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U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths

U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths

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U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths

WASHINGTON—Citing a series of fatal malfunctions dating back to 1777, flag manufacturer Annin & Company announced Monday that it would be recalling all makes and models of its popular American flag from both foreign and domestic markets.

Millions of U.S. flag–related injuries and fatalities have been reported over a 230-year period in locations as far flung as Europe, Cuba, Korea, Gettysburg, PA, the Philippines, and Iraq. In addition, the company found that U.S. flag exports to Vietnam during the late 1960s and early 1970s resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, a clear sign that there was something seriously wrong with its product.

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Despite fears about the flag's safety—especially when improperly used or manipulated in ways not originally intended—sales continued unabated over the years, potentially putting billions of unsuspecting people in danger.Advertisement"At first, we wanted one of our flags in every home in America," Burman said. "Unfortunately, the practical applications of this product are far outnumbered by the risks it presents. Millions have died needlessly, and when you ask people why, they point to the flag."

Unfortunate casualties of Old Glory’s near-continuous 230-year use.AdvertisementAdded Burman, "Frankly, we should have pulled it off the market decades ago."Studies conducted by the Annin & Company research and development department revealed that faulty U.S. flags have caused more than just injuries and deaths. During the mid-1950s, the flags were found to have the bizarre side effect of causing fear, paranoia, and hysterical behavior among millions of Americans. This was dismissed as an isolated event until September 2001, when similar symptoms reemerged on a massive scale. headtopics.com

AdvertisementAs hazardous as the flags may be on their own, Annin & Company officials claimed the products become even more dangerous when used in conjunction with other common household items."When combined with alcohol, excessive patriotism, grief, or well-intentioned but ultimately misguided ideals, U.S. flags transform into ticking time bombs, just waiting to go off," Burman said.

AdvertisementManufacturers are addressing the flag's unsafe and potentially lethal alignment of stars and stripes by designing a revised model that they hope will cut down on deaths in the United States and overseas, where experts say the flag is nearly 1,000 times as deadly.

In the meantime, Annin & Company is advising all Americans to either ship their flags back to the manufacturer or, if no time permits, dispose of them in an efficient manner.Advertisement"I understand that people might be reluctant to stop using a product they have found to be reliable over the years," Burman told reporters. "But I can't in good conscience allow them to use something I know to be dangerous. We'll try to make adjustments soon and come up with something that benefits everybody rather than hurting them."

Added Burman, "In the interim, I would recommend that all Americans switch to the Canadian flag, which seems to be working just fine." Read more: The Onion »

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about time Anyone who has travelled the world to an extent knows how the US flag is seen as a hate symbol... from east Asia to the Middle East to Africa to South America. ClarissaDeLune must be love a commie day Lol

Student gets diploma after controversy erupts over wearing Mexican flag at graduationA North Carolina high school graduate received his diploma on Monday four days after it was denied to him during his commencement ceremony because he wore a Mexican flag over his gown. Ever Lopez, 18, was given his diploma after he and his parents met with Asheboro High School principal Penny Crooks, who scolded him on Thursday over walking across the graduation stage in what she described as a violation of the commencement ceremony dress code. Asheboro City Schools officials released a statement Monday, saying, 'The graduate picked up his diploma at Asheboro High School ... As with all graduates, we wish him well and we will continue to serve our community in ways that help all young people meet their full potential.' I believe in free expression but if there is a dress code and you affect others, then he should not have done it HELLO SHORT TRUSTED SOURCE YAHOO BANGER ONE THE HACKED ONE WHATS UP YAHOO NEWS HE COMING FROM YAHOO NEWS 📸📸📸📸👈👈👈👈suppressContentEditableWarning

Teen Who Wore Mexican Flag To Graduation Finally Gets DiplomaEver Lopez, 18, said he wore the flag out of pride for his Mexican roots. Officials said he violated part of the graduation dress code.

Teen Who Wore Mexican Flag To Graduation Finally Gets DiplomaEver Lopez, 18, said he wore the flag out of pride for his Mexican roots. Officials said he violated part of the graduation dress code. Yeah at my graduation a bunch of people had italian flags up and and 'free John Gotti' signs all over the place and they still got their diplomas. Órale!!! ❤️🤘⚡️🇲🇽🍾🥂 He should go live there, then. Imagine rejecting the nation that keeps your family safe, employed, and gave you a free education for the nation that ran your family out.

Teen who wore Mexican flag at graduation gets the diploma he was denied at the ceremonyAsheboro High School student Ever López, who was previously denied his diploma after wearing the Mexican flag over his shoulders as he walked across the stage at graduation, has finally received his diploma Why don’t you defend the girl who’s speech was about religion CNN? Oh ya cause it doesn’t fit the race narrative or the democrat narrative. HE didn’t want an apology!! Seriously?! WTF is wrong with people, he should be denied a diploma until apologizes for his disrespect to the school. A great time to learn to follow the rules (if you haven’t already), is when you are headed into the world of “adulting”.

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