Deports Ex-Nazi Guard, Germany, Berger, Nazi, German

Deports Ex-Nazi Guard, Germany

U.S. Deports Ex-Nazi Guard Who Earned Pension From Germany For Decades

U.S. Deports Ex-Nazi Guard Who Earned Pension From Germany For Decades

2/20/2021 8:35:00 PM

U.S. Deports Ex-Nazi Guard Who Earned Pension From Germany For Decades

The 95-year-old Tennessee man landed in Germany on Saturday, but it’s unclear whether he’ll be prosecuted.

announced Saturday.Berger — a former member of the German navy — guarded a concentration camp near the German city of Meppen in 1945, where U.S. officials say prisoners were held in “atrocious conditions,” and Berger never asked for a transfer.Berger moved to the United States more than 60 years ago and

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Oak Ridge, a city outside Knoxville, Tenn.Heto U.S. authorities last year he was still receiving a pension from Germany, due partly to his “wartime service.”In ainterview last year, Berger insisted he was forced to work at the camp and did not carry a weapon: “You’re forcing me out of my home,” he said.

What To Watch ForBerger’s fate in Germany is uncertain. German prosecutors dropped an investigation into Berger late last year due to insufficient evidence, andhe was not arrested after landing in Germany on Saturday, though local police plan on questioning him.

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We learn from the evil and hateful behaviour from others, against God's souls,and try not to repeat. God's immutable laws are not based on hatred,racism,bias,prejudice,sectarism etc. His love and compassion for all His souls. Hatred believers of Satan,our prerogitive our choice. Wondering how many of his relatives are around

Good. Can't believe he's been living all this years without consequences. He didn't deserved this live ** Let's hope the world & the IntlCrimCourt will do the same to past & present 'leaders' & 'generals' of the Israeli regime for the crimes they've committed against Palestinians for the past 72 years. BDS

Show an actual pic of Mr. Berger. U.S. is not deporting a nazi soldier, is deporting a 95yo man. Tennessee. That's all you need to know. He lived astutely in the middle of mga country.