Twitter suspends pro-Bloomberg accounts for violating manipulation and spam policies

Some accounts have been permanently suspended while others are under review to verify ownership.


Twitter says it's suspending dozens of accounts that have been pushing content in favor of Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign because the accounts were violating the platform's manipulation and spam policies.

Some accounts have been permanently suspended while others are under review to verify ownership.

, which published a screenshot image that showed a number of accounts that posted the same exact tweet: “A President Is Born: Barbra Streisand sings Mike’s praises. Check out her tweet,” and then they provided a link.Maura Barrett is a 2020 campaign embed for NBC News.

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😂 I lost count of the fake accounts I reported that trolled all the time for Trump, easy: made a month ago, 0 follower and spreading non-sense... BS Now do Bernie bros And Burnie?! Trump and putin ok Great now do Trump Not opening or even reading anything in the mail from him. I am already spammed in my regular mail box.

Everyone should boycott Twitter if this occurs. boycotttwitter. Stalin is at the door folks Twitter Fires MiniMike aka MikeBloomberg's BoxTrolls

Twitter suspends group of pro-Bloomberg accounts over 'platform manipulation'Twitter Inc on Friday said it had started suspending and restricting dozens of a... Twitter SUSPEND TRUMP TOO I hate Bloomberg! He isn’t even remotely sympathetic to the Posadist school of thought! Embrace Posadism! I pledge allegiance to the NDA of the convoluted state of Bloomberg’s campaign for which it stands one bank account, indecipherable, with leverage and just none for all.

Because Trumptards are reporting en masse. Well about time it should be fair to all the candidates? Trump definitely has something to do with this! Trump violates twitter everyday! Hypocrite I wonder if Trumpie Boy had a hand in this ? Makes it a whole lot harder to buy an election without bloombergbots

Bloomberg video with added crickets would be 'Manipulated Media' under new Twitter rulesBloomberg posted an edited video of his Democratic rivals during the debate, which Twitter's new policy would label 'misleading.' Bloomberg will just buy Twitter. Ok then. The deafening silence can speak for itself Every one of Donnie's videos will be declared 'Manipulated Media'.

OfficialJubes They could suspend all the Bernie troglodytes with their daily doses of fairytales, bad teeth, 2nd grade math skills, and little tantrums Bernie is the Democratic front runner 👏👏👏👏👏 Oh, and realDonaldTrump and Russia don’t? Until Twitter closes realdonsldtrump, none of their policy enforcement claims are credible.

Mike... where is my money? Ummm, so Twitter when are you going to suspend trump’s account, and all the trump related accounts that are doing the same thing? What about Trump account should be the first account to be suspended Twitter sucks! I’m sure that violates Twitter’s TOS. miniTrump and magahatshidelabotomy will lose - despite 1 trillion dollars

Bloomberg is the real russian agent with russian bots

Elizabeth Warren Won the Ninth Democratic Presidential DebateThe ninth presidential Democratic debate belonged to Elizabeth Warren. Yasss Queen. callmegiorgie lol

😂😂 Trumpy next Sure, but Trump's LIES are fine. Can you make him stop sending me snail mail, too? Thx. What about ALL the trump ones? .jack and Trump and his fake follower accounts? More Russians? what about Bernie sanders? Stay focused Bloomberg Hey twitter! Here are some more! Please start with real_defender

Wells Fargo to pay $3B settlement for violating antifraud rules, resolving fake account probesWells Fargo to pay $3 billion settlement for violating antifraud rules, resolving fake account probes A drop in the bucket. Someone should be sitting in a cell. They should be put out of business I wonder how much $3 billion will hurt them. I know that is more money than I can fathom. I guess it depends on what their net income. Hey, maybe they can use this as a tax write off.

SeroHour All Hail Twitter God 🙌 It's a lot more than Facebook will do. DeleteFacebook Bloomberg will just buy Twitter then. Wait a minute, if they have this capability, why doesn't jack use it for good, not evil. Oh, that's right, evil pays better. CorporatePiggie I don’t get it .. plenty of accounts are supporting various candidates...what’s the problem w that? I must be missing something

not fair - I think Bloomberg should be listened to, and for suspending things why not Trump and all is B.S MSNBC should have its accounts suspended after promoting Russian propaganda. Keep it going Twitter, you're doing far better than Facebook. Twitter u Should check RedAMLO its a Government sponsored bot network

Now we are waiting for rhe Trump ines8

Facebook is considering making clearer that pro-Bloomberg posts come from paid staffersMike Bloomberg's campaign said it was paying staffers to post on social media on its behalf.

Twitter sounds like they are working with the Russians Got_It 🤙🏻 Is Twitter doing this because Putin is made that Trump’s feelings were hurt?!? Masky_Jay_Hoody What about Russian bots and Bernie FaithTwenty20 And they aren’t removing all the bots that are pushing trump and they are horrible! They are spreading lies and spam just like trump does himself! Guess trump is paying more than Bloomberg for them to look the other way on all those Russian boys! 😡

Bloomberg buys Twitter! Twitter is Russian owned. uh huh History will note that the United States's downfall was largely due to the abuse of Twitter and Facebook by foreign interference in our elections. That's why one of the first acts of a dictator is to strongly censor, if not completely shutdown, social media sites.

SeroHour Literally 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Elizabeth Warren Grills Mike Bloomberg on Accusers — and More Big Moments from Last Night's DebateBloomberg also faced tough questions on everything from his enormous wealth to past discriminatory policies as mayor

Wish Twitter would do that for all candidates especially tRuMp Yet Twitter WONT TOUCH TRUMP!! I wish the FCC would suspend MSNBC’s account and on-air interference; begin an investigation into ties with our Intel Agency’s public officials! I think it’s coming... FaithTwenty20 Noooo! And to think I used to love him on Fantasy Island 😐

So what about trump? Yall just gone let him do it and nobody else huh? Ok....sounds about right.... Trump should have been suspended already ! Thank GOD! This just shows you money is the root of all evil trumps you been to spended months ago Can Twitter now suspend realDonaldTrump's account for PRECISELY the same reason? Please?

Ummm have you seen trumps? Hold on... what about the Trump accounts? The Bernie accounts that relentlessly attack other candidates? TwitterSupport please explain. LIKE TRUMP Excellent. Vote buying is unfair and Calculated Hmm this is an easy one to figure, the root of all evel is? We are done as a society if people vote based on what they see on social media. But then again, the mainstream press seems to rely on it for all of their stories. Nevermind!!

Now go after the accounts that are pushing the idea that Bernie Sanders has already won the nomination! It's STILL a looooong way to the finish line and trying to force Bernie Sanders down everyone's throats is manipulative AF!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 No do everyone in the GOP Twitter again getting into censorship, against candidates it, doesn't support.

Hope the same is being done for all the campaigns

WHAAAT? I love his content! And so the conspiracy grows. money talks and BS works Twitter wait a min, but you let realDonaldTrump get away with starting wars and etc on your platform? Jees, you guys aren't even trying to hide your injustice anymore. Just plain lazy. Where is the conservative outrage at 'censorship'?

But ok for other candidates? Yeah, Twitter - now do Russia.. Twitter how about applying that policy consistently across candidates? Including POTUS the biggest offender? This is the kind of candidate that the Dem's are proud of? Really? The guy has money and is well on his way to buying the nomination, yet the Dem's say they want small donations and criticize the GOP for catering to the Rich? I'm sorry, I just don't get it with their acceptance.

45 has allegedly thousands, via rμss¡an bots. i don't know what the policies are. But i surmise that twitter accepts money for advertising. right? so are paid political ads also banned/barred by twitter? Sure instead of being indignant at billionaire Mike trying to interfere blame it on Russians or Trump. Guess if you're Democrat, being super rich doesn't matter. Double standard. Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

Then, Twitter should Delete Trump’s accounts that are full of lies, bullying and prejudice. UK has BlueLabour who brought it home for Boris. Likely that RedTrump Mike will do the same for DNC . I'm waiting for Dems National Convention. Time to boycott this platform too. I did with Facebook and have no problem doing it again.

I see Hillary Cilntons account is still active. Is she above the rules? She was calling President Trump putins puppet, even though she is the one colluding with Russia and all ties of Trump/Russia have been debunked as lies and propaganda from the left. realDonaldTrump the second... They have all that money and still want to mess up the lives of the average folks by using the same dishonesty mind set they used to run their businesses...

realDonaldTrump is next right Twitter? progresivetrend And yet they won’t suspend the imbecilic realDonaldTrump for his slanderous remarks, lies, and twisted, targeted harassment of various people in opposition. Why is that? 🧐

Ummm...hellllooo.. Twitter...Trump violates your 'policies' every single day! When might you suspend him?! Twitter now do realDonaldTrump and BernieSanders Bloomberg campaign is replicating every conspiracy theory of Russian interference in 2016 and amplifying by the 1000 times, hoping to repeat the 'success' but in vain, which proves the myth of Russia helped to elect Trump just a myth.

So now why do they not suspend Hump's account which spews lies and disinformation and misinformation? jack ZiggyInNC 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 - this is swampy as hell Now do Trump’s and Putin’s propaganda Twitter should be deleted Yet POTUS tweets complete lies and it's a okay. We do not need another white house puppet....

Now do the accounts pushing Donald Trump twitter Those accounts are support by CCP. Dozens?! That will make a great impact🙄 Bloomberg bros are real. Bernie Bros are a myth Funny but I’m getting x amount of text messages a day to vote for sanders. I did not release my number! vote2020 Bloomberg2020 aoc

trishtra3 Did he buy trolls like Trump? Good job, Twitter! That´s the right thing to do. 👍 If you say something positive about Bloomberg you get suspended. I was suspended also and had to verify. Pretty sick SheWhoRises Weird how Twitter TwitterSupport aren't removing all the Russian bots pushing Bernie... These bots are both manipulative and spam.

We can now rule out who Jack is not supporting. Facebook only allows Russian and Macedonian accounts to do that. Really, now? Tuh. How many '💲hares,' does Trump own? He lies, and attacks All day. But, dont share spam y'all! That's a deal breaker. Right. Smh.. Will the 'dust' settle? 🇺🇲 Ever? Now if you could be so kind as to take care of all those fake accounts pushing scam nonsense about bitcoin Elon Musk....that'd be great.

MikeBloomberg is having a bad week. Maybe they could do something with a particular account that has broken more policies than any one person? You know who... Bloomberg cheats? 😱. PlutesGonnaPlute AnandWrites What the hell? If they are going to do this then do Trump. The DEMOCRATS CORRUPTION is showing

Why not all politicians? Especially a Trump! Now do Trump Twitter. Write em a check Mike, the'll change their minds. What a joke! I'm in MO and there are 2 outright lies in the ad he is running here on television. I'm proud of you Twitter for what you're undertaking re:fact checks. It's why I finally joined.

How about the millions of fake accounts, Trump has ? Nothing about that despicable doctored video of the dem debate though. Just a violation of copy pasta rules. Also, being critical of twitter on twitter makes me feel edgy. Fight me. Good! Way too many leftist Russian bot accounts Finally!!!! But the Russian bots are free to do whatever they want.

Why doesn't jack Twitter suspend realDonaldTrump for rules Violations TwitterSupport

What about trump? US Senator Bernie Sanders on SaudiArabia ThisIsAmerica DownTrump2020 StopSupportingTerrorists But twitter u won’t suspend trump with all his horrible behavior? We know twitter and Facebook want trump Now do Trump spam Propaganda

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