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U.S. Couple Arrested For Selling Nuclear Submarine Secrets

U.S. Couple Arrested For Selling Nuclear Submarine Secrets #WhatDoYouThink?

10/13/2021 6:15:00 PM

U.S. Couple Arrested For Selling Nuclear Submarine Secrets WhatDoYouThink?

A former nuclear engineer officer in the U.S. Navy and his wife have been arrested on espionage charges after allegedly attempting to sell government secrets about submarines to a foreign entity in a year-long undercover FBI operation. What do you think?

you“The older you get, the harder you have to work to keep a Read more: The Onion »

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Navy engineer accused of trying to pass intel in peanut butter sandwichA mysterious package, a peanut butter sandwich, and a bandaid wrapper are all part of a Navy engineer's efforts to sell nuclear submarine secrets.

Navy nuclear engineer's wife arrested for selling secrets appears to support BLM, 'resistance' movementsThe Facebook account appearing to belong to the woman who was charged alongside her Navy nuclear engineer husband with selling secret information about nuclear submarines to an undercover FBI agent is filled with liberal talking points on the Black Lives Matter movement and feminism. You guys are still scared of black folks? I'm so mad I could storm the capitol and violently attempt to overthrow our constitutional government, like Trump Followers did Omg these ppl are such liars, y the F BLM will be interesting in that, not at all that's not their mission so stop putting lies!!