U.S. indicts Venezuela's Maduro on 'narco-terrorism' charges

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The U.S. government on Thursday indicted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and...

Venezuela, Maduro


U.S. brings drug trafficking charges against Venezuela n President Nicolas Maduro and several others, accusing them of trying ‘to flood the United States with cocaine,’ and offered a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Maduro

The U.S. government on Thursday indicted Venezuela n President Nicolas Maduro and...

Sarah N. Lynch 2 Min Read WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government on Thursday indicted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other top Venezuelan officials on charges of “narco-terrorism,” the latest escalation of the Trump administration’s pressure campaign against the socialist leader. FILE PHOTO: Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during a news conference at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela, March 12, 2020. REUTERS/Manaure Quintero The State Department offered a reward of up to $15 million for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Maduro, who has been in power since 2013. Attorney General William Barr announced the charges against Maduro, who already faces U.S. sanctions and has been the target of a U.S. effort aimed at pushing him from power. Venezuela’s information ministry did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment. Barr accused Maduro and his associates of conspiring with a dissident faction of the leftist Colombian guerrilla group FARC “to flood the United States with cocaine.” “While the Venezuelan people suffer, this cabal...lines their pockets,” Barr said of Maduro and the more than a dozen others who were indicted. They include Venezuela’s defense minister and the chief justice of the country’s supreme court. The indictment, a rare U.S. action against a sitting foreign head of state, marks a serious escalation against Maduro by Washington at a time when some U.S. officials have privately said President Donald Trump is increasingly frustrated with the results of his Venezuela policy. Related Coverage U.S. announces reward up to $15 million for Venezuela's Maduro The United States and dozens of other countries have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s legitimate president. But Maduro has remained in power, backed by the country’s military and by Russia, China and Cuba. U.S. officials have long accused Maduro and his associates or running a “narco-state,” saying they have used drug trafficking proceeds to make up for lost revenue from a Venezuelan oil sector heavily sanctioned by the United States. The indictments were unsealed in New York, Florida and Washington. Reporting by Matt Spetalnick; Editing by Alistair Bell and Howard Goller Our Standards: Read more: Reuters Top News

If I get the $15 million, I will give $14,960,000 back to them, or, $14,962,500, since, I can make a million with the difference, and the 15 million back after that, in 2 years, or more. And I don't even have to deal with illegal drugs for that. theyre salty cause their juan guaido CIA puppet was rejected by the venezuelan people lol

Comedy. Maduro is horrible, but the US isn’t even being surreptitious about this. Bullshit Take over Oil to pay for StimulusPackage ? I bet in a few months/years USA will invade Venezuela and take over oil and put in a puppet government. USA vs VENEZUELA: PROPAGANDA- The Venezuelan-Colombian border is constantly under attack by the Colombian (Los Rastrojos) narcotraffi-mafia, by the Colombia-USA paramilitary (CIA) units, & by airplanes transporting cocaine. HELLO!

Raquel21dias Its not the US government, its the US judicial system that works independently from the executive branch. This means that this will carry on even without trump. It's a wonder other countries haven't banded together and do the same to Trump for the uprising of racial violence and domestic terrorism.

Holaquetalto2 It will be necessary more than 20 people to capture him and then 15M is not enough Disgusting and shameful from my government. We are the terrorists. This designation is to allow military force but it wont make it any more legal under international law. We need to hold the Trump administration accountable for their war crimes. Pompeo belongs in prison.

Illegitimate use of specious laws. Any moron can get an indictment... No one is in the room to defend

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro Charged By U.S. For Narco-Terrorism, Cocaine Trafficking Venezuela n President Nicolás Maduro was indicted by U.S. federal prosecutors on charges of “narco-terrorism conspiracy,” as part of the Trump administration’s pressure campaign to oust Maduro following a highly disputed election in 2018 by lisettevoytko lisettevoytko USA is weak!!! Nothing changed lisettevoytko 👍👍👍 lisettevoytko Fuck trump

Lol. What else is new. Political theater to save face for the American Empire. Then, everything is about: Gold Oil Diamonds/drugs Maduro is not Venezuelan President stop saying that he does not represent Venezuela is a terrorist! Paola_Dec1231 He is in Venezuela. I will take cash, thanks. Bolivia = thrilled by these news! Hoping evoespueblo is next

Wow, an American using metric units and correctly pronouncing 'route'! Better test him for coronavirus. Nation Building ala Barr/Trump Meanwhile, North Korean dictator who killed thousands of its people is a friend of the US. Nuclear weapons are luxury when you have them. FFS another attempt to destroy a democracy that dares disagree with the High Priests of US Neoliberal Colonialism.

Is this the right way to distract people attention, ?, or is it the right time to be attacking other nations? Is the Administration planning to Start a war Definitely they are out of there freaking mind. LEAVE THE WORLD ALONE

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro Charged By U.S. For Narco-Terrorism, Cocaine Trafficking$15 million is being offered by the State Department for information leading to Maduro ’s arrest.

Now do Big Pharma. Can the world believe this ?remembering of what was accused of SaddamHussein. IraqWars Fart members ? DkMedier Right now, try to use this $15 Million to help the Med professional first. Your time and energy trying to put for own people. Stop thinking about harming others. You dropped all charges on Russians that rigged our election, but claimed charges against Venezuelan president. It will never be well with evil doers.

hey iamjohnoliver your buddy is in trouble Another huge con by the cover up general. Anything to get that oil. Seems like the DOJ just put out a hit on another countries president under the guise of 15 mil reward. they must use that money to buy protective clothing for their medics COVID19 As we talk your neighbor is likely doing cocaine imported into the US by the CIA to fund clandestine operations. Now that fracking is not profitable with current prices renewed interest in Venezuelan coup rises.

As coronavirus hits Venezuela, Maduro further quashes dissentOn March 13, Melquiades Avila, an indigenous leader and journalist in the remote...

It’s too bad the trump admin has lost credibility. Who knows what to believe.🤦‍♂️ 'As soon as we find someone who wants to go outside right now they're as good as done!' ThatllShowEm 2 things. 1) Yalls buddy putin has helped keep this guy in power skirting sanctions. 2) Who believe tRUMPS DOJ will payout ANYTHING?

We wish. We don't have an in, like a USA government. Chump charge. So the big pharmaceutical opioid addictions are clear? The 1980’s called they want their relativity back. 🙄 Clean up the shit in your White House first. Using the current crisis as another excuse to try and coup Venezuela again 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

Interesting how Barr wouldn't announce this before or after a pandemic... He wants Trump to look special to his MAGA cult.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro charged in U.S. drug trafficking inquiryBREAKING: Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro was charged with federal drug trafficking crimes as part of a far reaching U.S. investigation stretching from New York to Florida, officials said Thursday Weird timing. No big deal... it would be a big deal if they went down there and yanked this son of a b**** back into the United States and put him on trial in New York City

We all know how much Americans love their drugs. Not anyone’s fault. Junkies For Álvaro Uribe Vélez? HunterJCullen Isn't Barr part of this whole Epstein, oil, Guilliani mess? 😂 Thanks God finally justice for our beautiful country venezuelaFREE If we ever get our hands on those guys, they're FARCed. (Somebody had to do it.)

The irony is that most of our government officials should be on trial, too. My name is Pitt and you are not going to WAG THE DOG your way out of this shit! TheNumba1Guy time to get to work🤣 I think Diamond Dogs would be an appropriate PMC to start up about now, use an off shore 'oil platform' in the Gulf to operate out of God I love America 🇺🇸MilitairesSansFrontièresEnglish WhosBigBoss? Look out for Peace, shell blow up on ya😱

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro charged in U.S. drug trafficking inquiry Venezuela President Maduro charged in drug trafficking conspiracy along with more than a dozen others That guy isn’t smart enough but his handlers are And Putin? Just another country being overthrown by USA...We are experts at this!

lol that’s the CIA job so they mad Remember what happened to Noriega? 🧐🤨 🐿 Certainly one way to give Juan Guaido cash 🐿 Why aren’t the visual aids for this presentation better? These mfs not even trying 😂 What difference does this make?🤔 What a fucking joke lmao The U.S is the world's cancer! Holy Sh**!

oooooh cocaine so yummy

Trump administration to designate Venezuela as state sponsor of terrorism and charge President Maduro, sources sayThe Trump administration is expected to designate Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism as soon as Thursday and bring charges against the country's president, Nicolás Maduro , according to five sources familiar with the situation, in a momentous move that will mark a modern low point in relations between the US and the ailing socialist state. The US is just not good at this 'fighting a pandemic' thing at all, is it? Sheesh... As it should!

What a convenient accusation Traitor AGBarr is 'on it'. Is THIS Barr delivering Control of Venezuela to Russia? Quid Pro Quo OIL is the root of The Evil. Lol, 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 anything to waste our tax dollars and distract us from the Trump Holocaust Frogerta Wtf!.....there's a pandemic activity killing people....but hey let's distract the population....

It's a good thing I can't easily find a Twitter account for Barr. I'd have told him where to take his propaganda and shove it. America is propagandized more than any other country on the planet. Ok he's in Caracas in Miraflores where's my reward The Corrupt Trump Amdinistration at it again 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

Pushing ? What about US pulling ? I have information which can help apprehend him... he will probably be at: Av. Nte. 10, Caracas 1012, Distrito Capital, Venezuela ...during regular business hours when there are no big national/ceremonial actions occurring. Can I get my reward now? Can they indict themselves for flooding black neighborhoods with crack and heroin?

why will you offer reward for information leading to the arrest? LOL i mean you already announced it. Wtf? Just Case part 2, Venezuelan boogaloo 'Accuse your opponent of that which you are most guilty' 👏👏👏👏 And trump is trying to flood America with covid-19. Watch this guy the Republicans put in office as A.G., Barr isn't to be trusted and he has shown us in the past. Mueller report and etc.

Reminder: the US-backed government of Honduras is an actual narco-state. The DEA named the right-wing president (fraudulently elected in 2017) in a case. US prosecutors also charged him with funneling money from cocaine trafficking into his campaigns. You should also investigate the Colombian government.

Dammit Venezuela give the US companies their oil back The CIA has run the cocaine trade starting in the 80s. I guess they’re afraid of competition? 🗑️ U.S. wants Venezuela's oil. Doubt there is anything else to it. They tried everything else and failed, now this Hoax which is turning out to be a Witch Hunt. AG Barr your attention and worry should be the person that hired you, you seemed compromised and powerless rather dictated too. It's called State Capture.

What’s Elton John doing there? HunterJCullen Bill Barr needs to be locked up and thrown in a cage forever. Despicable slob of a human.

Take his information with the grain of salt. The world shouldn't trust US intelligence. That'll do whatever it takes to get to Venezuelan Oil. Hahaha, love to see cocaine as a cure for the virus. You don't look well Barr. Go lie down somewhere, on a busy highway. Drug trafficking is an equal n opposite reaction to original sin-survival a la Darwin-destruction cannot be one sided

Traficante reunion coming to a prison near you. gopcowards Manuel Noriega just rolled over in his grave. Distraction! Priority, truth doesn’t matters! Covid19 will teach YOU! What a bunch of donkeys in the White House He is in Venezuela, that is some vital information right there. Now if you catch him i want my $15m...

Maduro has great role models-Britain flooded China wid opium,US floods nations wid dangerous weapons of mass destruction-doom begets doom The real reason is that they don't have nuclear weapons. Why don't you arrest the North Korean leader? Where else are we gonna get our blow from if they shut Maduro’s operation down?

U.S is the buyer isn't it? Deal with your people who brings it in. No para el terrorismo de EEUU. Trump way is to Soleimani him Serious This is our top priority right now? Our government is so damn goofy man I swear. venezuela-bolivarian-republic Huge story here....we should invade them. They have oil...perfect.

After all the sanctions, Trump is desperate act because Guaido is stuck as president of la-la-land.

Noriega 2.0. The other retread is 'China virus.' In the runup to Iraq invasion WMDs were all we heard about. By 'finding' that coronavirus was a China launched WMD attack 45 has his excuse for war which he prob thinks is his only chance to survive at this point. This can only mean one thing. FcukFace 45 is runnin' drugs.

Algunos han de celebrar esto. Y ahora todo puede pasar. Como con Noriega. Maduro la tiene jodida Va a terminar el resto de sus días inevitablemente en la cárcel. Por cualquier razón. Amerikkka as if this is high priority TheJusticeDept The United States government embodies evil and hypocrisy The president’s fixer 😒

Yeah, they were probably on their way to drop off a load to trump. Mr. SNIFFLES 🤧🙄 shock doctrine in action once again. perfect time for strike and let our oil companies grab their wealth while the price of oil is at rock bottom. Barr, Pompeo, Trump and McConnell all belong in Prison IS THIS YOUR TOP PRIORITY RIGHT NOW?

what an absolute fucking joke. The NeoCons working for Trump are laying the groundwork for regime change in Venezuela. This is stupid Let him send as much cocaine as he can, as fast as he can. We're gonna need it. They’re sitting back drinking ice water in a burning house. Distraction nhbgvfcvgbhnjnhbgvfcdxcfvgbhnbgvfc

and here we go

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