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Syria, Isıs

U.K. to Take Back Children From Former ISIS Territory

The Kurdish authorities said three children in Syria had been handed over to British officials.


The U.K. has agreed to repatriate several unaccompanied children from former Islamic State territory in Syria . 'These innocent, orphaned, children should never have been subjected to the horrors of war,' British foreign minister Dominic Raab said.

The Kurdish authorities said three children in Syria had been handed over to British officials.

“European governments have taken the few fighters and families sent in their direction by Turkish authorities or the Kurds, but they are not proactively demanding repatriation or seeking to accelerate it,” said Thomas Renard, a senior research fellow at the Egmont Institute, a research group in Brussels.

remain stranded in squalid camps, suffering from, and dying of, malnutrition, disease, and in the winter, exposure to the cold.

As Turkish forces moved into Kurdish-controlled territories in northern Syria last month, Kurdish militias

The announcement that Britain would take back at least some children from Syria was welcomed by advocates, although they urged the government to repatriate more. “It shows that the route remains open and the repatriations are possible, despite the tense situation on the ground,” said Orlaith Minogue of the charity Save the Children.

“That is not addressing the problem in the way the current situation requires it,” Ms. Cook added.

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Isis was killing them, we are killing them now. What, they were safer in their home country? They should be adopted or hosted and integrated. After all, the West is partly responsible as well for their nightmares. Thank you UK for helping these innocents! We know that if it was the U.S. our POTUS and his fascist GOP enablers would lock those children in freezing cold cages. StayTheCourse WeWillReturn2020

How old? I’m assuming age matters. Bless these little ones that are to small to even comprehend. I cannot ever harden my heart to hold wee babes accountable. Just can’t Excuses to bring more chaos to the U.K.

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