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U.S. health secretary Azar resigns, cites Capitol attack: CNN

U.S. health secretary Azar resigns, cites Capitol attack: CNN

1/16/2021 8:25:00 AM

U.S. health secretary Azar resigns, cites Capitol attack: CNN

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has resigned, citing last week's attack on the Capitol, CNN reported on Friday.

( 3 images )WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has resigned, citing last week’s attack on the Capitol, CNN reported on Friday.(This story removes Friday as day of resignation.)Reporting by Eric Beech; Editing by Mohammad Zargham

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Good If this is true then he has very poor judgement, as this was just an angry mob virtually given the keys to enter. But he's staying on until Biden's inauguration, so the rat is going to stand on the deck of the sinking ship, declaring he's not part of the crew until the water swallows him up. Jumping ship having abetted Trump in deliberately mismanaging the covid crisis. He should face legal consequences

Yeah What about the fact that you all lied about the number of vaccines you were getting. Honestly this is the biggest sack of shit administration in the history of history. All these resignations tell me that these folks worked for tRumP - not the American people. Too little too late Just when there's increasing heat from questions about the missing reserve vaccines. Par for the course with the trump administration.

Smart guy The rats are jumping a sinking ship. Did he do it?!? Setting your final day and time on your resignation letter as noon on Jan. 20th means nothing. He’ll be out of a job right then and there anyway. 🙄 How comvenient now that he told the U.S that there is no longer a reserve of vaccines. ProfJNMoyo A little too late.... less than a week in office remains...

False story-he cited A change in administration Or the coward just doesn't want to have to sign on to any 25th Amendment action. Let's be real here - these Cabinet members have supported some pretty atrocious shit. He just found out about the riots. Wait till he hears about COVID 19! Can we amend the constitution so we are not hostage after elections for 3 months?

During a pandemic! Foh. loser Thank goodness we will get some competent people in a week- holy crap. It all started with trump politicizing the virus. Pitting states against each other, etc - then the incompetent trumpers at CDC and HHS! Unforgivable. Only intelligent one was Fauci who had to defer to madman

Right, the riot. Nothing to do with the missing vaccines? SecAzar has disputed this twisted claim by fake news C mikerico77 Bi-den. 'resigns' Only the best pussies Traitor 🤷‍♂️ That's a joke.. Isn't it? That was more than a week ago. This is the line? But the racism, sexism, insults & corruption were ok good morning

Criminal. He’s a liar who got caught in his web of lies and resigned before anyone could fire him. How many lives will be lost because of his lies. There are no reserves. There never were. Good Oh, not the 400k dead people? I should think that Azar would have resigned chiefly because of the monumentally shitty job he did as US health secretary. It’s okay with me though that he wishes to admit to other failings on top of being a lousy liar and lazy at his job.

pussy trying to avoid getting grabbed by Trump... 🤡 He didn't resign, he is leaving the day he would be fired well we know where he stands now. thank you :) The cockroaches are scattering. This guy is a joke.. get out. We need new blood Lol! Took a whole week to sink in, huh? 🙄 Kinda late for that, no? Perhaps he can find the missing vaccine dosages on his way out.

Swamp The high command is dumping him so fast, that is a good thing. Easier to roll off the tongue than 'I lies to the states about COVID vaccine numbers & availability.' When is the US going to put Sanctions, & control it's Own Created MONSTER, called PAKISTAN & it's 50,000 TERRORISTS in MUZAFFARABAD from Al Qaeda (BIN LADEN), Lashkar, JEM (HAFIZ SAEED), to TALIBAN WE INDIANS WANT TO KNOW !!

Spineless... Trying to save face. Too little too late. Good riddance Cowards. All of them. Hi , Welcome ! Will be with You in short while . I, Thank You .