U.S. air travel hit post-March peak on day before Thanksgiving

Despite warnings from public health officials, more people in the US boarded planes on the day before Thanksgiving than any day since March.

11/27/2020 9:22:00 PM

Despite warnings from public health officials, more people in the US boarded planes on the day before Thanksgiving than any day since March.

The 1.1 million travelers on Wednesday was the most passengers screened by the TSA since March 16, when 1.25 million passengers crossed its checkpoints.

Hannah McKay / ReutersNov. 27, 2020, 5:13 PM UTCByJoe MurphyDespite warnings from public health officials, more people in the U.S. boarded planes on the day before Thanksgiving than any day since March, part of a broader surge in travel that comes amid a significant surge of Covid-19 cases.

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According to Transportation Security Administration figures, 1,070,967 people crossed TSA checkpoints Wednesday, part of a surge in travel in the seven days leading up to Thanksgiving that brought more than 6.8 million people to airports across the country.

But overall travel remains significantly lower than years past. Wednesday’s figure is less than half as many of the 2.6 million who traveled the day before Thanksgiving in 2019. Read more: NBC News »

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beckyrico4 😪😪😪😫 The human race is collectively stupid. So, no one cared... go figure You can't fix stupid:( Coming from a State in Australia that is coming out of our 2nd wave,0 cases for 29 days I know the C19 experience. We had a curfew, masks, restrictions on hospitality and retail, these actions work,no miracles, low cost, major benefits.I get the issues, I implore you do similar.

“Can’t fix stupid” and selfish and entitled ... Dangerous freedom over safe slavery. 99.9x survival rate and the only people who are endangered are the people taking the same risks. So stop crying Give your elderly relatives a big hug because they may be dead by Christmas. Welcome to the land of the selfish

I know two of tho selfish idiots! Not any of my family. Which means, most people are not listening to msnbx. America isn't totally lost after all. At least their information is on file so they can all be rounded up & charged for murder. Seems like to me if they were so worried about the spread of COVID they would’ve shut the air ports down to prevent people from traveling and spreading it. 🤷🏽‍♀️ makes sense in my brain.

Sadly, I don’t think the public are listening. We are all watching from abroad in stunned amazement. Idiots! Faced with sky-high infection rates everywhere who wouldn’t want to take a short vacation?! I didn’t hear them warn about staying home from BLM protests where thousands of people mingled. What do you expect? Trump family gathering on Thanks giving at Camp David when CDC guidelines said otherwise. You can't expect the people to make sacrifices when the head of the state makes zero sacrifice.

at least we have their names and addresses so when they get sick they are low priority for hospital beds and treatment America....will you never learn! Facts don’t care about your feelings. Health officials should have said for Halloween that people shouldn't travel for Thanksgiving, not wait until the Monday before the holiday to issue the warning. The 'official' folk who are supposed to protect us dropped the ball on this one. We are all going to pay the price...

Then they blame the government for the results that will come in a week or so. America is only a spoiled child. Meanwhile in other news 🤐 🤫 Carter Page Sues DOJ, FBI, James Comey, And Others Behind Crossfire Hurricane FISA Abuse for 75M What would NBC news- if they arrived late night. Got off the plane. Than got a good night sleep. To fly back to Spain.

Don’t worry. If they were peacefully protesting, then health officials and Democrat politicians have said they’re fine! You been running this story over and over but have nothing to say about the Governors and Mayors breaking the rules despite warnings from health officials. What Is a PALMIST JOE? Sad how many lives will this cost. Shame on them all. 😪😪🙏🙏

🤦🏼 😳 Coming from a State in Australia that is coming out of our 2nd wave,0 cases for 29 days I know the C19 experience. We had a curfew, masks, restrictions on hospitality and retail, these actions work,no miracles, low cost, major benefits.I get the issues, I implore you do similar. Jerks! We need to do contact tracing on everyone if them and if they get someone else sick and they due press charges! Maybe that will keep the morons home!😡😡😡😡😡

No one is saying Americans are really smart during a pandemic ! I have words...but I'm not saying them🥺 I spent it alone with my husband, but called my in laws in tears letting them know how much I love and missed them. Thought it would be a depressing holiday, turned out to be the most romantic best thanksgiving my husband and I ever shared together.❤️

Selfish idiots! And we will all be paying for it next week. Dumb. A man reaps what he sows ..and in the case COVID, a man's sowing will also condemn those around him. ..for a selfish one day.. ..one day ...one day feeding ourselves, the course of life and death will come upon us... smh, God Forgive Americans

Mika Brzezinski stated President Trump “could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is our job.” Next they will tell women they can’t have abortions because every life matters Mostly MAGAts! No surprise. Lots of dopes out there; 71,000,000 voted for trump. Expecting folks to “do the right thing” to mitigate the virus; a fool’s errand. Hopeless. The ‘vid will burn thru the population, unchecked, like a California wildfire. No containment until most folks vaccinated.

Seems extremely risky. But, people won’t realize it until it’s affecting them. Covid is about to steamroll the USA. If thats what you call freedom, you are welcome to it..... Idiots. Americans are no longer afraid, you have awakened a sleeping giant with your lies. The more you continue the worse it will be when the truth comes out.

The virus must be thrilled they have to live with that. i don't. i guess they've heard about enough from dr fauci and the scarf lady. or they know there's a 98% chance if the plane flight doesn't kill them they'll survive the chinese flu too. Nelson Mandela Where are they going? Not surprised More BS from MSNBC. No shit, it's always a busy travel season. Keep up the fear mongering! gobankrupt horriblenetwork schmucks

CDC’s Redfield peed in the water in the water by allowing CDC to become a political tool. Those deaths are on that fool. He should hve resigned in protest CDC is fake news news now thanks to Dr Redfield. So many more thousands of Americans are going to die because of the stupidity and ignorance of these privileged idiots! Guess what this Virus is going to miraculously disappear unless serious action is taken by everyone

Well they most probably took great precautions Hear that sound you liberal alarmists? That’s the sound of freedom!! Lets face it..PEOPLE DO NOT RESPECT COVID! Good. If the first shutdown worked why do we need to do another one? If the first one didn’t work, why would we do another one of the first didn’t work?

Because these people are dumb. 🤦🏽 Just think of them as being peaceful protesters 😏 It's bad where I live. Cases are extremely high yet many people are gathering without masks. It isn't just Trump supporters either. Democrats & Main Stream Media: Stay inside because of coronavirus!!!!! *unless you want to riot, burn and loot in your nearby city then the coronavirus doesn’t exists anymore

No shit More good news please((( It’s going to be a very long winter.... COVIDIOTS Sad Because most aren't going to catch it. How many will quarantine for 14 days when they go home This is just selfish 🚨 COVID19 in the U.S. 🔴 Republicans in Control of the U.S. Senate 🔴 Donald J. Trump in the White House 🗓️ Friday, November 27, 2020 ⏲️ 5:23 PM EST 🇺🇸 U.S. DEATHS = 270,771 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🇺🇸 U.S. INFECTIONS = 13,422,406 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🖥️ | CDCgov HHSgov

How stupid. They should travel the morning of Thanksgiving when it's not as packed. MeetThePress UncleScam TrumpIsContagion And we thank God they did !! Tell this to AmyConeyBarrett The infection and death advocate. Including the mayor of Denver 😂😂😂 73 million people believe Covid is a hoax due to the steady stream of lies and misinformation they have been fed. This is why we can't get a handle on this pandemic.

Is this supposed to be a surprise?All you gotta do to stop spreading disease and death is 'wear' a condom. STD's are still a thing though. Causing death and pain can't break the spirit of doing whatever the Hell you want to. Same ol story, different chapter Now do some journalism and find out how many elected officials who said to not be with family boarded planes.

With some basic precautions, it's easy to continue doing the things that you've always loved to do. Keeping your hands very clean, and not touching your face come to mind in particular. 🦠🧼🙌🏻🧤😎 Don't be surprised buy it, Trump has done more damage than immaginable Now can we see this graph as a percentage of the typical travel for that day? The day before Thanksgiving has way more people traveling than other days. If it wasn’t higher I’d question why so many are traveling other days.

Really means 'Despite warnings from the media..' and some of them were the same ones preaching about not traveling (politicians and celebrities) Hypocrites If it was that dangerous to fly the govmt would have restricted air travel. Stop fear-mongering NBC.