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The Olympics, Kyle Snyder

U.S. Olympians Describe What Inspires Them To Compete

“I’ve got 5 mil on Team U.S.A.”

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“I want to kill a guy with a sword, and fencing is the best way to legally do that.” - Alexander Massialas (Fencing)

“I’ve got 5 mil on Team U.S.A.”

“As a lifeguard, I let sixpeople drown on a single weekend, so winning five gold medals in swimming is my way of proving I can save people in time if the water park gives me another chance.”AdvertisementList slidesVincent Hancock (Shooting)“I like the Olympics because it gives athletes who suck at regular sports a chance at a normal life.”

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AdvertisementList slidesCarissa Moore (Surfing)“The first time I tried surfing, I knew it would be part of my life forever as soon as I couldn’t get the wetsuit off.”AdvertisementList slidesAlex Morgan (Soccer)“Knowing that with hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of faith, I might one day appear in a DiGiorno commercial where I knock a pizza into the oven with my head.”

AdvertisementList slidesMackenzie Brown (Archery)“Swimming and gymnastics were taken when I went to sign up for the Olympics, so I’m doing this until a spot opens up.”AdvertisementList slidesCaeleb Dressel (Swimming)“People drop a lot of loose change in swimming pools. It’s a goldmine down there.”

AdvertisementList slidesCory Juneau (Skateboarding)“I hope to inspire all the young ones who think skateboarding is just a cool hobby to think bigger and set their goals higher. Like, what if we used two very small skateboards, one on each foot? Not like roller

skates, don’t say I’m thinking of rollerskates. I’m saying two skateboards with the width of a normal skateboard but the length is halved, and then you scoot around with one under each foot, but it’s not like roller Read more: The Onion »

Jeff Bezos reveals what the crew talked about before liftoff

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos caught up with CNN's Anderson Cooper after returning to Earth Tuesday, reflecting on his trip to space and the moments before takeoff.

Omg…I didn’t realize this was the onion. Seems plausible from a fencer More people would watch if they called it stabbing instead of fencing. Jesus, I didn't see it was you at first! The headline will read: CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS line up to compete after losing their pain treatments. The opioid Rx were denied in an effort to look like SOMETHING was being done about the opioid overdose crisis---but in reality the 2 have as much in common as water to horse/fish.

Sounds like someone's never heard of 'synchronized stabbing'. 🙄 Being the helmsman on a spaceship, and going insane for an episode, might also work. And yes, I did a Star Trek reference ... again 😅

1st time Olympians share message of support for teammate missing games due to COVID'Obviously she's going to be disappointed. She'll be sad. But, you know, she has so much potential to do great things in this sport. And I know she will.' Appellate Court challenged Jurisdiction. I responded to challenge. Court tells DOJ to object to my jurisdiction. DOJ falsely claims electronic filing. DOJ lawyer is a liar. Appellate Court will allow false filing. Conspiracy at work horrible I am glad they support their team mate. It is good to see positive stories like this.

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