. We are walking up ! We are taking back our country from who wants to destroy it. Yayyyyyy! Enforce our laws! Secure our borders! Put our needs first! And by ours I mean the diverse loving American people who were born here or immigrated legally. 🇺🇸mags

Why are American citizens separated from their families when they break the law? Why is there no outrage over this by our politicians? Are illegals more important to them?

Kodak Black's Legal Team Claims Racial Profiling Led to Firearm WarrantKodak Black's attorney claims racial profiling led to firearm warrant, arrest. Just keep him in there. The world is a lot better like this! When in doubt use the 'racial profiling' route or maybe just look at his criminal history? Yes let's start with that.. mr_jettlife lol ok

Fingers crossed for the day the U. S. plans nationwide raids to arrest corrupt politicians, and corporate polluters. Atención Atención: Línea directa de emergencia de ICE: (202) 335-1183 Llame a este número en caso de una redada de ICE Si ICE llega a su puerta, CONOZCA SUS DERECHOS: -No abras la puerta -Permanecer en silencio -No firmes nada.

Stop at 50 MILLION= rest for a week and then do it again- should be great It's Not a Raid, it's Federal Officers Serving Warrants on people who had their day in court and are now violating their court order to leave the USA. I am 100 percent securing the border, even if it includes a wall, but I am not cool with kicking out established families here. The only people in the States that we should be worried about is criminals, those in detention, and others currently trying to enter.

You people act like it's all Trump. Obama had remove more ILLEGALS than Trump at the same time frame. Get over it, people. They are here illegally- PERIOD AMERICA FIRST! WE have babies sleeping on the streets and homeless! Let's take care of business! Just wondering.... Isn't this article obstruction of justice?

GREAT!! Enforcing our laws against illegal aliens who violate our laws, is the right thing to do. Illegal aliens dont get a free pass any more than Citizens do! But they had specific instructions to show up in court and they didn't. If an American did that, they would have a warrant out for their arrest and would possibly be separated from their families. What is the difference sir?

GOD Bless President Trump and his willingness to save America.

Deutsche Bank Layoffs Begin as Workers Feel Turnaround Plan’s Impact FirstDeutsche Bank began firing thousands of employees in Asia, Europe and the U.S., moving quickly on at least one part of a strategy meant to arrest years of losses, scandal and decline One of your top clients is likely responsible for at least half of those scandals and losses. When is HE going to be arrested? ImpeachTrump Fugazi! TRUMP-you losing jobs with these cuts at a time you bragging?

Good. .realDonaldTrump admin uses tried-and-true techniques perfected years ago, eg, by Nazis in Germany, defining a THEM to vilify and unite US against, turning human suffering exacerbated by WhiteHouse policies into raw, fresh bait for Trump BaseNoodling. Finally!!! Round them up and out!!! Time to deal with the epidemic of homeless American citizens plaguing our liberal cities. 👏👏👏

Excellent news! Thanks for finally reporting some heart warming human interest stories. This sounds like the lead up to a happy ending. Raids They are going after aliens who have been issued a court order to leave and haven’t.... I know you’re used to presidents who do nothing. Mr. Cummings, President BO did it, Bush did it too. So did Clinton. Suddenly it is immoral to do it. What's immoral is for you to stand in adv

This is a country of laws. This all of a sudden has become a huge issue. All because it’s DJT. While that closet Muslim deported over 3 million, had built the cages that those kids are kept, you never said a word. Bunch of hypocrites they had their day in court if they even showed up. the court listen to their claims and ruled they had no claim to stay and ordered them to be deported.

MaryBernstein14 It is about time!!!! I just don't understand the outrage? People that are targeted are people that have applied and for various reasons were not legalized. So, it's okay to thumb their noses at the process everyone must follow.

Man goes on stabbing spree, strips off clothes in downtown Seattle attackPolice arrest naked man after he allegedly stabs 3 people in downtown Seattle, authorities say. Stabbed them with what? I'm just hoping it wasn't a concealed weapon.

Good news. Those who break the law should be punished Are these babies and children criminals. What happened to he would just deport criminals? GOOD ABOUT DAMN TIME These are people ALREADY UNDER DEPORTATION ORDERS you idiot, not random. They have had due process through the courts already. GOOD! This feels very WW II-ish. DrJasonJohnson JoyAnnReid K_JeanPierre RepCummings timkaine rememberinnovember everyvotecounts

Good. Good Calm down, and get your facts straight. The raids will target undocumented immigrants with criminal records as well as migrants, including families who have final orders of deportation from a judge. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

Amber Portwood's BF Files for Custody of Child After Her ArrestAmber Portwood's boyfriend and father of their son has gone to court seeking an emergency hearing to get sole custody. Yeah!!! I hope he wins. Good for him! Good Luck to him!

NYT you’ve omitted some important facts: they’ve already had their day in American courts! Send them back Please continue to speak about this. This is the most bullshit manufactured crisis where the only point is to inflict the most pain. Go USA 🇺🇸 If I were a legal immigrant, I’d contact our FLOTUS to do a documentary on the struggles and the rewards of becoming an American Citizen for all the right reasons! People need to know there are consequences to unlawful acts!

Great! I hope they deport every last illegal alien in this country! It's time to worry about, help, focus on Americans! Fabulous President Trump is doing just that! Fake NY Times! Lies is all you have! What next? Families in hiding to avoid the ICE Gestapo like Anne Frank and her family? What the fuck is happening over there?

Where the hell are they going to put them? If we can remove them now, why couldn’t we before? AbolishICE

Here's the Deal With A$AP Rocky's Arrest and 'Inhumane' Detainment in SwedenAn explanation of rapper A$AP Rocky's legal drama in Sweden and the video of him allegedly fighting with two men who were following him and harassing girls.

Obama-Biden DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: 'Deportations occur all the time. ... We simply have to enforce the law, particularly if someone has been ordered deported. ... Enforcement actions themselves are not extraordinary.' We will not be in America if he does not stop the reins and deport all illegal aliens.

The problem lies with the Lifer Establishment both D’s&R’s who’ve been in Congress for 3 to 4 decades that’ve promised Immigration Reform and haven’t done jack shit about it because these people are and have been being used as a political football. The Law is the Law. Get em out! Mean while many American children parents are in the DNC prison industrial complex. realDonaldTrump mass release nonviolent criminals and employ them as subcontractors for ICE.

EverlyS333 Notice that you always like to say immigrant families instead of illegal immigrants. Bias. Its About time , these mobs of illegals are nothing but a costly head ache , Dems . dont care , its about how many illegal votes they can get , anouther cheat to win game , by Democrats ! Hon. Cummings call off the brutal torture & execution of 3,000 American babies every day by the EVIL of abortion! CummingsBabyKiller AbortionIsMurder InfanticideisMurder VoteRedToSaveAmerica

No. Raid away. Yippee! Thank you President realDonaldTrump!!! Interestingly they are targeting homes, not farms or factories where most undocumented people work

Deportthemall You left out 'who committed crimes and have orders to be deported '! fakeassnews There are a few words in this headline that incite fear in people. NYT does this on purpose. I want people to understand that verbiage is key to NYT success in ginning up the mob. Subliminal programming. The words are ~ raids, arrest, undocumented “families”, targeting, ordered.

great!! about F-ing time Good. People that are being targeted for deportation have had their day in court and are now violating court orders to leave Deport all with orders...lets make more room for those who come legally! Uphold the rule of law and our sovereignty! God forgive who ever thought this abominable plan up (I know I couldn't) especially on the sabbath. May they go down in history with all the other truly evil people. Including Trump and his criminal family.

Good Perfect, round the all up like cattle and ship them back immediately FINALLY. THIS is what we have been waiting for - Law Enforcement to do its job. SecureTheBorder BuildTheWall

They are 'Illegal Immigrants', no such thing as a undocumented immigrant. More amazing stupidity from liberals. Good! It's the law! If you are here illegally, and you are in a city that was announced to be raided on the day they announced the raids would happen, and you know all this; If you don’t go for a long walk all day long, you deserve what’s coming. Am I alone in this thought?

29,998,000 more where that came from. Hey they are just doing their job. Blame Soros. He was there in these few countries before this. Bribing and talking to dictators. New buses. Cell phones. Meals. So do we accept a million illegals a year? Get them OUT! Lol I can give them the address of my mumu uncle living there sef 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

He is following the law idiot Existing facilities are not equipped to hold this volume of people. It's not too late to stop further deaths.🙏realDonaldTrump

I support ICEgov ! They protect the USA 🇺🇸 when all the stupid Democrats are trying to get new voters. While stepping over homeless Americans Men,Women & Children sleeping in cars,on the streets they turn their back or avoid going to that area. The families are free to leave with the deportees, that way no separations. Pretty damn easy. If only they’d of obeyed our laws in the first place eh? Be safe ICEgov and Thank You!!

BuildTheWall ICEgov ICEgov, baby Why should our tax dollars be spent on many of which are thugs, criminals, lazy, non-English Speaking illiterates who want a handout by the hard working American. Most are young, healthy, able-bodied men who should go build their own countries up instead of taking from ours.

You mean illegal aliens with deportation orders. It’s illegal alien not undocumented immigrants. ILLEGAL ALIENS Yes go Favorite President Trump arrest these criminals Well it does seem unfair but how many years do you need to become legal?! You just ignore your illegal status waiting for the day this Country finally gets its act together. That’s really on the illegals they knew this day was coming while they birthed their illegals here.

Trumps targeting swing states... Awesome. Love it. So let everybody out of prison so they can be with their families,too. If people break the law there are consequence s.

Oh! So doing their jobs and holding people accountable for breaking the lawm Great news! It is long over due! Obama did it and none of you gave a damn! About time Math 101 break the law get deported. Any questions? Everyone of these have gone through the whole system & have been ordered deported. No, they are called “ Illegal” not undocumented. Just like murderers are not called undocument surgeons and Rapist are not called undocumented lovers

The immigrant waging war on immigrants Raid away ICEgov Cuz you know if I didn’t pay my taxes the feds would come after me. I have 0 sympathy!!! rounding the immigrants as if they are mutants

Good, get them out of this effing country! I wonder why people didn't act like this when Obama back in 2011 put a travel ban on people coming over? And in 2014 he had children in cages at the border. How quickly the Democratic party forgets about that. That's right, NYT. They don't belong here and, I would add, a substantial number of them are likely criminals beyond their illegal entry into this nation. So stop with the fake histrionics as you have about as much credibility as CNN.

The only question left is when will The Night of the Long Knives Part Deux take place? Awesome Real journalist would find out who’s paying for them to come here and who’s promising them citizenship when they get here. If you know and are hiding it from the public your nothing more than a propaganda machine. If you don’t know then do your fucking job and find out

*illegal aliens .they aren't immigrant families. They are criminals that don't belong in this country. They might deport themselves so they aren't arrested its two years in jail. Get out even more. Protect our country and our citizens we owe these ppl nothing.

It about time!! Didn't German soldiers go door to door looking for Jews? 2000 sounds like a drop in the bucket, I heard there is 1M with deportation orders, at 2K per day we’ll need 2 years to detain all of them, this issue is a lot more serious than any of us realize, we’ve been invaded and the pol in Wash r dicking around

They are already here and contributing to our economy.... Wtf 2000 that’s it. 🙄 POTUS gave congress 2 1/2 yrs to work on immigration laws, the last chance was for two weeks, time is up! Go ICEgov they are here illegally and broken our laws! AMERICANS FIRST! I support ICEgov 100%! No one is above the law.

👏👏👏👏👏 Not undocumented. ILLEGAL. With court ordered deportation papers. Outstanding!

This is What the People want! I say tht if someone hids these people, the should me arrested for obstruct &.aiding & abbetting! Our great President is bound and determined to follow Federal Law and I hope he breaks another Obama held record in the process! He'll have to deport hundreds of thousands illegals tho to break Obama's record. GoTrump

They gotta go realDonaldTrump And where do you think ICE is going to house these people before they get deported? There’s already an overcrowded situation! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Awesome..start Saturday night!! Deportations AmericaFirst excellent The *US* is not planning anything! This is solely trump/gop. The gop is a terrorist organization and is holding the country hostage. ICE is the gop's SS.

I hope this isn't true... Send the kids with the parents... problem solved!

Parents should quit putting their children through this. Just QUIT COMING. We can't take care of our own homeless and foster kids. TRUMP. STOP THIS AND PROTECT OUR HOMELESS CHILDREN.!!! Nothing says freedom like... Good. We don’t need law breakers in our country. We need to respect the rule of law. 🇺🇸

Classic misdirection. Operations have been ongoing all week *finishing* on Sunday. Hey NYT, these are being done because of court orders, you know, by Judges? NYTIMESSUCK Awesome. Can we make it 10,000? GetOut BS NYT. The people being arrested are ILLEGALs who have been ordered by US Courts to leave the country. They have NOT complied with COURT ORDERs. Most of those have criminal convictions by the way. Cut the political horse$hit. We’re not buying.

American citizens Killed by illegal aliens! Democrats only protect illegals just for votes not citizens! Laws are laws, until they are changed. It is not a good idea to go down the road of selective law enforcement. It isn't right. Any civilized society needs law and order. Get rid of one, you will probably lose the other

That’s ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!! Good Illegal aliens Nuff said.... Please pray for our ICE and federal agents conducting these ICEraids. They need Divine protection as they seek to enforce the laws our congress has decided are necessary for our great nation. GodSpeed You all must understand that Majority of US citizens want illegals out of our country. They ILLEGALLY came here then lied and judge ordered them back to where they came from. They never should of come to my country illegally which makes them criminals. Deport them ALL

If 90% are good Law abiding People, and just 10% are Criminals and Terrorists from Nations, that is 120,000 Bad People a Year, How Many American Citizens will be wounded or Die as a result ? No Borders, No America ! Must Go to the Port of Entry ! If the do nothing DEMOCRATS would have just let President Trump build the wall is 2017 this would not be as bad of a situation as it has become !


Domestic terrorism. Beginning at 2 am... You leave out the fact that their case have been adjudicated. If we can’t deport people with orders of deportation, who can we deport? Good Hopefully it'll end up being ALOT more than 2000 soon. Time to face the consequences of their actions. GTFO Excellent. And NYC power went out tonight... coincidence.... maybe Planned... maybe

We will stand with ICE and We will obey the Rule of Law. Deport everyone who had orders to deport!

About time the laws are to be enforced !!! Starting with those who have been ordered to leave. Bravo DJT and to our ICE men ... Be safe and thanks for your service and compliance to your oath of office! How appropriate for the self-proclaimed “family values, Christian” party to abuse people on Sunday, the Lord’s day.

USA 🇺🇸 is at war with its people but is buddy-buddy with Kim and Putin. Chaos is at the helm. getsmart Good. They had their day in court, and judges ruled against them. Stand up for America, and deport them. BrendaR44430265 They should deport the mayors of sanctuary cities also! Should have come legally then.

edeweysmith This is wrong bcuz Good. Should have been done long ago

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Just do it Start with all of Trumps ex’s, wife, and her family. Oh, and Gorka. The key words “have been ordered deported”. They’ve been adjudicated. Many ordered by Obama appointed judges no doubt. This is what a nation of laws looks like when enforcement happens. Did I see this article when Obama was deporting many more, on average per year, then Trump? 🤔

They knew what would happen if they didn't follow the rules and do it legally. Why should they be above the law? America the new Nazi admin. Omg detention centers are taking over America. Yes as Obama did. This is ordered by a judge yet you and HouseDemocrats have problem with that?

nana4MANY Are there any on going court proceedings to stop this? 98% do not qualify for asylum. Taxpayers want our veterans and homeless here in America taken care of first. Right hardliners this will take years to fix as well as the rest of the world mistakes trump’s made to After the raids, there will be a lot of U.S. born children without parents. Trump will allow the unification if they agree to be deported with their parents. So here we go, folks! He's asking U.S. citizens to leave the country.

The national media will cover this massively and try and cast a dark shadow over the Trump administration for its actions. Funny you all don't want to comprehend these are illegal immigrants who have been court ordered to be deported and are defying that court order! If you get arrested for defying a court order you will be separated from your kids as well, this is not hard to understand

POTUS Call off the raids. It’s not Christian. It’s not humane!!! Ah, so we’ve reached this point in Nazism? VP realDonaldTrump 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!5:21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah

All illegal criminals have to go, hard to imagine being an unwanted guest and still committing crimes but these bad ones do. Deport the criminals immediately, protect Americans. Including Chinese? Russians? Germans? Didn't think so. Any significance of this starting on the day of the Lord, fauxchristians and GOP ?

Why are babies and children on deportation orders!?! Geez...this is ridiculous....and where are they going to house these people in the interim? Lets put the Trumps in one of those detention cages and see how they like it Hey Don’t say the US is planning raids......say Donald trump and President Steven Miller along with their Nazi ICE agents are planning raids......

About damn time. Again I call BS. No one announces a raid before it happens. This is another attempt to get attention off the real scandals. This is repulsive. What can we do to help these victims? And how can we stop this madness?

I wonder how many illegal Europeans & Canadians will be rounded up? Or is it only Africans & SouthAmericans in this effort? Just asking. I know conservatives don’t like to hear this, but these people have been here and are working. Contributing. They pay into Social Security and will never be eligible for it. They are not free loaders.

What have they been waiting for? If these are people who have exhausted their legal claims and been ordered to leave...pick them up and send them back to their own country. Who but the most extreme could have a problem with this. Nazi Germany, 1933. And nobody in the US actually cares. NeverForget Oh well. Break the law - Pay the price. Do you panderers have any idea what the punishment is in Mexico for being there illegally? Look it up. The USA is far too lenient on these scumbags. Ask Kate Steinly.

Again a deflection ploy to counter the Mueller testimony ..... Make the testimony big and keep it front page !!!! The razzia’s are starting, what is next? Check history. If they've been ordered to be deported, then they should be deported. We have laws for a reason. It’s called US immigration laws

Really a waste of money and time as the Democrats have opened the spigot for millions more illegals to cross our open borders. Another 150 billion a year that we already spend on illegals will soon double. DOTUS (dictator) Trumpolini's brownshirts Bye bye. ! What idiot wrote this tweet/article? Your so called 'targeting...' ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS or UNDOCUMENTED, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

2000 that's it? I live in l.a please please please send ICE here Send them back.. No illegal, legal yes Start with Melania! ImpeachTrumpNow 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲 I was born in Vermont; but at this point, I'm willing to be deported to just about anywhere because 'America' has become a shithole country. Just give me a heads-up, I'll ship my stuff to wherever the hell the flight lands.

Prediction for how many non-Latino families the ICEgov gestapo will round up: zero.

The Times irresponsibly fails to mention the targets of this operation are those who've committed crimes since their illegal entry into the United States. The art of using journalism to vilify the DHS/ICE is self-evident. Just another tRump distraction from the Mueller testimony next week. Let’s not take the bait!! CriminalPresident UNFIT

Good Ordered deported Ordered deported ORDERED DEPORTED. Long overdue. SvanteMyrick Make sure to inform those who still read your malarkey that these are people who have received final deportation orders. They are not asylum seekers, or legal immigrants. So The NY Times warns people who entered the country illegally, who went through the legal system and were found not to be refugees, who were told to leave and did not, when ICE is coming. They put the lives of ICE agents in danger to sell newspapers. The US is a Sovereign nation

maggieNYT Here we go again! DJT using immigrants to deflect Epstein/DJT/Acosta/Dershowitz/et al connection! He is a megalomaniac! Cause what else would racist nazis do? Trumpocaust Deport

👏 👏 👏 soledadobrien realDonaldTrump should start clearing out his properties first! Aside from political terrorism why would ICEgov announce plans of arrests giving dangerous criminals opportunitiy to go into hiding? MattMurph24 This was 2 weeks ago. No? Again? Nice way to keep the chaos and fear on high alert

Hyping these raids dovetails with Trump’s Census strategy. He will do anything and everything to maximize an immigrant undercount, because he fundamentally believes only citizens (preferably white ones) should have representation, the Constitution be dammed. Woooo woo get it on. Mueller week. Coincidence?

You misspelled “illegals who committed crimes and have been ordered by the courts to be deported” but that’s ok. 🙄 It’s not “immigrants”. it’s illegal aliens that entered the country unlawfully, have already had due process despite the illegal entry, and were given deportation orders. New York Times: all the fake news that’s fit to print.

Already happening. I met an 18 year old whose parents were taken on Friday. She was in Florida when her parents never came home to their 14 and 9 year old children in Baltimore. Shameful! Children are being left in homes without notification. 👏🏻👍🏻Bravo Mr. President. Round em up The U.S. is planning nationwide raids starting Sunday to arrest thousands of members of undocumented families, homestar runner officials said. The officials said ICE agents were targeting at least 2,000 immigrants who have been ordered deported.

What are we waiting for? Get on with I! If illegal immigrants have gone through due process, and judge denies asylum, then deportation is next, it’s what law calls for. Why have law at all if it isn’t enforced? Give asylum, follow the process, and enforce results. What the fuck On the Lord's day of rest! What a travesty!

Didn’t they say the same thing last week? They are called ILLEGAL immigrants. You would think a liberal hack newspaper like yourself will be able to get the terminology correct. We are a nation of laws and they are here illegally. Why is that so hard to understand? Rhetorical of course. RejectandProtect

maggieNYT FINALLY It's about time trump does what he was elected to do. Props. Love it. Might help to mention these are folks that were deemed no entry. Already been denied citizenship. All Presidents do it even Obama. Focus should be on the children (and adults) living in filth and being molested while seeking citizenship.

Excellent news Love the wording. “Undocumented” “families” roripierpont1 Great job SpeakerPelosi and HouseDemocrats. You went along with funding Trump's racist immigration policies and got nothing in return. Now more families are going to be permanently damaged because you lack the backbone to stand up against fascism. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

Let’s make sure your “fans” read correctly. This isn’t an “immigrant round up”. This is an “illegal immigrant, already been to see the judge and told they must leave”, round up. Big big difference. Again, got their day in court folks. Now they need to follow the law!! Very good, should have been done 20 years ago, send the Democrats the bill. Obama gave billions of dollars to the enemy, Dems need to pay back the dollar

Good Good let's get it done. Time to go home and the next time do it the legal way! DeportThemAll legalimigration AmericaFirst . ILLEGALS ILLEGAL ALIENS SAY IT SAY IT NOW. “...whose cases have already been adjudicated and deemed not eligible for asylum.” Posted conveniently for those of you not terribly interested in the whole truth.

Stop this MAGGATS realDonaldTrump and his corrupt allies are in our government and they are concerned about the immigrants Look at all the people around trump that have been indicted and gone to prison. The criminals are in the White House not at our borders. They're trumpeting this sweep will occur on Sunday. Wanna bet they launch it a day ot two earlier?

MontrellB Here we go with this shit again

Yaaas! Go get’em ICE!! ILLEGAL ICE are bullies. Free reign of terror against hard working families. Shame on America. Sunday belongs to Jesus and not to realDonaldTrump I support ICE in their efforts to enforce our laws! It's like deja vu all over again. Anysia13098852 Good Do you all realize what's going on here ?

They need to stop announcing and just do it. They have had their court dates and they refuse to leave now it's time.

Bullies gotta find someone to make them feel good about themselves I guess. Yeahhh let’s go boys Nazi Germany.... This’ll backfire. It’ll blow-up in Trump’s face! Still under Obama’s 3 million deportations It is the art of distraction to get the heat off of himself and Acosta. Let’s make immigrants the evil doers.

Great ! California is giving free healthcare to illegals, while Americans suffer with none. Thanks to Obamacare sky high premiums . It cost US billions to house & feed them, plus educate their children. While US citizen complain about over burden teachers & school systems !! Great news! Get them all!! About time.

If they’re being deported they aren’t immigrants. Lugenpresse. I hope these people can hide from the ICE agents. Look up how the Jews hid from the SS and many did hide from them otherwise they ended up dead. The U.S. is planning nationwide raids starting Sunday to arrest thousands of illegal immigrants , homeland security officials said. The officials said ICE agents were targeting at least 2,000 illegals who have been ordered deported.

Shit just getting real Wow are we finally going to become a civilized country again and protect our soverignty What a concept, what a no brainer Correction: IllegalAliens who have been given their day in court and were deported but are still living here! Good! Arnt you guys the one saying keep the families together? if they don't take the entire family you guys will put up some stage photo from 10 years ago of a little girl crying. Because liberals are idiots and don't research things

soledadobrien Hmm. Sunday is the 14th. Epstein is back in court on Monday the 15th. Mueller testified on Wednesday the 17th. Gee, what a coincidence? 🙄

Raid ice Everybody panic! They need to be reunified in their home countries . Bye times up . Stop coming here illegally. For the love of all that is holy, why How much more heartless can this administration Nice It'll happen Saturday night Replace undocumented families with 'Illegals who were repeatedly notified of missing court dates for their asylum requests and then repeatedly notified of deportation if they didn't appear at court but still chose to ignore it' and then you'd have an honest report.

maggieNYT They are purposely announcing this to scare people. If you are going to raid someone you don't put it on social media or MSM. They want to scare families. I am so sick & tired of this administration. AndreaGil55555 This is definitely not going to go well 😣

Illegal Aliens. We don't use the Hussein Obongo dictionary anymore Why post this? Gives them time to run and hide realDonaldTrump TuckerCarlson Why are they telling them anything? 7777MYNAME They are called illegals or criminals, get your facts straight Does this include people who over stayed there visas from European countries like oh I don't know 'Norway'?!

Everybody here talkin shit, but the headlines are leaving out that the ones they are looking for been to court, had a hearing, and never returned for their court appearance. And i notice they made sure they didn't say that but put families instead. Fake news as usual. soledadobrien Article says they missed court dates but recently crossed the border. Uh, our system doesn't move that fast and define recently.

Call these what they really are Trumps Pogroms Rounding up brown people not for anything they've down just because of their color Demonize a group of people so no one pays attention to what you are doing We have lived through this before America wake up & stop the madness Help your friends, family and neighbors stay safe and know their rights NoRaids

maggieNYT But who will pick the apples and oranges?

Nazi government! They are Illegal Immigrants not immigrants. Immigrants came legally and Illegal immigrants snuck in. Get it right. Deport them all. ComeLegally And they'll be cancled by Saturday. Trump has been saying this for some time now, then changes his mind by claiming he put the dems in check.

Let me know if you need the exact address of my ex from Honduras Hope those SS MFRs like flying debris and being identified 1) good 2) you spelled “illegal” wrong maggieNYT Remind people, you don't have to answer questions, you have the right to request an attorney. Also in the census is on to NOT answer some of the questions i.e. the citizenship question

Awesome! Any coincidence that Mueller is testifying 3 days later? Highly doubt it! Oh look over there.... squirrel!!!

maggieNYT Great!! GET ALL ILLEGALS OUT OF COUNTRY WE NEED RO KNOW WHO IS HERE AND THAT THEY COME IN LEGALLY maggieNYT Why? Just to be mean? Long overdue. Need to catch up with Obama's numbers there. Only thing Obama still has over Trump. Start deporting. Don't stop Good 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Distractor in chief is at it again.

There goes Trumps prized element of surprise Funny it doesn’t state these are people that have already had their day in court and we’re not found to meet the criteria for asylum. That is the law! We have laws that must be followed. This is fucking crazy.

nairasl State sanctioned terrorism Stay on the Mueller and Epstein cycle. Do NOT give those up for distractions. You owe it to the country. Don’t become a pawn in this diversion, NYT. Good !!! God speed DHSgov , maybe your quest to follow through on court ordered removals be fruitful and safe for all parties involved.

ICE should start raiding all realDonaldTrump businesses. Then move unto FLOTUS parents who benefitted from Chain Migration, And Melania herself for over-staying her Model (?) work visa. GenXceptional And don’t let the door hit them in the behind. Mueller is coming anyway. Alert Haberman. Than God 🤦‍♀️ to compare this to genocide is a stretch. Undocumented = illegal immigrant. Not legal migrants or anyone that came over legally and got the proper work Visas

In 2012, the Obama administration kicked 419,384 people out of the United States, a single-year record that still stands, despite two years (and counting) of Trump framing himself as America's border-guard-in-chief, but last year Trump managed to deport merely 256,000 people.

'Sweep up'? NYT complicit in de-humanizing of undocumented families. The news complained the president put ICE agents safety at risk by tweeting when raids would start, so i guess this is how it happens now in America, the country violates human rights without telling anyone. We rely on news outlets to give us official heads up🙄🤦‍♂️

Bye bye Interesting use of the word families. Your agenda is showing. maggieNYT 'This is the day the Lord has made...' TheNazis are coming! Lock your doors....hide your neighbors & friends! Take down any symbols on your buildings! Trump gave Democrats 2 1/2 weeks to sit with him and attempt to create a deal, guess how many times Democrats cane together to try to make a deal... 0. But they supposedly care so much! Lol if you support the Democratic Party they are making you’ll look like fools!

Pretty horrifying choice of wording. When Obama did the same thing I’m not sure it was even reported on. So who’s gonna cut my lawn now?

Is it a raid if you know it is coming?.. Long overdue I'm sure nothing will go wrong here since this administration has zero plan for anything they do! GOP aka Gathering of Pedophiles! You should all be proud! MitchellMeeks11 What about the children that are US Citizens? Riiiight. They wouldn't announce it 🤷

You know you live in a great country when people are so spoiled they compare deportation of illegal aliens to the mass genocide of 6 million Jews. I love America, I love immigrants who come here legally, and I love our president 🇺🇸❤️ Groundhog Day. Again. Could you also publish the schedule for seat belt checkpoints. TIA.

these are hard working families. many have children who are US citizens - this is heartless and will be devastating. gestapo can happen here. Right after church I’m sure.

Why Sunday!! Trump shit or get off the pot. This already got OLD. Nike says. JUST DO IT ! ICE ICE Baby ICEraids Good Time to put them into hiding! There goes a bunch of Democrat voters. Lol So a good place for ICE officials to start would be Mar-a-Lago 🙄! Still no heavy fines for employing Illegal Immigrants🤷‍♂️. Oh right, that’s would be rich privileged white people.

Another sad distraction from the d’s ties to Epstein. Or is it from removing healthcare from millions? Or is from the the Mueller hearing? Or from his bankrupting DC for his lovefest? All this admin does is try to distract from all the criminal activity going on in the WH. Let's start at trump business then the white house.

Start them today God

Shameful. So what does Trump want out of headlines? How much will Pelosi pay Trump this time around? It’s a f. Ing joke the whole world is laughing. He can’t figure out what to do with the kids in camp. So he is going to get more 😂 Go get em ICE! Trump is just trying to affect the census data. I think most people are tired of this same old 'immigrant' news. Just do it already and get the illegal ones out. The ones who came the legal way, great. Our country is looking more and more like Tijuana every day as crime goes up and up.

And we're going to arrest all their employers too right? Start doing that and exploitation goes down and the demand to create more legal workers goes up. If you believe for one second that this is about America and not Trump's bigotry then you're an idiot. It drives him insane that this country isn't 100% white and rich. He has done NOTHING for this country, all he's been obsessed with is harassing immigrants & insulting Dems.

Get them out! My best friend was murdered by an illegal immigrant, my car was vandalized by an illegal immigrant, my grandmothers jewelry was stolen by an illegal immigrant and my under 40 soccer team lost to a majority illegal immigrant team. Go figure.

Undocumented families- are these the bad hombres we were warned about? Somehow I don’t think so. Here come the stormtroopers. AbolishICE Goodbye 'land of the free'. Time to tear down the Statue of Liberty. Time to take the injustice to the streets folks. 💩 has got to stop. Sounds a little bit like the raids organized by the Nazis...

Fascism gotta start somewhere. ~ OurFascistGovernment terfle Protests are getting derailed because the government is doing raids. That is where we are at as a nation. They shouldn't be able to do SHIT until they figure out what's going on at the border. ImpeachTrumpNow UNStepIn protecteachother FightThePower

Well there are laws. Who ever thought we’d get to a point where law enforcement enforcing laws would become so debatable. Why do we ever get warnings about FBI RAIDS...That'd really come in handy.. Fascists 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Maybe come to the US legally next time. Finally Great, gives them plenty of time to scatter.

Epstein raping teenage girls for 17 years with no actual prison sentence, Acosta making excuses as to why he got him no jail time. *look over here, immigrants bad* The problem is that these ppl are the new Dem voter base petridishes Because they want to fill the last square inches of the detention cages?

Good. No backing down this time. Get em out. Bring back the undergroundrailroads I would help any family in jeopardy of deportation. Where are they going 2 house them? AbolishICE Not only are these so called families illegal they have also exhausted all legal processes and have been ordered out. People who fall for these misleading headlines aren’t very bright.

This is red meat for his racist base. He needs a distraction because his fellow Pedophiles, are being exposed, he lost the census battle and it's MuellerTime All the cops in your Starbucks are going to start arresting people in front of your eyes. Deport. Deport. Deport. Blame Pelosi for it. Bring everyone to Pelosi home.

I assume Russians are explicitly excluded from this, and white illegal immigrants also aren’t “priority targets.” This is operation terrorize the non-whites. If you are not white in America you need multiple specific laws to keep white people from gathering in joy to hurt you.

About time to return CRIMINALS to their HOME NATIONS & minimize TAXPAYER paid so called free ENTITLEMENTS Good Yeah, yeah, yeah.....we’ve heard this before. Sunday huh...maybe they’ll catch them coming out of church. 🤦‍♀️ jljac1313 Nazis. Good. Because realDonaldTrump has to change course to get him off of the Epstein arrest. He’s scared.

This 👇 There is a Difference Good !! maga🇺🇸💪🏽

This is amazing news! Thank you POTUS realDonaldTrump for removing these individuals!!! MakeAmericaGreatAgain DHSMcAleenan is leaking again. When will he be fired? Gestapo bullshit Why giving these criminals heads up, ? About time who watch's the watchman 🤔 Yall just gon ruin the lords day smh You can be born here and deported as 'collateral damage' even if you are a U.S. CITIZEN all of your life it is illegal but happens ICEraids

It's way over-due! leahmcelrath Gotta fill those new secret prisons

Come to Indiana please of course.. when cornered a rabid dog will lash out. donald is a rabid dog. FaridaDawkins No where cool If you know who they are and where they are how are they 'undocumented' ? This again? Make America hate again! This is going to go badly. Cue the lib meltdown Maybe the democrats should have did somethen


good! I think l would just go on vacation got a while. First they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Muslim. Then they came for undocumented immigrants, and I did not speak out - Because I was not an undocumented immigrant. When they came for me, no one spoke out for me.

Good Illegal aliens Why are these clowns advertising this? Turns out, immigration may be one of the oldest issues this world has. What makes trump think he can control it with hate and force? *Illegal Oh goodness... 🤦🏾‍♀️ This is going to be a nightmare for so many families, especially young children. Then again, that’s the point. That’s always been Tяump’s point.

Yet another leak and no surprise that has published it. Gotta protect those that have broken immigration laws huh! 😡

Do you know what time this will begin What will this mean for our DACA immigrants? Remember when we used to be a nation striving for kindness and humane solutions? Now we have our own ICEStormtroopers. Distraction from Muller hearing. The word you're looking for isn't 'undocumented', it's 'illegal'. After all, you want them to take the census, right?

LOOOOOONG OVERDUE Good job, now they will start today. The heart-wrenching decision some of the parents must make is whether or not to leave their children who are birth-right citcizens behind. So this is family separation all over again! Good. Deportation is a must or we are a de facto open borders nation.

Alrighhhhttttt 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 i think you meant to say illegals

Oh my God, it's Nazi Germany. Did this to change news cycle from Acosta/Epstein No fucking way.... waiting a little long This is a chilling headline with which to wake up first thing in the morning. What kind of a horror of a country have we become? Good. Foreign nationals who break our laws should be deported

About time I'm sad for this country. I do not support this or the president. This is sick. AltHomelandSec Will the illegals working on Devin Nunes' farms flee before the Trump roundup? Betsy_Manning So, if the detainment centers are already beyond capacity, what’s the plan? Concentration camps? Aren’t there more pressing problems that need to be resolved for every day Americans? Health care? A plan for all the future jobs that will be lost to Automation? 😐🇺🇸

Please Please stop this atrocity That had due process and didn’t meet criteria for refugee status by the courts. Criminals need to be rounded up to leave our country. Should have been compliant. Time to go. We need the space for our own citizens, not citizens of other countries. Good. Lovely 😕 how many children is this gonna leave alone and vulnerable I wonder?

About time‼️👍🏻 Sad but necessary! DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica ICEraids seem to be the 'go to' thing when realDonaldTrump LOSES his base tremendously. 😉 RepublicansForImpeachment Good bye, Invaders! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out of our communities where you have been a tax burden to US citizens. Get out and don’t come back.

What, they gonna put em on trains for transport, too? With the amount of shit that's happened regarding immigrants, I can't trust ICE to humanely remove people from the country. 100:1 they make more camps.

Distribute these as needed. Make sure local communities have quick response communications in place and support. Use what privilege we have to support those not even given the privilege of basic human decency. Ladies and Gentlemen the Night of the Long Knives has begun. You voted for this crap now sit back and watch this land burn

Ok! These are raids targeting immigrants who have been ordered to leave US. There cases have gone through immigration - ... Will the Trump businesses be open or closed? You spelled illegal immigrants wrong..and good.should be happening every day found the companion article Good! colbymommy Trump's response to the dozens of scandals rocking his world.

Libs are mad. Legal immigrants and illegal for them is exactly the same. Disregard the law. New unlawful America.

Illegal* immigrants. Immigration is a wonderful thing when it is legal and documented Why does no one reference that this has happened in the past. Mexican Repatriation: 'Widely blamed for exacerbating the overall economic downturn of the Great Depression.1 million hispanics were deported in the 1930s'. Same horendous acts. A century ago.

Misspelled Gestapo* YEY!!!! It’s About Time We Enforce The Law!!! good TrumpGestapo We’ll uphold the law Bust them and bus them out of our communities where they are a burden. My property taxes are used for public schools. Those schools are overflowing with NON-CITIZENS who are not my responsibility. All of them should sell their stuff and leave voluntarily. GO HOME! Leave!

Sweeeet!! Go get em boys!!👏👏 🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂 🎆✨🎇🎆✨🎇🎆✨🎇🎆✨🎇 Mexico🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃USA 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋 Internment camps... mass deportations, flagrant human rights violations? How are Republicans not literally nazis at this point?

The Deep State is leaking again. Next the names of the cities will be leaked, endangering the lives of Ice agents. I'm so sick of this. DHSgov This should be happening everyday not just once in awhile They were doing these raids in the steel mills when I was a kid. They never announced them. What is the point of announcing them?

Thank you ICE for simply protecting the American people & endorsing our Laws. Our family came in legally!!!! Decades ago. Never a perfect system but we Never leached off of society. Trashy NY Times won't spend time interviewing legitimate people who came in, worked hard, etc. Every local law enforcement agency should lend 100% cooperation to this effort.

It's almost as if facism has a distinct, predictable pattern. Should've been done 25 years ago. Didn’t trump already use this as a distraction?

Only for those who have had due process before a judge and ordered deported. Talking individuals not families. DadoftheDecade We will make sure those who enforce inhumane raids and camps are tried at the Hague. Are you for illegal aliens and undocumented people living in this country? Hell yeah!!! It’s about time. Get them all out!! Hahahahaha

DadoftheDecade They can't even handle the people they currently have. They keep this up and people will be dying by the hundreds in those facilities that are already overcrowded and diseases will start spreading. Anne Frank died from disease-in unsanitary conditions. Are they actually going to do it this time? It’s not much of a raid if you warn people in advance. 🤔

The trump cult members will love him even more BC he's shown once again that he's one of them. Are they rounding up legal Hispanics too? No. These comments are exaggerated and shows the lack of knowledge. 99% of illegal immigrants are probably hard workers and we’d love them here legally but that 1% that could be a murder and WE DONT KNOW could murder you or afamily member


Horrible. The US immigration system, must be modernise, in order to avoid unjust processes and actions, Yeah, let's get rid of people who make the country great. I'll take 1000 illegals over the the skinhead queer basher from across the street any day of the week. People come here to start fresh and live a peaceful life for themselves and their families. Let them.

My god this is insane please remember children in cages & dying Good! POTUS realDonaldTrump utilizes “National Emergency” DHSgov to distract/create chaos/turmoil from... and you still will not call this TrumpFascism ... shame on you. The 🇷🇺🐸🐘red hats gestapo will take over the streets of America like Hitler’s brown shirts on German streets?👇🤔

Wow reading these comments ppl are disconnected. ILLEGAL immigration is the law regardless of who it is in this case mostly are Hispanic fleeing from a country were the race is dominated by Hispanics! Wtf is wrong with you irrational humans. good, let’s get this party started

Notice the half-wits commenting “This is how it started in Germany!!” all have less that 50 followers? Pro tip: Kick them in the dick and run This is for court ordered deportations. They were ordered to leave! Who gives a shit. Ah yes, the Lord's Day is the best day to terrify and discriminate against people.

Part of the ForProfitPrison scam TrumpCrimeSyndicate is running. What are they getting again, $750 per person, per day?!?! Before or after Brunch? samswey Now that congress gave them all that money for extra concentration camps, they need to spend it. THIS NEEDS TO END! SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler RepAdamSchiff RepBera DO YOUR JOB AND START TELEVISED IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS AGAINST senatemajldr&ICE!!!

But they disembarked from the Mayflower 400+ yrs ago .. whats the point of sending them back home now ? This doesn't sound right.. ManMet80 So more people in cages?

TimothyHorrigan कबीर साहेब जी कहते है कि 👇 यह मनुष्य जन्म आपको बहुत युगों के बाद प्राप्त होता है!! इसलिए आप तत्व दर्शी सन्त की शरण जाकर उनकी बताई भक्ति करके मोक्ष प्राप्ति प्राप्त करो| BloodForHumanity अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखें👇👇👇 साधना TV 7.30PM PMOIndia AmitShah I wonder if this is right thing to do now.. I think there are more serious National issues to fix for the success of American Nation..

We ARE talking about the leader of the free world here right? Just I maybe confusing this with a far right communist state with a despotic leader. Gestapo and Grüne polizei actions, great work America, amazing. Here you are Won't he reschedule for Mueller testimony day or is he already sure that the fixer will put a stop to Mueller's trstimony?


tlangford Trump needs to boost his ratings. Resist Hate Racism Can we focus on the rapist in the White House, please? Hmmm midnight raids targeting a specific class of people. So we'r can lock them in camps? Why does this sound familiar? This administration is dead set on making America greatly immoral!

AltHomelandSec WhiteHouse DHSgov POTUS realDonaldTrump FLOTUS this is what you are doing you fascist bigots “Watch out Jews! The French Police are coming for you!” History is repeating itself. ConcentrationCamps StopThisCrimeAgainstHumanity UNMustActNow AmericaIsBecomingACommunistCountry ImpeachDonaldTrumpNow

If you want to be a American Citizen you will do it the proper way. IF NOT GTFO! Simple as that. Is this like the liquidation of the ghettos? Seems awfully familiar sounding to something the Nazi's did

Watch out people, the GESTAPO is coming to put you in concentration camps Protest on Friday 7/12. Lights4Liberty Find an event near you. Make your voice heard! Why Who are the hurting? Who are they killing? Who are they a threat to? Absolutely no one. Leaves these people alone and focus on THE DOCUMENTED citizens of this county who are hurting, killing, and threatening these poor HUMANS. HUMAN BEINGS WHO BREATH THE SAME AIR AS US ALL

Undocumented Families or Undocumented immigrants? Why can't you people stop being Pettit? That have received deportation letters and stayed? hutchinson Imagine tackling real issues? Distraction from Mueller and Epstein and Dersh saying underwear Farewell! Not like the US is the only country with immigration laws. aliensgohome soveryicey

petridishes So sad. I just finished reading “the plot against America.” We are now living the plots of several horrifying books. Talking about it merely breeds fear. They are trying to make people afraid. Stop! Either shit or get off the pot! And is immigration our biggest problem? What a distraction by Trump and his enablers.

with what money Here we go... another 'distraction ' so we don't focus on Mueller & all the other crimes he's committing! The families that are being destroyed is a crime too. Mother BEGGED the guards/doctors to help her daughter with a temp of 104. They gave her Vcks and told her it was fine. When they were released they went straight to emergency and were admitted. This beautiful little girl stayed in hospital and died 2 weeks later.

deray I wonder what their employers will do Because they haven't killed enough children in custody yet? Abolish the DHS They were ordered to leave by the courts. They didn’t, now it’s Go time!

deray They've also opened up more prisons. I'm skeptical about their plans for quick deportations. Making sure HolocaustMuseum is paying attention. Are they going to wear brown shirts? Funny how history repeats itself.... Furher Trump realDonaldTrump has Stephen Himler as an advisor. What is the plan to handle the thousands of empty apartments, houses, cars, furniture, possessions, pets, checking/savings accounts, businesses of these families? What happens to their employees if they own a small business? Where will they be sent?

Trump’s GOP terrorizing the immigrant community is going to backfire in a very unpleasant way. What are you Americans allowing your government to do? Next, LBGT; Blacks; all POC? Not this time. leahmcelrath Is this real this time? Or is it another distraction that will be cancelled just in time? AltHomelandSec At $750 a head per day profit to hold, anybody want to guess how many will actually be deported? How many more do we have now than we did when T promised to deport millions? The high crimes and misdemeanors are piling up, and yet....

Distraction desparately needed. Been holding this bullet until it was needed. Epstein took this over the top. Where's Kellyanne? Liars, Up! It would better serve our country if they rounded up the NAZIs and coneheads with the white sheets.

Really what is he going to do take them home. Leave them alone and clean up your mess Donald The entire World is watching They might decide to force you to stop Master of Distraction! Nazis! Gonna be a hell of a siesta Saturday night deray They will never stop terrorizing a large part of the US population. They will only expand that list of who they terrorize.

Trump America = Nazi Germany ... when are we going to start calling him a Hitler-wannabe? I mean, I’m there. How come you’re not? OMG! NO! Stop talking about it and do it already!

Legally adjudicated deportation orders. Your headline should read. The march of NaziAmerica continues... hutchinson If this goes as planned Sunday is going to be a shit storm... Yeah distraction is what they’re looking for during LIVE Mueller testimony on the 17th. 🤔 Don’t worry, we have DVRs! And thx to technology, we can view the testimony on our phones! 😉😌

AltHomelandSec So.....they don’t have room to properly house or feed folks right now but they are going to round up MORE people to process? Makes sense Funny how all these Republicans who talk so lovingly about the ghost of Ronald Reagan have forgotten that he gave amnesty to undocumented immigrants in 1986.

Deport every last one. paid for by SpeakerPelosi & her 129 Democrat quislings they must be so proud! Using this as a distraction hey look over here leahmcelrath

SuMoh7 They have already started in Bucks County PA🤷‍♀️ And is Trumps wife and family at the head of this list? Thanks MR PRESIDENT 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 keep up the awesome work. Let's take our country back 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍 If the Trump administration/ICE knows of undocumented migrants/illegals, why haven't they already arrested them? And why announce that there's going to be 'raid'/roundup? I wonder if it's to inflict psychological fear? (Possibly something from Putin's playbook?)

Yeah, totally not like Germany. Of course, the most logical & HUMANE thing to do would be to start with the 700,000 visa overstays. But, as AdamSerwer has pointed out, the CRUELTY is the point. Some America in Trump's Thug Nation, eh? Cue the faux liberal outrage. So according to many here deporting Illegal Aliens with court ordered deportation orders is doing holocaust? Sorry, this makes no sense but tells me a lack of basic sense and absence of intelligence.

GOP and DotardDonnie need a distraction from RobertMueller and TrumpRussia

How like Nazi Germany. What's next? Gas Chambers? FAKE NEWS. Sweep is not of immigrants. It's of illegal aliens. How many American's will be picked up, locked up by accident and have all right's violated before they can have someone bring forgotten I.D. to verify their identity....worse how many American children will they snatch up and lose, because law says they don't need photo I.D.!

Let Them STAY!!! Unless they are pedophiles like a Jeff Epstein.. Love the bit about 'collateral deportations.' Just great stuff, all around. This call for a national strike!!! I don’t under our policy. Thousands come in undocumented and those who have worked and paid their way are being deported. Someone please explain this to me.

This is going to be one huge Goat fuck. In Nazi Germany this was called Krystallnacht, so for Trump we shall name these roundups Douchenact.

petridishes Terrible. I wonder why. Because we’re talking about the rapist president. 2/ “The far better approach is to align the immigration system with the needs of the US economy by allowing more people to come to the United States to work legally, and to give legal status to people who have been in United States and contribute to the economy and society.”

TedNesi How does DHS have the funds to do this sweep? Where will the families be held? Other administrations have refrained from doing this due to lack of resources. Welcome to Nazi Germany. brooklynmarie Las redadas a nivel nacional para arrestar a miles de miembros de familias indocumentadas están programadas para comenzar el domingo

sex trafficking distraction Courtesy of ACLU Make another emergency to cover up the complete SS of a dumpster fire this has been from the beginning. Illegals, who either had their day in court or didn’t show up.

Trump 2020: We’re the grossest Real fact ... all Americans are migrants or migrant descendants 🤨 ... prove me wrong! another leak I thought, “Nationwide is on you side?” mattdpearce I feel like I’ve read about something like this before... Lie. The people being targeted have had their day in court. The judge has ordered deportation. They are being escorted out.

And so it begins... petridishes ArrestMelaniaFirst CyrusToulabi FUCK!! This is where we are now. A far departure from normal. A normal that would see this as an alarm and put country over party. ImpeachmentInquiryNow ImpeachmentHearingsNow immigrantsArrested

Can you please arrest the person who runs Portage Path Mental Health Facility in Akron, Ohio? They won't stop bothering Americans, with their prescription pad. 10 Penfield Avenue, Akron, Ohio. We have a medical crisis here! KNX1070 You mean they are going to do their job? Keep the sabbath How many times has this been threatened?

he wants it for his July 17th rally? I always wonder if Leftists really believe the crap they say. Not soon enough mattdpearce This won't accomplish shit except hurt families The Gestapo of the 21st century 🙄😡😢 So ‘legally seeking asylum’ is just a load of crap then. What you meant to say was ‘cant we just ignore the law’ because feelings. Borders and countries are just made up lines right? Surely we can afford to take care of eveyone! You see it you just won’t admit it. Cowards

These are people who WENT THROUGH the courts and were ordered to leave. And refuse to. And there are over 1 million people here that LOST THEIR CASE for their claim, but refuse to leave. If these people cannot be deported, then who can, liberals? Finally Why wait till Sunday? Ship ‘em back where they come from NOW!

mattdpearce mattdpearce Well that means half of trumps employees in his hotels & golf courses are out. The cost of strawberries & other fruits that are picked by hand R going 2 go up because we wont have anyone 2 pick them which means there wont be a great quantity so they wont B able 2 meet the demand

slash ICE tires and save a family Sad,but a diversion from the 'Epstein' case.😬 Good !!!!!!! Hopefully Pelosi has another petition on the way

Krystalnacht V2.0 The administration needs to harvest more kidneys? trump hotels? so he can further enrich himself? Melania better lock the front door of the White House. Maybe they should go to Trump properties and round up his employees Why announce it? Why wait until Sunday? An entire Presidency dedicated to entertaining racists.

....And the US media will stop talking about Acosta, Epstein, children in cages, Trump’s corruption, abuse of migrants at the border....🤦🏽‍♂️ 'undocumented person' is an euphemism for 'illegal alien', i.e. people without legal right to remain in the country. Of course they need to be deported.

So they’re like rounding up... people? 🙈 'Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.' -Martin Niemöller Many of the humans contribute so much to what makes America diverse. By removing them, I believe you hand over a piece of what makes America tolerable. My heart hurts for these humans.

Hmmm, is this part of his time-based approach to national security? Or is he letting everyone in on the plan so he can keep blathering? Just don’t let them come to green card holders saying we don’t have your paperwork get out of this country This is horrendous for a country made up of immigrants. Extremely embarassing.

Yes... pay no attention to Jeffrey Epstein. Ignore the fact Trump was going to host a strip club at his golf club for a children's charity. Just in time for the Trump sexual assault video to be released Guess they want us to stop talking about Epstein and Acosta? They should wait until Mueller, no? ToddHagopian

Where is the nationwide sweep to round up pedophiles and their protectors?

Nazi raids They need to stop announcing them and just do it. All it does is give an advanced notice Good. Deport them all. Enough open borders, there must be consequences for illegal immigration. First stop... the White House. specifically the East Wing? 😉 *illegal families FTFY In the context of these actions, use of the terms, 'undocumented immigrant/s', 'immigrants/s', and 'migrant/s', is patently false.

Melania first Oh, good times. FUCKTRUMP Every nation have write

Good. About time. 👀 What can we do to fight this? monsters. true monsters Cool.

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