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U.S. discussed conducting its first nuclear test in decades - Washington Post

U.S. discussed conducting its first nuclear test in decades - Washington Post

5/23/2020 8:45:00 AM

U.S. discussed conducting its first nuclear test in decades - Washington Post

The Trump administration discussed last week whether to conduct its first nuclear test explosion since 1992, the Washington Post reported late on Friday, citing a senior official and two former officials familiar with the matter. meeting, however, did not conclude with any agreement to conduct a nuclear test. A decision was ultimately made to take other measures in response to threats posed by Russia and China and avoid a resumption of testing, the report added.

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U.S. officials could not be reached immediately for a comment.Reporting by Rama Venkat in Bengaluru; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman Read more: Reuters Top News »

0ll2929l0 wow.. now there's a smoke and mirror statement.. 0ll2929l0 Why are we mad when Kim does it and now we are? Trump needs to be stopped before we do have a nuclear war. America showing its crazy colors. An empire in decline. We need to contain and isolate them from hurting anyone else tRump called testing 'overrated' 'If we didn't do any testing, we would have very few cases'

We are in the middle of a pandemic, we haven’t even got over the first wave so why would anyone want to add another threat to the equation. When someone reaches such a level of despair... How do we stop this madness? Violence and provocation is not the answer. How do we stop such behaviour. People want to be friends, but there is always bad people trying to hurt others.

This is a good reason to remove Trump. Nuclear tests benefit nobody, and bringing it up at all is just political insanity. Nuclear pollution of the globe is just criminal. We have enough with Kim, Russian failed experiment of last year, Fukushima, Chernobyl- radiation disasters Test it at Mar-a-Lago , preferably while Trump and his crime syndicate family are there 👍👍

Just what America needs, more turmoil from this nutball at the helm. I'M A STRONGMAN IN ANOTHER MANS BODY. BONE SPURS. OVERCOMPENSATION? Is it in the White House? Finally Trump learns something from Kim Jong Un. I wonder which country they will test it on..... Didn't bleach or powerful light work? Nuke the virus out? Makes sense.

One doubts the 'US' discussed any such thing. More likely your despot dictator & his sycophantic cronies. He'll do anything to distract from the absolute disaster of the COVID response. Let's hope the US military chain of command would ignore any such illegal order. but they're worried about earth becoming unviable for biological life because of 'deadly greenhouse gases' they refer to as CO2 and water vapor.

Wahsingtons boutta get bombed 👀 nice knowing everyone. We’ll all be dead soon lol Another one for the 2020 apocalypse Bingo RemoveTrump unfit criminal dangerous TheDemocrats All leaders have failed America, until Trump is removed. Period. Is it the super duper one?!!! 🥳🥳🥳 There's a great spot in Florida I can suggest.

This seems like top shelf idiocy U.S. has no more Covid19 ? These people are too free and has nothing better to do ? Must be hurricane season again Yeah as if we need more disaster this year Crap, be careful, Trump likes to push buttons ThanksTrump 👍 And the game has just begun 😊 😬 Please! Don't do it. Don't open the Pandora box! Long Live World Peace!

Oh this really a good time to discuss this? Its been almost 40 yrs since the last test. Pandemic/Nuclear fallout. Where would they actually evacuate people if something were to go wrong? Trump DID keep all the certified people in that dept.........right? RIGHT? Typical 😳😳😳 We already know nuclear bombs work and the ones we already have are enough to turn the surface of this planet to glass. This is so ridiculous that it can only be another pathetic attempt by Trump and his advisors to steer conversation away from COVID for a few news cycles.

Terrible Virus, nuclear weapons, Biden, Pakistan, Indian, more chinese virus....... We are in the deep $t Good!Nuke all the sick ppl,and no more vaccine needed🍺 Coronavirus its may or may not scare nuclear. Please let it be the superdupermissle oh please oh please. This is exactly why he needs to report to prison do not pass go

Oh knock it off! UraniNamiik My GOD this is indeed seriously f**ked up SunshineHappyP1 In Iran no doubt Hey donnie how high is the trump Covid-19 body count? 96,007 and rising The world is Tense enough Trump making lots of enemies escalation.. China Iran to say a few on edge 'Yes, Mr President, 200 yards away is plenty safe for viewing the nuclear test. To be extra safe, wear your unused solar eclipse glasses'.

U.S.? Or Trump? Just what the world needs. What the f is going on in the US? Trump: 'Big bomb go boom.' It would be cool though if the test was carried out by the Space Force and they used the Super Duper new weapon too. And they actually had light-sabers!!!🤞 Covid cannot be annihilated by nuclear weapons and by destroying humans you are killing the very people and scientists who will work to save your families. Grow up

US doesn’t care about its citizen’s lives— this fact is a lot scarier than nuclear bomb. He should go to CHURCH!!! He is the sinner..that needs to repent. Might actually be the most idiotic administration in history is nuclear testing good for planet Earth? Asking for myself and about 3 billion friends.

Only if Trump volunteers to ride the bomb. Experts say Mar-a-Lago is the best testing site. Well just one more of a few million reasons to despise this monster. WorstPresidentInHistory When many Americans are dying from a pandemic, all the US government wants to do is test nuclear bombs.🤔 Oh, so this is definitely the need of the hour!!

Dear God. Please let both Trump and Pence get really sick with the Covid 19 virus so Nancy Pelosi is put in charge of the nuclear codes. Trump might 'hear from many people' that the fallout from a nuclear blast will kill the virus. Is that his next miracle cure for COVID-19? Why? Well that’s a stupid idea. Oh, wait, it’s from the Trump administration so of course 😂

I can think of a golf course they could use

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