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U.S. charges Texas man with threatening to 'assassinate' lawmaker

U.S. charges Texas man with threatening to 'assassinate' lawmaker

1/23/2021 11:50:00 PM

U.S. charges Texas man with threatening to 'assassinate' lawmaker

The Justice Department revealed charges this week against a Texas man who allegedly stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and threatened on social media to kill U.S. Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Images of social media posts allegedly authored by Miller, which appear to announce his trip to the Capitol and threaten the life of Ocasio-Cortez as well as a Capitol Police officer, are cited in the court filing.Prosecutors said Miller made numerous threatening remarks online, including one instance in which he commented “next time we bring the guns” on a Twitter video showing rioters exiting a Capitol building.

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A spokeswoman for Ocasio-Cortez was not immediately available for comment. Miller was arrested on Wednesday and a detention hearing is planned for Monday.Reporting by Christopher Bing; Editing by Richard Chang Read more: Reuters Top News »

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When is twitter going to remove Iran's threat to a kill an American president? Does this mean everyone (including celebrities) who threatened to assassinate a politician will be charged as well? Or is this just another example of selective, partisan enforcement?

Kyle Biedermann, Texas state rep who marched to capitol, introduces bill to secede from unionThe bill would allow Texans to vote on whether the state legislature should create a joint interim committee to develop a plan for achieving Texas independence. Counter offer: You clowns get Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri and Arkansas. And you have to move there and leave the 90% of us non-Qooks alone. K.

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Married Texas police chief accused of cheating resigns after arrestA Texas police chief accused of cheating on his wife with two women, neither of whom apparently knew about the other, resigned after he was arrested on suspicion of faking a marriage annulment he showed to one of the girlfriends, officials say. It's TX, of course. Well, looks like this one was too busy to go to the Great Insurrection in D.C. Jeezus How is this national news? Lmaooo

Texas pol James White wants to rename prison named for slave owner where inmates pick cottonA Republican Texas lawmaker wants to rename multiple state prisons that bear monikers honoring slave owners and those who practiced 'convict leasing,' which saw prisons export the forced labor of prisoners to private industries for profit.

11 Fort Bliss soldiers injured after ingesting mystery substance on Texas army baseThe unexplained incident comes shortly after two soldiers were discovered dead on the base within the space of three weeks. Subway tuna?! What happened to the Muller Report Everyone of the REPUBLICANS that continue to justify the hateful and criminal behavior of Trump and his allies need to be removed from your seats permanently!!! Especially Mitch McConnell PERIOD!!!!! thespybrief

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