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U.S. Adds Far Fewer Jobs Than Expected In April

U.S. Adds Far Fewer Jobs Than Expected In April #WhatDoYouThink?

5/11/2021 3:45:00 PM

U.S. Adds Far Fewer Jobs Than Expected In April WhatDoYouThink?

The U.S. economy added only 266,000 of the 1 million jobs economists forecasted for April, causing concern that the economic recovery is slowing despite the vaccine rollout and businesses reopening. What do you think?

youthink?“I’m sure employers are just taking time to make sure returning employees are safe, comfortable, and well-compensated.”Hershel Kern, Systems Analyst“It’s not about the quantity. It’s about the quality, which alsosucks.”Gloria Lopez, Comb Designer

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“I’m looking for someone to give me oboe lessons if you want to add that to the list.”Ethan Jos, Board Game Engineer Read more: The Onion »

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Tonight at 9:00: Frustrated local area business owner says he can’t find enough people willing to grovel at his feet for $8 an hour. Let's be honest: employers are sick of their jobs as well. The oldest man on the planet who still believes in Santa Claus. Better than the City of New York dragging people back in to die for real estate.

Surge in China’s Factory-Gate Prices Adds to Inflation WorriesChina’s factory-gate prices jumped by the most in 3½ years in April, driven by rising commodities prices, raising concerns that inflationary pressures could spread globally. Please do not play this game with me. Have you been to Walmart lately? If we Americans don't prioritize commerce and human needs over hypersecurity: China is going to 'eat our lunch' as our estimable President Biden aptly put it. Let's let market forces in that have been unnaturally suppressed during these many months of mass tragedy and restriction

China adds few babies, loses workers as its 1.4B people ageThe number of working-age people in China fell over the past decade while the population barely grew, adding to strains on an aging society.

Tyson Adds Workers, Breeds Bigger Flocks as Chicken Demand SoarsTyson Foods, struggling to keep pace with rising demand for crispy sandwiches and wings, said it is raising wages to improve staffing at its plants, buying meat from competitors and bringing in a new male bird to help breed bigger flocks Terörist rogue state izrail ,genocide palasten people and jo biden is reasponsible for this. I can't explain how you make me feel right now the joy in me is unexplainable I have made over $110,000 for the past a months through tatlondon0

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