Social Media Platforms, Mike Rogers

Social Media Platforms, Mike Rogers

U.S. House panel subpoenas website 8chan owner to testify as part of social media probe


House panel issues bipartisan subpoena to 8chan owner

Last week, the panel had demanded Watkins, an American living in the Philippines, testify. Representative Bennie Thompson, a Democrat and the panel's chairman, and Mike Rogers, its ranking Republican, said the shooting deaths of 22 people at an El Paso Walmart store was"at least the third act of supremacist violence linked to your website this year."

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House Judiciary asks if White House linked to Epstein decisionsThe top Democrat and top Republican on the Judiciary Committee want the acting director of the Bureau of Prisons to explain in great detail how it was possible that Jeffrey Epstein's death happened and was anyone at DOJ or Trump admin in the know? Lawrence O’Donnell discusses with Mimi Rocah and John Heilemann. Lawrence Exactly cause how the f**king hell was Epstein allowed to successfully commit suicide whilst in custody?! This stinks to high heaven! Way too convenient for all those disgusting pedophiles who stood to be under scrutiny had he survived! Lawrence You mean all the “acting” heads have to actually do the job they are paid for and actually be accountable? Like the rest of us? Lawrence How could he when he was just acting, we want the Director!

House Judiciary panel investigating circumstances of Epstein's apparent suicideThe House Judiciary Committee is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein at a New York jail, asking the Bureau of Prisons a host of questions about Epstein's apparent suicide. These guards are responsible for doing their job while on duty regardless of the number of hours their work. They need to be held accountable just like whoever signed off on taking him off suicide watch and removing other prisoner.

House Democrats continue to lean into Trump impeachment proceedings in new court filingAlthough the chamber's Judiciary Committee has not officially voted to initiate impeachment proceedings, Democrats continue to say that they are, 'in effect,' already in the midst of an inquiry. 25th amendment anyone? 🤷🏽‍♂️ So true what they say but if they started impeachment proceedings Trump wouldn't be able to put them off. Am I wrong? LOL people have moved on WalkAwayFromDemocrats

Jenna Bush Hager Celebrates Her Family's First Outing With Baby Hal: 'We Left the House!'.JennaBushHager is enjoying life as a mom of 3! 👶🏼

Social House Explain How 'Boyfriend' Collaborator Ariana Grande 'Encouraged Us To Be More Open'As the Social House guys prep for the next leg of the Sweetener Tour, Billboard caught up with Foster and Anderson to talk 'Boyfriend,' how Ariana Grande has impacted their career, and how everything really has changed. so proud of them!! stream boyfriend🏹 Boring song

We’re So Screwed That Jimmy John’s Free House Giveaway Sounds Like a Viable IdeaWith all other paths to homeownership disrupted, a sub restaurant’s essay contest might be a millennial’s best shot I have an alternative perspective. A small business loan to buy a Jimmy John’s franchise

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