Two Texas Police Officers Fatally Shot While Responding To A Domestic Disturbance - Cnn

Two Texas Police Officers Fatally Shot While Responding To A Domestic Disturbance - Cnn

Two Texas police officers fatally shot while responding to a domestic disturbance

They were identified as Officer Edelmiro Garza Jr. and Officer Ismael Chavez.

7/12/2020 4:35:00 AM

Two police officers in McAllen, Texas, were killed while answering a domestic disturbance call

They were identified as Officer Edelmiro Garza Jr. and Officer Ismael Chavez.

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Biden the puppet President Trump the true leader for America. ThumiKabuba When the hunter becomes hunted. This is happening because the news and the evil thugs democrats are destroying law and order in our society!! Shame on all of you May God’s justice will prevail soon !! Wow this happened in Georgia over 2 years ago. Later that day after killing two police officers the domestic suspect barricaded and killed himself. Will is saying they killed him self but the robot may have killed

Blue lives matter fuck black lives matter Defund police and send social workers, that's what they said. See how that works now? 😔 😡 Well, it probably would’ve ended differently if it were a social worker responding to this “non violent” call, right? Sad So sad. And cities across the country want to answer these calls with social workers.

Nowadays, police offices in a violent confrontation have to choose 1) pull their gun but they might lose their job or get prosecuted, or 2) afraid of pulling their gun but they might get themselves shot at. Look at what this country has done to our policemen? If police are called to a domestic violence disturbance, that should be enough of an alarm that the perpetrator will also go after police. Domestic violence offenders are sick. If they will hurt and kill the ones they “love” why wouldn’t they turn on the police? comeonpeople

Thx but already saw the true story on FOX They were ambushed and murdered...fixed it for ya...slugs this is one CNN.. still want to fuel the flames? Defund Domestic Disturbance calls now! And this is what? Supposed to justify cops being armed to the teeth and murdering people? If only native Indians waited a few years the colonialist would have killed themselves

Very sad Social workers make better bullet sponges. Send them in... Why is this news? Everyone knows only Black Lives Matter - sure as hell police lives don’t matter to the news media. Blue lives murder So if BlueLivematter is offensive and a protest to BlackLivesMatter , think there would be any traction behind starting a movement called Fuckcopkillers?

. Police Live Matters ? Why are there no protests ? Police Live Doesn't Matter ? What about the wives & children of the police officers ? . The protests in June were just a joke for America. . We are being fooled by Biden ! So sad. Noo CNN they were murdered! 🖕🖕🖕🖕CNN The comments from the leftists on this post are exactly why they have to lose. Many condoning murder of law abiding police officers who have to deal with idiots like these leftists every day. Leftism is a mental disease.

The problem is those guns everyone is carrying. All you need is someone flipping out and bang mass shootout. Your yet to learn your lesson. Stop handing out guns to all. Control those that have been handed out. And maybe just may e you might have a chance. That descalation sure does work right? Send in the social workers!

And BLM wants to send social workers in instead...... Democrats don't care about murdered police. BlueLivesMatters Police work is a dangerous and heroic profession. We should appreciate law enforcement for the sacrifices they make for our safety. But SoCiAl WoRkErS....... More fake news, the police were set up, the fake call was made by Antifa and BLM agitators who stood by armed with weapons waiting to ambush Police officers to dispatch them according to their extremist ideology. CNN, stop with your BS propaganda, start doing news reporting!

Here's a story you missed.. OR DID YOU..... BIASCORRUPTCNN PressSec realDonaldTrump Blue lives matter💙 Welcome here Very sad. That sucks. May they RIP. Wow this is terrible CNN. This happened almost 24 hours ago and you are just now covering it. Watch this This is what happens when you demonize the police. This is on the Democrats.

But liberals would rather send unarmed social workers. Just imagine what would’ve happen to social workers JusticeforBreonnaTaylor Afraid to die? Don’t sign up for the job Happens if every single person has a gun The police tested positive for coronavirus, so they were added to the covid death count. Keep America safe. Defend the police and

My heart goes out to their families, including all law enforcement officers. Often a thankless job. Thank you for your service. 💔😢🇨🇦 Counselors would be able to handle this situation better than police, right? Sad. Hope the culprits will rot in prison. Heartbreaking Will this get Nationwide coverage?

BACK THE BLUE! What, no outrage by BLM’s.... god bless our policemean..... Heartbreaking. They should of ignored the call What a country we living in !! I don’t agree with senseless killing on black lives. And the cops get rid of the guns . Defunding would have saved them. We need to organize and protest. Forgot we work for a living

They must be convicted for their sin. People want other people to know they’re woke so bad that they’ll disrespect anyone’s death to fit in with the popular opinion. Times are sad CNN and thier cop hating rhetoric makes me sick 🤮 THEY WERE AMBUSHED!! What NBC no race call out? Must not fit your false narrative for political purpose?

Prayers for them and their families. ❤️ Violent Society is out of control Major Problem to curb violence in a country that has more guns the citizen Look at the US History WAR on the web you will see Conflicts and War since Independence to today Violence is ingrained in the majority of people yet Politician do nothing

I’m very upset! Please protect your police officers, they are walking into a death trap daily. Yes, there are some that are abusive and don’t deserve the badge, but don’t judge them all, they are family people too and their children need them! Hallelujah finally good news 😞 😢😢😢🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 This hurts my heart..

And the democrats would like to refund the police Next time let’s send unarmed civilian social workers. God bless those hero’s who were killed. And vote out the politicians who want to defund the police. Their Lives Mattered. Happy now liberals! If these officers shot this guy you could have used it as another pawn in your bs game of hating police. Disgusting!

and I am OK with that ... murderous pigs WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND I always thought this was a scene from a movie I need a cup of coffee ☕️ 🇿🇦🇿🇦 skol... May they rest in piss. CallASocialWorker Protect police 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Thats so sad Atleast should be happy about this a black was not killed just some white cops To white lives don't matter

And again, this is about guns. Very sad God bless them Support the police 🚔 See how different it is there mentally not right Vote for new law concerning police in all USA realDonaldTrump I still don’t get why the country still believes in the second amendment. Abolish the amendment and the country will be a safe place to live in.

Send in a social worker Ambushed by BLM? CNN is jizzing right now But demolishing the police and putting in social workers will be fineeee My condolences to their families. This is why the system must be fixed. There are rotten tomatoes in both sides of the barrel. Most dangerous call.. Why is this news? I mean it's always tragic if a human dies but it's not always relevant for countrywide coverage, isn't it?

PoliceLivesMatter If you’re active but have less than 10k followers Follow, retweet and drop your handle, let’s follow you 😊❤️ I have an idea... defund the police 🙏 👀 And you people want to send social workers lmao. Yea that will work out great. So very sorry to hear this. RIP to the guys condolences to families thereof

DefundThePolice 😡 these poor people! May God protect and love our police officers. How are the victims of the domestic violence doing? Come to where i am she probably in the basement the shots to the floor seem to close as if there in the building on 430 N.larch st. So our other fake channels here in Phoenix support the fake news? No wonder their rankings are garbage!!!

y’all hear something? Is it coz i don't mess with none of them Now why is my bm killing me For all i know they could be in the same building im in except on the basement Smh THAT's the most dangerous situation for a cop NOT a guy passed out in his car not a guy who may have a counterfeit $20 not a woman sleeping in her bed not a man selling fake cigarettes not a man getting a drink at a convenience store not a ...I've run out of room, not examples

End of watch...🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏾 So unnecessary and so tragic. Ya know there are a lot of bad cops but there are also very good ones that actually care. This is so sad! Already knowing there is a hostile environment and going anyway. Thank you guys for protecting and serving. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 And in LA, they want to send social workers to these calls. We have dumb leaders in our country, and voters who push For stupid stuff.

Quick! Send a social worker!! How many will they murder now as pay back Sympathy for the families but for sure now there will be others killed by cops That is why All Lives Matter This is soo sad 😞 🙏🙏🙏 Y’all should listen to a song called DEADCUNTRY Heartbreaking 💔 KDVR Sad, there will be no protesters chanting their names or painting Blue Lives Matter on streets. R.I.P. Brothers.

The Communist Democrats have much blood on their hands.They are responsible for all the violence. They have sent out their Left Wing Militia to destroy America and kill any one who stands in their way. Let social workers take that call!!! And Brianna Taylor died in her bed probably asleep. I’m surprised this even made to CNN!

Very sad. Rip. Let’s get better gun control please Democrats fault I am very sorry for the loss of two police officers. I wish peace and love to the families of these fallen officers at this time. I’m surprised you didn’t add a smile 😃 Where were the social workers!? Riot in the streets!!! Must be a bot account. Can’t actually be CNN because there’s no communist totalitarian narrative attacking American institutions, sowing race hatred, and blaming cops for everything. These bots are so clever!


Probably because of LOCKDOWN, and this wonderful thing called CABIN FEVER, and insanity from lack of socializing God bless their souls No thoughts or prayers You’re DefundThePolice BS & support for BLMTerroristMarxists are directly responsible for these 2 brave officers deaths. GFY! BlueLivesMatter Maybe they’ll give the suspects paid leave while they investigate them 😂

CNN is very happy now.. Their agenda of eliminating police working .. Way more cops are killed than minorities by cops. It a false narrative that cops are killing people Surprised CNN is even reporting it .... Domestic disturbance call, hmmmm, sounds like one for a social worker to me. The fucking BLM and the idiot Pelosi are screaming on the streets for this?

Or, they could just ban all guns Prayers up for their families Praying for them and their families. 😢🙏😢🙏 And they want to sent social workers Rip 🙏 When there are guns in the hands of monsters, what do you expect? God help America. Being a cop in America is suicidal, though I may be wrong. Damn!🤬 Smoked pork just the way I like it 😋🐷

Domestic violence calls are the most dangerous. Many police are hurt during these calls. This is incredibly sad. They went to protect someone.

Phoenix police identify two officers involved in fatal shooting of Jay Garcia2 Phoenix police officers are on administrative leave after fatally shooting 28-year-old James “Jay” Garcia, who was seated in a parked car, Phoenix police say. No video made public so far shows what was happening inside the car before shots were fired. The guy pointed a gun at the cops for Christ’s sake. Good I saw this, someone called 911 and said Garcia threatened him with a knife. After Garcia was blown away, they found no knife, and can't find the 911 call. Infuriating 😠

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