Vol 48 Issue 12

Vol 48 Issue 12

U.S. Citizen Resigns After Making Controversial Remark About Country

U.S. Citizen Resigns After Making Controversial Remark About Country


U.S. Citizen Resigns After Making Controversial Remark About Country

MATTOON, IL—Ending the firestorm of controversy that erupted after he made a highly critical comment about the United States, 43-year-old hardware store employee Keith Nellson bowed to public pressure Wednesday and announced he would be stepping down as an American citizen, effective immediately.

"First of all, I would like to offer my deepest apologies to anyone I may have hurt with my comments," said Nellson, flanked by his wife and two children, who have supported him throughout the ordeal. "While I truly love America, I believe the best thing I can do right now—for my family and for my nation—is to resign as U.S. citizen. After the distraction of these past few weeks, I hope my decision will allow the United States to resume its pursuit of all the things that make it the best country in the world."

published an account of him saying to a neighbor, "Jesus Christ…this country," after a discussion of rising gas prices. Even more incriminating was a 2008 incident in which Nellson allegedly said to members of his bowling team, "I tell you, America's really going down the tubes."

"It's a classic tale of a flawed individual; worthy, I think, of Greek tragedy," said media analyst Brian Jacoby, who is currently writing a book on the 43-year-old suburbanite's fall from grace. "Nellson opened a Pandora's box and found that, in our 24-hour media culture, there was very little he could do to close it back up again. We can debate as much as we like whether there was any merit in his comments—and I'm sure millions will—but in the end it won't save his citizenship."

"The past 43 years have been truly incredible, and I wouldn't trade my time as a U.S. citizen for anything," said Nellson, holding back tears. "But when 300 million of your countrymen are asking for you to stand down, then I guess you have to decide what's best for everyone, even at great personal sacrifice."

"Trust me, this is not the last we'll be hearing from Keith Nellson," Jacoby said. "In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if in, a few years time, after everything has died down, he tries to make a run at becoming an American citizen again."

Read more: The Onion

he went a little over the top with a podium in the yard He's illegal, but not an immigrant... So he's an illegal denizen? We need more of this We can resign? I bet if the search his internet history they'll find that he was visiting 'foreign' websites. This doesn't look like Charlie Kirk As Per Order By Donald Trump, His Birth Certificate Has Been Revoked, And His Naval Has Been Confiscated.

Does this mean we can become refugees in Canada? The justice we deserve This hysterical and sad at the same time Where can I resign?

'Grieving nations' to discuss legal action against Iran over downed airliner: UkraineUkraine's foreign minister says the five countries whose citizens were killed after Iran shot down the airliner they were in will meet to discuss potential legal action What ever happened to mourning ? Now it straight down to the solictors and $$$$$$$$$$$$ Iran says it was mistaken for an enemy vessel. If we can’t trust the almighty, trigger-happy, religious-state who can we trust? Strange... Boeing Flight 737 from Iran to Ukraine had only 5 Ukraine passengers out of a total 176?

And he was leading in the recent polls also. Dammit. They'd all have to resign wouldn't they? This is so 2015...

How much Australian billionaires have donated to wildfire relief efforts - Business InsiderHere's how much Australia's billionaires have donated to relief efforts for the wildfires that have destroyed 25 million acres of land and have killed at least 28 people What a year against Australia ! My prayer and thought.

Egypt’s President Sisi is Facing Growing Pressure as Prisoners Continue Hunger StrikeMore than 300 prisoners are staging a hunger strike in a Cairo prison to protest punishment beatings and other harsh treatment in detention, a day after an Egyptian-American dual citizen died in custody maggieNYT Trump's favorite dictator. Leave Egypt alone it’s doing great without your help. Just focus on your Presidential debates and continuous support to Muslim brotherhood and Iran that’s what you do best It's prison, do u really think the outside gives a shit what happens on the inside, not until the outside spends a little time inside...

Sanders Is Said to Have Told Warren That a Woman Could Not Win the PresidencyAccording to 2 people familiar with the discussion, Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in a private meeting in 2018 that a woman could not be elected president. Sanders denied making the remark. Bernie is Probably a Russian plant to destroy the Democratic Party he is not a Democrat he never was a Democrat he attacks the Democrats more than he helps! Bernie was Putin’s Second choice in 2016 Sounds so out of context Never Bernie True Democrat Here!

U.S. Citizen Dies In Egyptian Custody After Years Of Pleading For Trump's HelpMustafa Kassem was ensnared in a crackdown by Egyptian President Abdel Fatteh El-Sisi, who Trump has called 'my favorite dictator.' El Sisi huh. Watch out. You might be next🏹 mureedhammad Sleeping in bed with Alsisi . Why do American do that ?

U.S. citizen dies in Egyptian prison after hunger strikeMustafa Kassem, 54, an Egyptian-born auto parts dealer from Long Island, New York, died of heart failure after a hunger strike he began last year, his lawyers said. If Trump is so concerned about the deaths of American citizens, why is he not invading Egypt? Wow, lasting 6 years without eating is impressive. 💔

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