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Tyra Banks Says She Hasn’t Washed Her 'Kiss My Fat Ass' Swimsuit: 'It’s Gonna Stay Stank'

Tyra Banks Says She Hasn’t Washed Her 'Kiss My Fat Ass' Swimsuit: 'It’s Gonna Stay Stank'

2/24/2020 9:10:00 PM

Tyra Banks Says She Hasn’t Washed Her 'Kiss My Fat Ass' Swimsuit: 'It’s Gonna Stay Stank'

The supermodel famously wore the swimsuit during an episode of The Tyra Banks Show in 2007 as a way to promote body positivity

During an appearance on Sunday’s episode of, the former supermodel, 46, revealed that she has never washed the brown strapless one-piece and stores it in an archive.Image zoomWatch What Happens Live!/ Instagram; Youtube“Oh my gosh it is totally in an archive,” she told host

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Andy Cohen. “Oh my god, it is so there. And it still has like the oil and the sand in it. Like I did not wash it. I’m like, ‘It’s gonna stay stank and real’…I have a good archive.” Read more: PeopleStyle »

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