U.S. airlines will ask travelers to submit to covid- 19 health questionnaires at check-in

U.S. airlines will ask travelers to submit to covid- 19 health questionnaires at check-in

6/30/2020 1:43:00 PM

U.S. airlines will ask travelers to submit to covid- 19 health questionnaires at check-in

Travelers also will be asked to commit to wearing face masks in the airport and on their flight.

June 29, 2020 at 8:47 PM EDTU.S. airlines will require passengers to answer a series of health questions before boarding, including whether they have experienced covid-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone that tested positive for the virus, the industry’s leading trade group said Monday.

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arrow-rightMajor U.S. carriers, including American, Delta and United are implementing the new health acknowledgment policy as an “additional level of protection during the pandemic,” Airlines for America said.Travelers should expect to be asked to fill out the new health questionnaire when they check-in, the airline trade group said. Besides questions about their health, passengers are asked to commit to wearing a face covering at the airport and on their flight.

AD“Passengers who fail or refuse to complete the health acknowledgment may be deemed unfit to travel and each carrier will resolve the matter in accordance with its own policies,” A4A said. The new measure is expected to remain in place through the public health crisis.

A4A President and chief executive Nicholas E. Calio said in a statement that the health assessments are one more measure in a “multilayered approach to help mitigate risk and prioritize the well-being of passengers and employees.” Read more: The Washington Post »

Where's everyone going? Should have mandatory masks on all airlines why isn't it happening? You can lie your way in. So flight attendants and gate agents are doctors now? And assholes won't oblige to this one little request because freedom and pride and the tough looking brown birds that are indigenous to all of North America, mostly Alaska and CANADA, but somehow stand for the United States, I guess.

Most countries already done that 3 long months ago. Do you have Covid? No. OK. You can board No mask required Lmao everyone is gonna fucking lie though This is the making of a South Park episode: CBP: 'Are you carrying any explosives or fireworks?' Jimbo: '..... Yes!' CBP: 'Open the trunk, sir.' Jimbo: 'Damn! I always get that question wrong!'

Useless Ooo a questionnaire, where you can easily just LIE. Like when they ask for you height and weight! stupid procedures, yet again! And we know they’ll be completely honest with their answers (because people won’t mind missing a flight over the health of others)! Seriously? Couldn't people lie? And that is supposed to prevent what? Is that it?

Yeah, that will be effect in stopping the spread... stayhomeyear2020 WearADamnMask

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