Two Black students were forced to share high honors after white parents cried error

Two Black high school students named valedictorian and salutatorian were forced to share honors after two white families claimed a grade calculation error

6/14/2021 3:33:00 AM

Two Black high school students named valedictorian and salutatorian were forced to share honors after two white families claimed a grade calculation error

2 Black students in West Point, MS were named valedictorian and salutatorian this year. The parents of 2 white students refused to accept that, ultimately resulting in 4 honorees. Ikeria Washington and Layla Temple who were originally awarded the high honors join Ali Velshi to discuss how this unfolded at their high school and why they think their “co-honorees” didn’t earn their titles like they did.

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Did the Arizona company do the audit? Oh, 2 points were given because they were white Bitter so bitter. - no race riot. No video no tear gas no nothing Was there an error calculation? The answer to THAT question is the basis to what happens next. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Meanwhile 90% of asian hate crime by black.. no one wants to talk about it

2 whiteRepublican families could not live with the fact that 2 Black kids were smarter than their kids. Like all Republicans when they loose they want recount after recount,when it doesn’t work in their favor they demand an audit,that’s what they did to 2 Black kids. Shameless!!! Just another “white people are the devil,” article to serve as click bait for bigots.

So basically what happened was the school didn't calculate the fact that the two white girls took harder classes which raised their gpa. The real issue is that this should not even be a article about race, but a article about how a school screwed up in calculating gpas. Once again white folk hating to see black people on top. These two black students earned that award.

I’m white and I’m repeatedly disgusted and ashamed by what white people are willing to do to demean everyone of color. Of course 🙄

Kodak Black Honored With 'Kodak Black Day' in FloridaKodak Black has gone from prison to proclamation ... a proclamation that June 11 is now Kodak Black Day in Broward County, Florida. Just disgusting looking So he shows up wearing a Lakers jersey? Someone gift him a map. Crazy begets crazy 💯💯

I wonder if the roles were reversed would the schools do the same? Media and their race division. Imagine if the situation was reversed? Grow the F up people. Let’s report news not cr*p. so the 'weighted' GPA (created by public schools' honors/gifted programs designed to make white parents feel better abt their mediocre progeny; disclaimer: I benefitted from same system when I was in HS) only counts when it helps white kids I guess. shameful shit.

alternate headline: A grade calculation error shares honors with four students White folks have done this before to ADOS students. They cannot handle the fact that ADOS students are smarter than their children. EndWhitePrivilege Was the initial calculation an error? My Question To This Is,...If There Was A Calculation Error The School Needs To Come Foward And Admit There Was A Problem But If This Is A Racist Thing Then I Have NO Patience With Ignorance!!!!

This is how the plutocrats play the Polarization Game. The game is rigged. The only way to win is to refuse to be played and focus on the deeper problems they want us to ignore. The plutocrats don't want blacks & whites to FightCorruption in solidarity. Liberal media folks, they are the shit disturbers injecting color in the story, was there a calculation error or not, good for the students in this story, keep up your good work, hope you all grow up better than the ignorance in this thread

The Klan is alive and well in our government and in our schools. I understand that progress takes time but 400 years ,is long enough.

White boys who grew up with Black neighbors are more likely to become Democrats, study findsWhite men who had a Black neighbor in 1940 are more likely to be registered with the Democratic Party 70 years later, researchers say. Good Let’s be more direct…people who grew up in diverse communities are more likely to demonstrate characteristics of Christ. If you notice, the other people are heartless people, of greed & corruption, self-absorb, blind & conceals truth for a lie, dedicated to republic than people. What's important and what's not. Helps you keep your eye on the ball, not on some kind of pie in the sky. What's good for people in general.

Sad that the black students took higher difficulty courses than the white students, but because of the previous years guidelines they didn't count. I would be embarrassed as the white parents , but I guess in the old Mississippi racism and Karenism is alive and well. Where's the investigation? Ok Uhmurikuh- this is a kind of ugly you HAVE TO ADDRESS! CRTinschools

White treachery Then they will apply for scholarships/college/grad school/etc. how will that work out ? MississiKKKi! I have no idea who my class valedictorian was--It may have been me. This does not WORK. There is no shame left!!! Didn’t even need to read the article to know approximately where this occurred.

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Awww msnbc doing their part to start a race war on Twitter Interview the other students. Twitter will decide. Oh keep stoking it. Trying to even imagine if the situation were reversed, and black parents challenged the grade calculations for white candidates. Wondering whether they could have forced the school to add black students to share the honors. White folks can't STAND to see blacks win at ANYTHING.

Separation To Races,Revision,Revision With Great ImageTo Black And White Cooperation Into The Future More race baiting from MSNBC Fucked up….. 😡 These two deserving students were robbed of their rightful honors. Got it: two minority wins top honors, a white family complains, and they have to 'share' the honors. Seriously, WTF is wrong with that school

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Here we go again with the countless constant day and night race card playing by the left and leftist media who make everything racial. And to think Trump and Parlor were banned from social media when it should be the leftists fomenting division and discord. Racism We're doomed. What’s this 2 black girls came in first - better count again and get some white folk in there.

Perhaps the parents' next move should be to buy their children's way into a university. Because we've seen how well that entitlement mentality works. Those poor kids will forever be known as the ones whose parents cheated to elevate their children's status. Sucks to be them. WhitePrivilege 🤬 Q is cancelling others' culture left and right.

Awful, just truly, purely awful. Firstly, i can't get past the fake eyelashes. Was that a joke? and how did either of them get valedictorian? Neither of them has even a basic grasp of English. ?

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This is what’s called a systemic disease… racism🤬🤬 Racists white folks are something else So wait .. was a mistake made or not ? This is the same RACISM that we experienced in Mississippi in the late 70s! So GRATEFUL for my Village who taught me to “NEVER let anyone else define you, or tell you what to think of yourself!” These students EARNED their positions!TAKERSJustCHEATED! WestPointHighSchool

seriously There is no way 2 blacks did the best in their school unless its in Nigeria

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