Twitter to automatically transfer @POTUS handle from Donald Trump to Joe Biden on Inauguration Day

Twitter says it will automatically transfer the @/POTUS handle from Trump to Biden the moment Biden is sworn in.

11/22/2020 3:44:00 AM

Twitter says it will automatically transfer the /POTUS handle from Trump to Biden the moment Biden is sworn in.

Twitter says it will automatically transfer the @POTUS Twitter handle from President Donald Trump to President-elect Joe Biden on Inauguration Day,

.Presidential inaugurations typically are attended by hundreds of dignitaries – including former presidents, Supreme Court justices and members of Congress – while hundreds of thousands of spectators spill out across the National Mall to witness the ceremonies. The crowd at Obama’s first inauguration was estimated at a record-shattering 1.8 million.

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PTL! Twitter going to look awful foolish when the Supreme Court keeps Trump in office. Monty_2012 Hallelujah!! Let me guess...the censorship will stop, and Biden will be able to push whatever pro China globalist corrupt agenda he wants to! Yipeee Good. Trump is just annoying everyone now I think the Supreme Court might disagree… MAGA

usatoday who cares? Report on real news! Do just print stuff creating maked up titles! At that moment, Trump’s new handle will become /LOTUS- Loser of the US Dems are a nest of corrupt malignant narcissists, criminal sociopaths, they are not normal people, American people are just cannon fodder for Dems to keep Dems in money and power. Trump does not realise he is fighting against dark Dem reptiles and their Twitter & Facebook golems.

Who cares You mean p.o.s. Twitter enabling BidenCorruption Donald Trump, : REGNA IN POTENTE : SED FORREST GUMP MEMORARE : Rule In Power, But Remember Forrest Gump. That’s much the spirit of ‘Das Lied der Deutschen’, ‘The Song of the Germans’, the tune sets the tone. Biden doesn't need it. He has his own

You should both be suspended and let the vice president take over. Ooh how exciting 🙄 Who fucking cares what twitter is doing. Because the media thinks they choose the president no matter what. 'Communist' Today Speaks Again. They won’t need to Sounds like the dominion voting machines Watch he will fight this also.

ghost win for Biden people win for Trump who are you people or ghost? So? What’s your point? Well... that's how things are supposed to go Captain Obvious. Usually after someone is sworn in their the POTUS. Can’t wait! But I never followed him anyway! Please make him go away and no more news from Trump ever again!

realDonaldTrump he has lost the popular vote twice he is the real looser I’m surprised they haven’t already F*CK TWITTER go to PARLER!! That’s when I block Biden. No respect for him Sororita Twitter you guys are out of order. Will regret cause most of us will leave you so you can have your own publishing chats for you and your friends.

Donald Trump, R.I.P., REGNA IN POTE, RULE IN POWER!, May You Rule In Power!, REGIERE IM KRAFT!, RULE IN POWER! 'A nation that can produce 'Forrest Gump' can't be all that bad'. Yep, just follow the procedure. Not Enough Words to Articulate the Shamefulness, Lackeys of Unstable Trump, Make an Unconscionable Mess! A Gravely Dirty & Detrimental Hole Dug, Has Been Filled, With Hearts of Democracy, Justice & Humans KILLED! NOT A SHRED of Decency or Honor in Regime, ONLY ‘I’ in Don’s Team!

If he is sworn. Just like it did when Trump is sworn in. What’s their point? 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 🤣🤣🤣. Now it turns out that the media appoint a president and grant them power, the constitution is used by the media as toilet paper. And why wouldn’t they? But, can we wait until he’s actually sworn in - two months from now.

🙌🏾🙌🏾 Trump, not going to like that move... Who the f..k cares😂😂 Nice Oh man this is HUGE!!! Twitter and FB transferring the handle over to the hair sniffing pedophile. Then it makes it official. Who the fuck cares. Ah, So does it mean that in America, if I can game the system to flood the election with too many ballots that my opponent cannot catchup with, it's okay for me to win an election? What sort of Democracy is this?

Parler won’t and trump should switch to Parler Twitter thinks they elect the President now through an account name Good So.....never? Biden will never be sworn in Cool, another reason to close my Twitter account! Now they pick and choose handles for you🤣🤣🤣. We will too. Looks like I’ll have to unblock it then. 💙💙💙

*if Biden is sworn in. Fixed it for you 🖕 Twitter has a major hard on for the pedophile President elect.... And what about permanently blocking Trump Should have been done 4yrs ago twitter should have absolutely no control over who runs the account. The account is owned by the United States government, and only a government official should transfer it.

Will trump automatically be switched to LOSER ? He will never be in office realDonaldTrump is finished, but does not care what harm he causes. Biden appears to be a good man. Supported the UK in 1982 against Argentina. Not the first time the USA had kicked the Argies off. Lexington Raid 1831 Do it yesterday...

OMG Hissing Sid is at it again🤡 Can they transfer it now? Is is a-ok to do it now. Please Does Twitter get rid of all the stupid crap that has been previously tweeted as well? The real adult in the peoples house. Lord get us through the next few days Wow. Big news. You guys are on top of things. Oh dear, ... IF he gets in, of course Twitter will transfer it, it's the official POTUS account. All the tweets will be deleted too. Didn't you see it's been unused for years? Some genuine, truth seeking, investigative journalism would be nice instead of this drivel.

I hope Biden doesn’t use it. It is not an official media outlet for a president. Trump has been continually rewarded by the Republican Party for being a good brainwasher. Can they deactivate it it now They’ll be waiting a very long time trump2020 Um,yes He can use crybaby, or redhatloser or beatitjackoff

This is how democracy dies, Not through violence, But a president’s lies. Nothing new. They did the same thing when Trump became president. Obama's Twitter rolled over. When I noticed, I IMMEDIATELY UNFOLLOWED TRUMP! Trump should be kicked off of social media 📰 Trump does not deserve the honor of being called the POTUS.

DON'T WORRY I’M GOING TO STEAL ELECTORAL VOTES FROM BIDEN WHILE NO ONE'S PAYING ATTENTION! I'll have reps from Michigan lie to keep media off our backs. Everyone will be distracted by tweets & fake news like Don jr.'s Covid. It'll be too late for them to stop the switch. 1/20/2021 12 noon Lol Tweeter has no right to do so , the United States and America's government should do so . Am really getting terrified about the hatred against realDonaldTrump from every quarter .

Don’t hold your breath! Have u heard the attorneys!? It’s about to be revealed. Dems lost Trump doesn’t use that handle anyway. That makes sense. If Biden wins and us sworn in then he'll be the president. Until then he's just a person who may or may not have won a possibly fraudulent election. But they can’t transfer the realDonaldTrump handle! AKA the one he actually uses


Being the uniter that he is, President Biden's 1st tweet as POTUS should exemplify that. Example: 'I implore everyone on this social media platform to refrain from assigning a moniker to my predecessor like Moron Don or LOSER. So Twitter is supporting a corrupt, demented man for the highest position in what was once the free world?

Ouch! Donnie. Then disable realDonaldTrump account for violations ❤️ Well yeah. Peaceful transfer of power! I hope Trump is still held up in the WH when Biden is sworn in, so I can watch him being thrown out if the WH. Good TV. Noticia usada Such an important topic with all that's going on at the moment! Hard hitting Headline by USA today wow

Better disinfect it first...4 years of trump usage...eww......🤢..... His would be potus45 Wow- that is breaking news! He won't be sworn in. Crying in his bunker right now. Currently it’s PimpinPOTUS Twitter does NOT decide electionS. The CONSTITUTION & judgeS of the Supreme Court decide the NEXT President. Don’t FORGET that the Presidential Inaugural OATH is CONDUCTED before the WORLD in the presence of the Chief Justice. So Twitter and its ACCOUNTs are just LAUGHING Matter