Twitter Users Hilariously React To New CDC Mask Guidelines

Now that fully vaccinated people can mostly safely stop wearing masks, the CDC should consider some other guidelines.

5/14/2021 12:42:00 AM

Now that fully vaccinated people can mostly safely stop wearing masks, the CDC should consider some other guidelines.

Now that fully vaccinated people can safely stop wearing masks in most situations, Americans have some other guidelines the CDC should consider.

— Tim Marcin (@TimMarcin)May 13, 2021the CDC says fully vaccinated people can go back. back to the beginning. back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned. 'cause perfect, didn't feel so perfect. trying to fit a square into a circle was no life. I defy... let the rain fall down and wake my dreams

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— gabe bergado (@gabebergado)The CDC says fully vaccinated people can now continue to listen to ambient music alone in their homes, thinking about the crushing weight of existence— Light In The Attic (@lightintheattic)CDC says fully vaccinated people can join the cast of Knives Out 2

— ben wasserman (@benwassertweet)cdc says that unless you are vaccinated retweets are endorsements Read more: HuffPost »

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This is so irresponsible from CDC. Vaccinated people can be carriers just like the headline today where 8 New York Yankees players tested positive inspite of being vaccinated. I don't why they did this? hi. i read this article twice. looking for the hilarious tweets. i found, none. can you please tell me which one is hilarious? thank you.

‘Mostly safely’ 😂🙄 They're the ones that should be wearing them for a month after each vaccination I'm not vaccinated and never wear a mask so I really don't care what the CDC says. No, they can't safely stop wearing masks. This is really irresponsible information. Vaccines aren't 100% effective for a start, so while there is still a medical pandemic, it's still wise to be cautious. Secondly, the mask is more about stopping your spray giving Covid to others.

Not mostly, totally Is mtgreenee vaccinated? I hope not. I hope she has to continue to wear a mask to hide the hate her face shows

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Fully vaccinated Americans can return to life without masks, CDC saysThe CDC will no longer recommend masks for fully vaccinated Americans indoors or outdoors, including in crowds, according to sweeping new guidance announced Thursday. Wear a mask or don’t, get vaccinated or don’t, just don’t shame/bully people that choose to approach the situation differently than you do. How about if you see someone without a mask? joebiden This is all possible because of OPERATION WARP SPEED. Thank you Donald Trump for making this possible.!!

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