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U.S. Businesses on Canadian Border Want Their Customers Back

Motels, retail stores and even sports teams like the Buffalo Bills football are seeing fallout from ongoing closure of the U.S. land border to Canadian tourists

9/25/2021 1:40:00 PM

Motels, retail stores and even sports teams like the Buffalo Bills football are seeing fallout from ongoing closure of the U.S. land border to Canadian tourists

Border towns from Blaine, Wash., to Houlton, Maine, had hoped that the U.S. would reciprocate after Canada last month began allowing fully vaccinated Americans to enter the country. So far, with the Covid-19 Delta variant in the air, that hasn’t quite happened.

Sept. 24, 2021 1:33 pm ETMASSENA, N. Y.—It’s late September, and Mike McCabe is getting ready to put down the first layers of ice on the arena in this village of about 10,000.In a typical winter, the 1,600-seat venue hosts weekend hockey tournaments and figure-skating competitions that often draw dozens of Canadian families. But Massena is bracing for the absence of Canadian visitors again this year, along with other communities on the U.S. side of the border, more than 18 months after it was first closed to nonessential, overland visitors.

Colin Powell, former secretary of state, dies of COVID-19 complications Seattle police officers unfurl Gadsden flags from patrol cars to protest vaccine mandate Remembering Colin Powell upon his death: Former President Bush calls him 'a great public servant' Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Many Canadians won't be coming to the US even if the border opens ... not until COVID is controlled in the South. There are a lot of other places Canadians can travel to that are safer...

Lindsey Graham defends horseback border agents, says border Is 'under siege'Graham called Democratic criticism of border patrol agents fending off Haitian migrants 'the most inhumane thing going on right now in America.' Not even close!Why do u guys exaggerate and lie so easily? First,the border patrol was not fending them off,they were attacking defenseless Hatians. Second,Trump Repubs telling ppl not to mask up and not get the viral vaccine which will surely condemn them to death is far worse! Lol, Mr Graham should check his dictionary.

Kamala Harris says footage of Border Patrol evokes images of slaveryVP Kamala Harris on Friday expressed outrage at how Border Patrol agents on horseback confronted Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border Kamala Harris lying about the Border Patrol. They are actually doing their job protecting the border. Something the border czar isn't doing! Kamala, are you still the border czar? I thought she was in charge of the border? Doesn’t she know how it’s being run? What a joke.

White House says horses will no longer be used by border officials in Del RioHorses will no longer be used by border patrol officers in Del Rio, Texas, following the release of photographs that showed agents charging at Haitian migrants seeking to cross into the U.S. 👀 didn’t see 1 black horse back riding agent out there 🤔 Smart decision. Means they have probably been using these tactics for a long time, but they just became visible.

U.S. Horse Patrols Suspended At Haitian Migrant Camp On Southern BorderThe number of migrants in the Del Rio sector has been reduced from 15,000 to fewer than 5,000, according to the DHS. Why Ok bring in the tanks then just a big deal Horses give a bad imagery but SUV is OK Too touchy about slavery when Haitians were ex slaves

Migrant camp along Texas border shrinks as removals ramp upA camp where more than 14,000 migrants had waited along the Texas border just days ago is now dramatically smaller. McConnell will, if allowed to filibuster, take away the ability to pay for food and housing from seniors, retired military, & disabled veterans by allowing the USA to default on it's debt which stops these payments. I hope the Trump voters realize this will be the GOP not Biden. Good and it needs to go away altogether. Send them back to wherever they came from. We do not need any more uneducated Black people on welfare here in the US.

Biden Is Becoming the Heir to Trump’s Border RacismIf President Biden cares to distinguish himself from Trump on the border crisis, he’ll heed his critics and reverse the deportation policy he’s left in place. onesarahjones writes onesarahjones This is a losing issue for Dems. So I’m sure they’ll fully embrace it.