U.S. police are rarely convicted of murder– here's why and how that may change in 2020

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.AriMelber breaks down how rare it is for murder charges to be brought against police officers.


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'Look at this!....not at that...' -Fake Corporate Media

Lisa Page, former FBI lawyer whose career ended when her text messages revealing her anti-Trump bias while conducting an FBI investigation against him were revealed, is now a legal analyst for MSNBC.

And how many of the were bullshit. Probably a good amount of them

Obama never did anything to ease tensions

More than 1,000,000 people a year die as a result of global mainstream media misinformation, widowed or orphaned humans soon find.


CharlesMBlow “A few bad apples” 🥴

Don't publish this bs, blindly one-sided MSNBC, without mentioning who filed it and what they did prior. They could very much have been provoking the police or acted violent. And what do they mean by 'excessive force'? These antifa thugs are aggressive even against the police.


CharlesMBlow is a racist network. they will not show any of the hundreds of videos of Violent Police attacking Innocent Black People.

the liberal media sucks its not only CNN.


AriMelber Looks like it’s just as hard to get charges against politicians

stevebartin AriMelber Possibly cops are doing their job the right way

AriMelber I thought I had read there were fewer police shootings of unarmed suspects in 2018-19. If so what changed that allowed the convictions of 4 officers?

AriMelber When are you going to break down how rare it is for you to report news accurately or have an audience

AriMelber Y’all aren’t going to be happy until you demonize cops out of existence, are you? Murder charges in headline, murder convictions in chart? 🤔 Not misleading at all....

AriMelber will there be a BIBLE-QUIZ between JoeBiden and Donald Trump?just to see if Trump knows who slayed Goliath....or what Jesus said about throwing stones... maybe? biblequiz BidenTrumpBibleQuiz

AriMelber That Fucking BETTER CHANGE!

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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