U.K. registers 563 new deaths

Here are the latest coronavirus updates from around the world.

4/1/2020 5:17:00 PM

NEW: UK health officials report 563 new deaths from the coronavirus, bringing the toll in the country to 2,352. More than 4,300 new infections were recorded, with the cumulative number of UK cases now standing at 29,474.

Here are the latest coronavirus updates from around the world.

New York cancels spring break, orders remote learning to continueThe New York education department has canceled spring break for all public school districts in the state, ordering remote learning to continue during the scheduled time off.“Districts must continue to provide remote instruction for students, meals for students, and child care for essential workers every weekday between April 1, 2020, and April 14, 2020, even if the district is scheduled to be on spring break during that time,” the education department said in a

Washington will end stay-at-home order on May 31 Derek Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd's neck for nearly 9 minutes, complaint says George Floyd protests spread nationwide: Live updates

statement.In New York City, the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, public schools have been shuttered through at least April 20. Spring break was scheduled to take place between April 9 and April 17; it will now only span April 9 and April 10, covering part of Passover and Good Friday.

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Deaths From Coronavirus In The UK Are Higher Than Previously Recorded, New Statistics SuggestThe ONS statistics, which included deaths at home and in care homes, show 40 more deaths than previous figures released by the Department of Health. This works for China and Russia too? NessaAnne13 First it was the chinese who are supposed to have a higher figure of deaths now it is reported that this may the case It certainly will if we go down the road of choosing between young and old If it was normal circumstances I wanted euthanasia it would be turned down now play god

Exclusive: Happyness Share New Single 'Ouch (yup)' From New Album FloatrExclusive: U.K. lo-fi rockers Happyness (Happynessmusic) share new single 'Ouch (yup)' from new album 'Floatr': Happynessmusic

Mexico registers 1,215 coronavirus cases, 29 deaths: health ministryMexico's health ministry on Tuesday registered 1,215 cases of coronavirus in the country, up from 1,094 the day before. Build the wall God, I wish I were in Mexico!

Long Live the Digital Flesh: Videodrome and Our Social Media SelvesDeath to Videodrome! Long live the new flesh! Omg... they used to play this all the time at like 2am on Showcase TV and CityTV... a real mind fuck after a night out...

Thailand reports 127 new coronavirus cases, one deathThailand reported 127 new coronavirus cases and one death on Tuesday, a health official said. Don't forget about our brother the Rhesus Macaque that roam the streets. They haven't been fed, so maybe someone could do that. Please and thank you. COVID has put the economy to a standstill. Read about the impact of Covid_19 on the global economy COVID19 COVID Smart! Masks and shields on their faces.

The U.S. could see around 1,000 new daily coronavirus deaths in the next three daysThe death toll in the U.S. has been nearly doubling every three days, with the death count in New York state alone having soared past 1,000 this weekend. I blame god, I mean seriously what kind of omnipotent asshole allows this kinda fuckery to go on? What math is this? We will see 1,000 per day in a few days from now.. then perhaps up to 10,000 per day in a few weeks in a best case scenario. It could go to 20-30k per day.